RH trade closed

#Earnings #ShortStrangle #StrangleRoll
Closed $RH Apr 20th 87.5 puts for .60. Sold as the 87.5/100 #StrangleRoll from breached short calls for 4.535 on Mar 29th. Letting the calls expire. Total profit in trade, 2.11.

RH roll

#Earnings #StrangleRoll
BTC $RH Mar 29th 91.5 calls for 4.30. Sold in 65/91.5 earnings strangle for 2.53 on Tuesday.
STO $RH Apr 20th 87.5/100 strangles for 4.535.

BABA strangle-roll

#CoveredCalls #CoveredCallCampaign #StrangleRoll
Stopped: Bought to close $BABA Apr 6th 197.5 covered call for 5.90. Sold for 1.70 on March 2nd.
StrangleRoll: Sold BABA April 20th 190/210 strangle for 7.50.

A fairly aggressive roll, but when I own the stock it boosts my confidence 🙂

OLED earnings repair

#Earnings #ShortPuts #ShortStrangles #StrangleRoll
Yesterday, sold $OLED Feb 23rd 140 puts for 2.15 and 2.25. In what was clearly an error by the trading Gods, the stock went down rather than up. So I’m rolling into a tight strangle because I know exactly where this stock will be on March 16th.

BTC OLED Feb 23rd 140 puts for 10.40.
STO OLEN March 16th 135/140 strangles for 12.85

SVXY rolling

#VXXGame #StrangleRoll
Closed $SVXY Feb 115 call for 12.75. Sold in the 80/115 strangle for 13.85
Closed SVXY Dec 15th 95 put for .93. Sold for 5.25 on Oct 20th

Sold SVXY March 75 put for 4.10
Selling SVXY June 150 call for 10.00 (not filled yet)

SVXY roll

#VXXGame #StrangleRoll
BTC $SVXY March 104 call for 18.40.
STO $SVXY March 85/122 strangle for 19.35

Also, earlier, sold $VXX Nov 17th 38 put for 4.00.

VXX Game folly

#VXXgame BTC $SVXY Oct 20th 90 call for 18.00. Sold for 2.65 on Aug 25th. This one slipped past me, should have rolled much earlier.

BTC $VXX Oct 20th 44 put for 10.00. Sold in a #StrangleRoll for 5.86 on 9/22. Part of the #LongPutDiagonals. Not rolling these anymore… waiting for some volatility to sell any more options against the long positions.