SPX Chart and VIX Indicator have been updated

#SPXcampaign — it’s been awhile since I was able to catch up, but the chart is now up to date. Ask questions anytime.

Options Expiration 8/18/17

#OptionsExpiration #ContangoETFs #VXXGame #Earnings

— Expired w/Max Profit —
DRIP 35 call
UVXY 68 call

PLCE 110 puts, taking stock with 108.00 cost basis.

I will check in Monday from our Eclipse campsite in Dallas, Oregon!

WMT earnings closed

#Earnings BTC $WMT Aug 18th 81.5 puts for 2.09. Sold in the #BrokenWingButterfly for 2.00 on Wednesday. Small loss; could have been a medium winner had I closed on this morning’s peak, but didn’t anticipate such a pullback.

SPX calls sold

#SPXcampaign Sold to Open $SPX Aug 30th 2465/2490 call spreads for 3.25, as a #ReverseRoll from puts stopped earlier today.

TOS question

When looking at the options chain and selecting Vertical or Iron Condor, etc, how do I change the width of the spread or wings? Thanks.

SPX puts stopped

Bought to close $SPX Sep 14th 2350/2325 put spreads for 2.75. Sold for 1.50 on Monday. Will roll later, likely #ReverseRoll into calls.

UVXY puts

#VXXGame Sold $UVXY Sep 8th 28 puts for 1.10. Very possibly will be breached, but easy to roll.

Plus, cleared a few positions with profits to keep my short volatility volume controllable should things get uglier:
Closed $SVXY Sep 15th 50 put for 1.50. Sold as part of the 100/180 strangles for 18.95 in March.
Closed $SVXY Sep 15th 52 put for 1.65. Sold for 1.90 on 8/10