SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX June 5th 3010/3030-3160/3180 condors for 1.05, IV 18.25%, SPX 3104, deltas -.05, +.06

SPX 7-dte

#SPX7dteLong Sold to close $SPX June 5th 3040/3020 put spreads for .80. Looking to close the call side before today’s close. Want to avoid the possible volatility after tomorrow morning’s #Jobs report.

Bought the condors for 17.35 last Friday.

SPX 7-dte

#SPX7dteLong Bought to Open $SPX June 10th 3100/3120-3130/3150 condors for 17.10, with SPX at 3126.

UVXY longs

#VXXGame Bought to Open $UVXY July 17th 90 calls for .47. I’d prefer to go further out in time but there are no August options yet and September’s are still pretty expensive. I’m looking to add some Sept soon.

SPX calls stopped

#SPX1dte BTC $SPX June 3rd 3120/3140 call spreads for 2.00. Condors sold yesterday for 1.10.

VXX long calls

#VXXGame Loading up some longs for next volatility spike. In March, some of these I bought for .30 were sold for over 50.00. Be surprised if that happens again, but at least they can hedge any shorts I sell. Also trying some $UVXY but wasn’t filled yet.

Bought to open $VXX August 85 calls for .50.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX June 3rd 2970/2990-3120/3140 condors for 1.10, IV: 18.86%, SPX 3063, deltas: -.06, +.06