SVXY roll

#VXXGame Yesterday, bought to close $SVXY June 16th 130 call for 12.45. Sold for 6.40 on Dec 21st.
Today, #StrangleRoll, Sold Dec 95/210 strangle for 12.90

DUST rolls

#ContangoETFs #StrangleRoll In the DUST game again after a long absence!

Bought to close $DUST May 19th 35 calls for 2.80. Sold for 1.40 on Apr 19th.
Rolled into a strangle: Sold June 16th 24/47 strangles for 2.85.

Now that DUST in plummeting, I clearly rolled this too early.

Also, sold to open DUST Jan 19th 2018 85 call for 4.00.

SVXY roll

#VXXgame #StrangleRoll Getting out of ATM and ITM SVXY call positions, one at a time…

Bought to close $SVXY Jun 16th 140 call for 12.75. Sold for 6.60 on Jan 20th
Sold to Open SVXY Jun 16th 135/155 strangle for 13.15

Also, BTC UVXY May 5th 40 call for .01. Sold for .75 on Apr 13th

SVXY roll

#VXXGame #StrangleRoll
#Rolling out some ATM calls to an OTM #ShortStrangle which requires much less margin to carry.

BTC $SVXY June 135 calls for 18.35. Sold for 8.05 on Jan 20th.
STO $SVXY Sept 100/180 strangles for 18.95.

FB covered call roll

#Earnings #CoveredCalls #StockTrade #ShortStrangle #StrangleRoll
BTC $FB Jan 27th 130 call for 1.98. Sold for .53 on Jan 10th.
STO $FB Feb 3rd 126/138 strangle for 2.58.

Going into next week’s earnings with a long bias; I am long stock. I will be selling additional options the day of earnings.

FB covered calls

#CoveredCalls #Rolling #StrangleRoll
I’d like to hold the stock through earnings…
Bought to close $FB Jan 13th 126 covered call for 2.09. Sold for .65 on Tuesday.
Sold to Open FB Jan 27th 126 put for 1.03
Sold to Open FB Feb 24th 140 covered call for 1.07

REGN roll

#ShortPuts #StrangleRoll #ShortStrangle
BTC REGN Dec 9th 380 put for 6.55. Sold for 5.00 on Nov 28th
STO REGN Dec 23rd 347.5/400 strangle for 6.55