SPX puts

#SPXcampaign I sold one more put spread, but now not liking how we closed. Hoping for another push UP this week and a chance to start adding call spreads and even myself out. We may be topping out, but if they do manage to pass tax bill we could see another push up.

Sold $SPX Dec 18th 2660/2635 put spreads for 3.65.

Missed it by THAT much

#VIXIndicator Despite hitting a new all-time high today, the VIX spiked at day’s end, ending on the highs. This means no Upside Warning yet. We’ll need three more consecutive days below 9.85. Unless we see a market drop tomorrow, signs are still bullish for year end.

SPX all (short) call spreads closed

#SPXcampaign Closed my last two remaining call credit spreads:

Closed $SPX Dec 20th 2590/2615 call spreads for 24.35. Sold ITM for 20.45. Waiting to replace when upside move tires out.

Closed SPX Dec 29th 2710/2735 call spreads for 2.25. Sold for 1.40 on Dec 1st.

Waiting to roll both tomorrow. Depending on how CBOE calls the close on VIX, we may or may not have an Upside Warning.

RH puts

#ShortStrangle Added to the short side of my $RH strangle, sold Dec 29th 90 puts for 1.20 and 1.30.

VXXGame trades

#VXXGame Yesterday, Bought to close Dec 15th VXX 30 call for .55. Sold for 6.50 avg price in October.

Today, Bought to close $SVXY March 122 call for 16.20. Sold in a strangle for 19.35 on 10/27
Rolled to:
Sold SVXY June 85 put for 8.95
Sold SVXY June 160 call for 8.90

SPX reverse roll

#SPXcampaign Stopped: $SPX Dec 15th 2680/2705 for 3.55. Sold in a #CondorRoll last week.
#ReverseRoll Sold Dec 15th 2660/2635 put spreads for 3.80.

Also, closed on GTC order:
Dec 15th 2610/2585 put spreads for .20. Sold for 3.40.

New all-time high in SPX

We’re off and running… Upside Warning going into effect at the close, provided VIX closes below 9.85