NUGT calls

#ContangoETFs Yesterday, Sold $NUGT Sept 35 calls for 2.06. First time back in NUGT in a long time, and currently my only ContangoETF position.

BOIL out

#ContangoETFs Closing out the year by closing out final $BOIL positions. Was forced out of Jan 45 short calls by the spike higher… made some back with rolls, but still at a loss overall. I will reserve this symbol for large seasonal spikes in the future.

Closed BOIL Mar 50 call for .90. Sold for 4.15.
Closed BOIL June 66 call for .70. Sold for 7.20.

BOIL closed

#ContangoETFs Closed the last of my $BOIL Jan 45 calls for 3.30. I’m underwater despite a few rolls, but this is closest to the money that I had. I want to be ready should we get another winter push higher.

#contangoetfs BOIL Down below 38…

#contangoetfs BOIL

Down below 38 today

Another KOLD closed

#ContangoETFs BTC $KOLD Dec 21st 12 put for .80. Sold for 2.30 on 11/19.

KOLD closed

Closed $KOLD Dec 21st 8 put for .20 and 9 put for .25. Both sold for 1.20 each on 11/19, as part of a roll campaign from ITM $BOIL calls.


#ContangoETFs Sold $KOLD Dec 21st 12 put for 2.30.