rut trade

stc nov 16 1310 call for 5.64 made 1.34 profit, really lucked out
nov 16 1310 put expired worthless kept the 3.10
my spx trade was a bomb, I knew putting on the long call was a stretch and regretted doing it almost immediately. between the two trades I walked away with .14

spx trade

same type of trade as rut

bto nov16 2185 call for 4.20

sto nov16 2185 put for 2.70

will close when target of 4.00 is hit

Rut Trade

sto nov16   1310 put for 3.10

bto nov 1310 call for 4.30    when this combo hits  4.00 profit tomorrow ill close it……..i hope

Spx trade

Btc my 2175 calls for .50 sold yesterday for 6.10 nice gap down this am help push me past my stop.

Spx trade

Closed my  Spx 2170 put trade got my 4.00 . Today I’m selling the 2175 call for 6.00 expires tomorrow I will close the trade once I hit my 4.00 profit target.

BTW I’m using a hybrid data mining software for my trades not just guessing. Seems to be working ok for my directionals, a little unnerving not have any protection.




Spx trade

I’m selling the nov 11 2170 put for 10.60 with the idea spx will continue to go up tomorrow. I have my stop set for 6.60 to close with 4.00 profit. I will close his trade tomorrow in all cases.

Spx directional

Sto Spx April wk 2. 2060 put for 8.90
Bto Spx April wk2. 2060 call for 11.90 I’m planning to close these tomorrow with at least 5.00 profit, have my stops in place just in case.

Spx naked

Sold calls for 7.50 bought puts for 4.60 all expires tomorrow hope to catch a couple of bucks then out.