VXX rolling

#VXXGame #LongPutDiagonals #Rolling #StrangleRoll
As $VXX and $UVXY continue to bleed out, I’m rolling my last ITM puts into strangles.

BTC VXX Sep 22nd 47 puts for 5.75.
Sold VXX Oct 20th 44/50 strangle for 5.86
Sold VXX Oct 20th 43/46.5 strangle for 5.45

I’ll see another next week. Managing the weeklys on this long trade has gotten messy, but it keeps me busy!

AZO closed, REGN rolled

#Earnings #ShortStrangles

Bought to close $AZO Sep 22nd 505/630 strangles for .55. Sold yesterday for 3.20. Didn’t want to wait and see if it decides to tank again.

Closed REGN Sep 29th 430 put for 8.50. Sold in the 430/530 strangle for 7.40 on Aug 23rd. 530 call previously closed for .20.
#StrangleRoll: Sold Oct 6th 412.5/447.5 strangle for 9.30.

Like a friend who stays longer than you expected…

#Earnings #StrangleRoll Looks like I am committing to a longer term relationship with $RH. Not happy about my sloppy exit, but what’s done is done.

BTC RH Sep 8th 64.5 calls for 7.05
STO RH Oct 20th 65/75 strangles for 6.70. Sold an extra 65 put for 3.90, to give me a roll credit of .43 on the whole trade. I will manage this similarly to #PerpetualRollingStrangles

VXX rollers

#LongPutDiagonals #CoveredPuts #Rolling
BTC $UVXY Sept 1st 30 puts for 1.44. Sold for 1.10 on Aug 18th.
Sold to Open Sept 8th 29 puts for 1.77.

BTC $SVXY Sep 15th 77.5 put for 4.20. Sold for 3.70 on July 27th.
STO $SVXY Oct 20th 55/90 strangle for 4.64 (legged in)

SVXY roll

#VXXGame Yesterday, bought to close $SVXY June 16th 130 call for 12.45. Sold for 6.40 on Dec 21st.
Today, #StrangleRoll, Sold Dec 95/210 strangle for 12.90

DUST rolls

#ContangoETFs #StrangleRoll In the DUST game again after a long absence!

Bought to close $DUST May 19th 35 calls for 2.80. Sold for 1.40 on Apr 19th.
Rolled into a strangle: Sold June 16th 24/47 strangles for 2.85.

Now that DUST in plummeting, I clearly rolled this too early.

Also, sold to open DUST Jan 19th 2018 85 call for 4.00.

SVXY roll

#VXXgame #StrangleRoll Getting out of ATM and ITM SVXY call positions, one at a time…

Bought to close $SVXY Jun 16th 140 call for 12.75. Sold for 6.60 on Jan 20th
Sold to Open SVXY Jun 16th 135/155 strangle for 13.15

Also, BTC UVXY May 5th 40 call for .01. Sold for .75 on Apr 13th