ETFs closed

Closed on GTC orders:
$KOLD Feb 16th 50 call for .05. Sold for 2.95 on Oct 5th.
$NUGT Mar 16th 44 calls. Sold for 1.50 and 1.22 in January.

DUST on the move

#ContangoETFs Sold $DUST Jan 2019 45 call for 4.80.

DUST Calls


Sold $DUST Jun 15th 40 call for 2.00

DUST calls

#ContangoETFs Thanks to @ramie77 for the head’s up that DUST is back in call-selling range.

Sold $DUST Apr 20th 35 call for 1.65
Sold $DUST Jun 15th 35 call for 2.75


#ContangoETFs #VXXGame Following @optioniceman in spirit:

Sold $NUGT Jan 2019 50 call for 5.95, adding to my position.
Sold $SVXY Feb 16th 120/100 put spread for 2.15. Margin cost to sell naked is too steep.

Final trades and expirations

Sold $SPX Feb 16th 2710/2685 put spreads for 1.55.

Closed $AA Jan 19th 53.5 puts for .45, sold in strangle for 1.00 on Wednesday.
Closed $STZ Jan 19th 220 put for 1.60, sold for 2.35 on 1/4.

#OptionsExpiration #ContangoETFs
$DUST 30 call, sold for 1.50 on Nov 30th
$AA 59 calls, sold in strangle for 1.00 on Wednesday.

$NUGT – now would be…

$NUGT – now would be a good time to add to short calls but I just don’t have the buying power

#contangoetfs, #syntheticshortstock