SPX puts closed

#SPXcampaign Heartbreaking… these were trading for 1.50 a couple hours ago… but had to step away and I lost them.

Closed $SPX Feb 20th 2725 puts for 14.60. Sold in the 2700/2725/2765/2790 condor on Friday.

I will get some credit back by selling the 2700 long puts…

Covered Calls

#CoveredCalls #CoveredCallCampaign
Sold $AAPL March 16th 180 call for 1.70
Sold $AAPL March 9th 170 put for 1.72
Closed on GTC order: $VRTX March 2nd 177.5 covered call for .15. Sold for 1.75 on Feb 6th.
Sold VRTX March 23rd 177.5 call for 1.60

SPX puts sold

#SPXcampaign Sold to Open $SPX March 23rd 2525/2500 put spreads for 1.70.

Econ Calendar for week of 2/19/18

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Options Expiration… VIX Indicator

#OptionsExpiration #VXXGame
Only one #Assignment, my final $SVXY 90 put

#VIXIndicator — The VIX is reacting strongly to the upside at any sign of volatility. Although we spent the morning in cancelation territory, the Mueller spike sent up back above 19.00. So although we’ve been steadily rising, volatility is still hanging around.

ETFs closed

Closed on GTC orders:
$KOLD Feb 16th 50 call for .05. Sold for 2.95 on Oct 5th.
$NUGT Mar 16th 44 calls. Sold for 1.50 and 1.22 in January.

SPX puts closed

#SPXcampaign When SPX got up to 2748 I closed this spread to take some profits…

Closed $SPX Feb 21st 2700/2675 put spreads for 1.75. Sold for 14.00 on Monday.