BOILing over again

Sold $BOIL Dec 45 call for 2.45
Sold $BOIL Jan 45 for 3.80, adding to my position

GUSH down

#ContangoETFs BTC $GUSH Dec 21st 57 call for .50. Sold for 5.20 on July 9th.

Not much

Sat on my hands today… I don’t know whether to short or go long… need another day!

BTC $DUST Nov 16th 49 call for .25. Sold for 2.50 on Aug 15th.
BTC $DUST March 15th 60 call for .80. Sold for 3.00 on Aug 16th.

Bought to Open $UVXY Nov 9th 112 call for 1.30. A hedge against short calls. I’d rather be selling it, but gotta stay safe!

A few trades

BTC $GUSH Dec 57 call for .75. Sold in May and July for 5.35 (avg price)
BTC $DUST Nov 16th 60 call for .15. Sold for 1.95 on Sep 5th.

STO $UVXY March 95 call for 10.15

BTC $PVTL Oct 19th 20 covered calls for .05. Sold for .45 last week.

Adding to SOXL

#ContangoETFs This is one of the few short options positions I’m managing in this correction…
I have a few #VXXGame positions, but other than that my shorts are mostly calls in commodity ETFs that aren’t as affected by the selloff.

Sold $SOXL Dec 85 put for 5.40.
Sold that for 1.60 more than I sold the Dec 90 put on Monday.

BOILing over

#ContangoETFs At the bell, filled on my next $BOIL Jan 45 call for 3.00. Put in my next for 3.75

BOILing over

#ContangoETFs My next order filled; sold $BOIL Jan 2019 45 call for 2.25. Next order in to sell at 3.00.