SQ and TQQQ rolls

#LEAPs #CoveredCallCampaign I had call strikes breached on both of these today.

Closed $TQQQ June 29th 62.5 calls for 2.15. Sold for 1.20 last Wednesday.
Sold TQQQ July 6th 59 puts for 1.25 as a partial #StrangleRoll. I will sell call side at new highs.

Stopped $SQ June 29th 63.5 call for 2.23. Sold for 1.60 last Wednesday.
Stopped $SQ July 6th 63.5 call for 2.39. Sold for 1.77 on June 5th.
Stopped $SQ July 6th 63 call for 2.49. Sold for 1.40 last month.

Sold SQ July 13th 60 puts for 1.34 and 1.40, part of a #StrangleRoll. Will sell calls at new highs.

#LEAPs QQQ Question if anyone…

#LEAPs QQQ Question if anyone wants to opine. I bought 1 QQQ Jan 2020 161 Call @ 19.50. I gave up trying to sell calls against it because of the recent uptrend. I kept having to buy them back, adding to my basis which is now about where I started. I have a nice profit in the call and am wondering where to go from here. I see four options. Try to sell another call against it. Close the position and TTMAR. Roll the call up to say the 165 strike. Or do nothing. If I were to sell a call would it be better to go further out or continue the weeklies trying to whittle away the original basis. Thanks in advance for all your opinions and support.

#strangleroll, #syntheticcoveredcall

BABA roll

#CoveredCallCampaign #CoveredCalls
Closed $BABA June 8th 207.5 covered call for 2.65. Sold in strangle-roll for 5.28 on May 10th.
#StrangleRoll Sold BABA July 6th 190/220 strangle for 3.37.

Pie, CC, & Leap trades

#PieTrade BTC $AMAT June 1st 51.5 call for .12. Sold for .75 on Tuesday.
Sold June 8th 52.5 call for .55.

#CoveredCallCampaign #coveredcalls
BTC $BABA June 8th 190 put for .25. Sold in a #StrangleRoll for 5.28 on May 10th.
Sold $FB June 29th 200 call for 1.90.

#LEAPs #SyntheticCoveredCall
BTC $TQQQ June 8th 52.5 puts for .20. Sold in a #StrangeRoll on May 14th for 2.10 (effective price)

Gush dump

#ContangoETFs Closed $GUSH Dec 46 call for 9.90. Sold on Apr 4th for 4.00.
Order filled on the way down, and then it dropped a lot more. Using a #StrangleRoll on this… it’s quite doubtful that both of these strikes will expire, but I’ll take the premium now and deal with any breaches later.
Sold GUSH Dec 32/57 strangle for 10.55.

TQQQ trades

#LongLEAPs #SyntheticCoveredCalls
Closed $TQQQ June 1st 140 put for .35. Sold in 140/170 #StrangleRoll for 5.00 on May 9th.

TQQQ & SQ rolls

#LongLEAPs Closed $TQQQ June 1st 170 #SyntheticCoveredCall for 6.00. Sold in a #StrangleRoll on May 9th.
Sold $TQQQ June 8th 157.5/177.5 strangle for 6.30.

Closed $SQ June 8th 56 call for 1.60. Sold for 1.88 last Thursday. Will wait to roll on the next move up.