Upside Warning in effect

#VIXIndicator Look for higher prices over the next couple of weeks.

Upside Warning / Risk Reversal

#SPX1dte #VIXIndicator As an Upside Warning is preparing to fire today (VIX close below 14.50), I’m doing this Risk Reversal for next Friday. I will add more to the long if we get a pullback tomorrow or Monday.

Bought to Open $SPX Sept 27th 3045/3060 bull call spreads for 2.40.
Sold to Open $SPX Sept 27th 3000/2975 put spreads for 5.80.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX Sept 20th 2940/2960-3045/3065 condors for .75, IV 12.64%, SPX 3011.

ADBE closed

#Earnings. Sold to close $ADBE Sept 20th 282.5 #DoubleCalendar for 3.82. Bought yesterday for 1.89 (avg price).

SPX trades

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX Sept 23rd 2915/2940-3050/3075 condors for 2.65, IV 12.90%, SPX 3005.

Expiring today: Sept 18th 2925/2945-3040/3060, sold yesterday for .85

Also, Sept 18th 3010/2985 expires, and based on closing SPX price of 3006.01, it will cash settle at a cost of 3.99. Sold it last Friday for 7.00. I expected a rally after the Fed, but it put me through the ringer first.

Just What I Needed

In honor of the late Ric Ocasek, I dedicate this song to myself, as this last-hour rally is just what I needed.

CHWY puts

#PostEarnings Sold to Open $CHWY Oct 11th 28 puts for 1.50.

This is a recent IPO which, like UBER, hasn’t shown much volatility. It’s also a low-priced stock which minimizes the risk of these ATM puts.