NUGT closed

#ContangoETFs BTC $NUGT Jan 2020 55 calls for .54. Sold for 3.20 on July 18th.


#BearCallSpreads #ContangoETFs – C’mon Mr. Market give us a chance to re-load. Never got a chance to add much to these.

Bought to Close UVXY OCT 18 2019 50.0/60.0 Bear Call Spreads @ .10 (sold for 1.25)


#BearCallSpreads #ContangoETFs – Had one naked call that got in trouble and wasn’t liking it very much. I rolled it out to 2021 70/80 bear call spreads figuring I’d hide there until things calmed down. Made it a 10 lot to make it worthwhile since the trade was practically a sure thing. Booking it today and will wait for DRIP to rebound when the Saudi oil gets back online.

Bought to Close DRIP JAN 15 2021 70.0/80.0 Bear Call Spreads @ 1.40 (sold for 1.60)

DRIP dropped

#ContangoETFs. BTC $DRIP Sept 20th 115 calls for .40. Sold for 3.60 on July 25th.


Bought to open VXX 01/17/2020 20.00 Puts @ 0.95 this morning, adding to my position. #ContangoETFs


Bought to open VXX 01/17/2020 20.00 Put @ 1.07.
Re-establishing a long position that I sold out of last week @ 1.60.
143 Days to Expiration.. #ContangoETFs


Bought to open VXX 03/20/2020 15.00 Puts @ 0.43, adding to my initial position.
206 Days to Expiration. #ContangoETFs