TQQQ Closed

$TQQQ STC 1/17/2020 66.67 calls at 19.60. BTO 11/12/2018 at 8.20. This was the position I had been selling calls during the year. 42 rolls in all. The 19.60 price was from a 21.50 stop. Option closed the day at 23.00. I believe I bottom ticked with a little help from Market maker. Now for the Makers Mark

TQQQ Long Leaps Closing Down

$TQQQ BTO 1/17/2020 66.67 calls on 11/12/2018.

Sold calls against and rolled 42 times the last eleven months.
Closed out 60% of position this morning, leaving me with 4 long calls bought at 8.20 and
current price of 11.04. I have stop in at 9.95.

The six closed leaps yielded a 64% gain over the eleven months. 13.32 proceeds per contract versus the 8.20 per contract purchase price.

Thank you @jeffcp66 for the trade and the inspiration to keep rolling. You will forever be given the attribution for this proverb – A Rolling LEAP Can Gather Dough!

TQQQ long LEAPs closed

#LongLEAPs Sold to Close $TQQQ Jan 2020 66.67 long calls for 11.05.

Starting buying on Oct 4th, 2018, LAST year, for average price of 10.12 over 5 accounts.

I reduced cost basis by selling covered calls (and sometimes puts), but I’m behind on bookkeeping so not sure by how much yet. It looks like I reduced it by only a little on some accounts, up to about a half on others. I’ve decided to close now as I do not trust the market for remainder of year. I do think higher is certainly possible, but that we could also see a pullback soon that would not regain current levels until after expiration.

Calls closed

#LongLEAPs #SyntheticCoveredCalls Both sets sold yesterday breached. Waiting before I roll.

BTC $TQQQ June 14th 52 calls for 1.90. Sold for 1.15 yesterday.
BTC $SQ June 14th 64 calls for 1.92. Sold for .97 yesterday.

Long Leaps still kicking

#LongLEAPs #SyntheticCoveredCalls Still holding long leaps, both underwater but cost basis now about zero after all these calls I have sold. I also ended up long some TQQQ stock at 58.00, which I will hold for the eventual recovery.

Sold $TQQQ June 14th 52 calls for 1.15.
Sold $SQ June 14th 64 calls for .97

TQQQ calls

#SyntheticCoveredCalls #LongLEAPs I’m still at it, selling weekly calls against my Jan 2020 66.67 long calls. I have been underwater and ITM on them for a few weeks, but the pullback allowed me to escape. I mistakenly forgot to close some ITM calls expiring Friday, so Monday’s gap down was super fortunate and allowed me to finally get above water.

Monday: Sold $TQQQ May 17th 68.5 calls for 1.26 (and covered short stock assigned Friday)
Today: Sold TQQQ May 24th 67.5 calls for 1.23

SQ cals

#LongLEAPs #SyntheticCoveredCalls Sold $SQ Apr 12th 78.5 calls for 1.05