SNA earnings

#Earnings Put in this order hours ago and it just filled:
Sold $SNA July 20th 145/170 strangles for 1.40.
Biggest UP move: 6.7%, Biggest DOWN move: -7.4%, Average move: 4.2%. My strikes are +7.3% and -8.5% OTM.

Joining EOG trade

#PreEarnings Bought to Open $EOG Aug 3rd 128 calls for 1.30. See MamaCash’s post from yesterday for more details on the strategy.

SPX roll

#SPXcampaign Can’t shake these SPX spreads before I leave. Doubling size and rolling to the same expiration on this one:

Stopped $SPX July 27th 2825/2850 call spreads for 6.50
Sold July 217th 2750/2775/2860/2885 #CondorRoll for 3.40, double position size.

Tech bulls

Looks like the $QQQ, $XLK, and several tech stocks are forming bullish engulfing candles today. Look out above.

On the open today, closed on GTC order: $AAPL July 20th 195 call for .14. Sold for 1.37 on June 21st.

NFLX spreads closed

#Earnings Bought to close $NFLX July 20th 360/350 put spreads for 1.00. Sold for 1.70 on Friday.
BTC NFLX July 20th 360 put for 1.43. Sold for 3.46 last week.
I have a single strangle remaining, 360/475, sold for 4.46 total. I will leave it to expire.


#VIXIndicator Lowest intra-day VIX level since 6/15 (excluding pre-market spikes).

NFLX put closed

#Earnings Closed 1 of my 3 $NFLX July 20th 360 puts for breakeven, 3.40 (covering commissions). I’ll leave the other two.

Looking to close my 360/350 spread for breakeven or small profit, too. The spreads are in smaller accounts and don’t want to risk full loss if NFLX peters out and reverses down.