Missed it by that much

#VIXIndicator The close bumped us up to 11.68, so still no start of the countdown to an Upside Warning.

Covered Calls

#Rolling $BABA hit 170 in the pre-market; I closed one of two calls I had at the 170 strike. Kept the other.
BTC BABA Sep 28th 170 call for 1.95. Sold for 1.55 on Sept 12th
#Rolling Sold BABA Oct 5th 175 call for 1.60

BTC $SQ Oct 5th 97 covered calls for .25. Sold for 2.45 on Sept 13th

Sold $MU Sept 28th 45 covered call for .90. I also am still long Oct 5th 45 calls.

BTC $OLED Sept 21st 122 covered call for .40. Sold for 1.50 last Friday.
Sold Sept 28th 124 call for 1.65.

NVDA Supercharger

#SuperCharger I was looking at a #Lophir but wasn’t liking the margin requirement R/R. This trade is a better fit.

Bought to open $SPX Oct 26th 247.5/257.5 bull call spreads for 7.30. Profit target: 9.40.

Interesting chart

I think it shows stock market performance is fairly unpredictable based on Washington’s makeup.


OK, but can it hit both in the same week?


Futures Up Modestly

$SPY is down due to ex-div

VIX can’t shake off the fear

#VIXIndicator We spent the morning in Upside Warning territory, but despite a steadily rising SPX all day, the VIX also rose steadily then ended up closing higher on the day.