NUGT call

#ContangoETFs Sold $NUGT Dec 51 call for 2.20.

DRIP on the move again

Sold $DRIP Oct 20 35 calls @ 1.60. Highest strike. Looks like you can get a bit more now.


Options Expiration 7/28/17

#OptionsExpiration #Earnings #CoveredCalls #ContangoETFs #ShortStrangles #ShortCalls

— Expiring w/Max Profit —
DUST 45 calls
FSLR 49 covered call

— Assignments —
HCA 83.5 puts, taking stock, cost basis 82.30
FSLR 48 covered call, releasing half of stock position

— Expiring w/Loss —
AMZN 1037.5/1042.5/1092.5/1097.5 #IronCondor
AMZN 1030/1050/1070 #IronButterfly
GOOGL 980/1000/1020 Iron Butterflys

The Beauty of Dust

#ContangoETFs BTC $DUST Jan-2018 90 call for .75. Sold for 7.70 on March 8th.

UVXY pre-split

#VXXGame #ContangoETFs – Bought to Close UVXY1 JAN 19 2018 30.0/40.0 Bear Call Spreads @ .20 (sold for 1.75)


#ContangoETFs – Jeez…hope this thing doesn’t get to zero before we get a chance to sell the new options. Think it closed around 8.80 on Friday. That’s 35.20 split adjusted. Currently at 32.65. C’mon stay up!

DRIP dropped

#ContangoETFs BTC $DRIP July 21st 30 call for .10. Sold for 1.35 on June 2nd. Took some risk out, but I plan to let my riskier 28 calls expire next week.