KOLD closed

Closed $KOLD Dec 21st 8 put for .20 and 9 put for .25. Both sold for 1.20 each on 11/19, as part of a roll campaign from ITM $BOIL calls.


#ContangoETFs Sold $KOLD Dec 21st 12 put for 2.30.

KOLD put

#ContangoETFs Sold $KOLD Dec 13 put for 2.30. A safer bet since KOLD is closer to zero than the BOIL calls are to infinity.

BOIL call

#ContangoETFs Sold to Open $BOIL March 105 call for 6.80. Building back recent losses slowly.

BOIL & DUST closed

#ContangoETFs I’m shedding one a day. I can’t roll these, as the current mania could keep going higher. They will have to be made up with multiple smaller premium trades after things settle down.

BTC $BOIL Jan 18th 45 call for 23.60. Sold for 2.40 (avg price) in Sept/Oct. Closed this morning before the move from 60 to 70. I have 4 ITM contracts remaining.

BTC $DUST Jan 18th 50 call for 1.10. Sold for 4.00 on Aug 16th.

BOIL stats

#ContangoETFs I searched back for spikes on BOIL that were over 50%. Below is a chart with:

Date of the High
Percentage up from the recent low
Weeks it took to go UP low to high
Weeks it took to go back DOWN to the low (or at least in the neighborhood)

As you can see, from a percentage basis, this current spike is the highest. We also got here more quickly than other spikes above 100%. I don’t know whether we can say that this means we should be topping. But the freak out of current traders, being long oil and short NatGas, is largely responsible for what we’re seeing now.

We know it will drop again, but cannot say how long that will take or how high it will go first.

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 10.31.34 AM


#CoveredCalls – From what I can tell so far I think all of these will make very good long term covered call candidates. Would love to own ’em all at a low basis for nice income generation. Compared to regular dividend stocks I think these can blow those returns away. More volatile but that’s great for the selling…