VXX long puts

#VXXGame #LongPutDiagonals i entered this trade on Sept 1st when VXX was at 46.08. I bought the $VXX 2019 LEAP 20 puts for 1.80.

Today, VXX is HIGHER (52.00 as I type) and those puts are ALSO higher… mid price about 3.00.

Shows how much volatility drives all prices higher. If I get a chance to buy more under 2.00, I will.

VXX call

#VXXGame #LongPutDiagonals #SyntheticShortStock
Sold $VXX Feb 2nd 26 call for 1.35.

With VXX perpetually headed to zero, I am selling short-term puts AND calls against my Jan 2019 long 25 puts.

VXX put sold… yep, you read that right

#VXXGame #LongPutDiagonals #SyntheticShortStock
Sold $VXX Feb 16th 25 put for 1.15. Just trying this out ahead of some possible consolidation. I will NOT let this go ITM, but I would like to chip away at some of the loss I took in selling puts months ago. I forgot to sell some short term calls yesterday, which I had been planning on a spike.


This was a busted #ShortStrangles that I turned into a #CoveredCalls position. After selling for quite a few weeks I’m using this bounce to book it for a .10 loss. Happy to be out and freeing up some room for earnings season.

Sold to Close SWKS Covered Stock @ 99.23 (bought for 99.33)

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Closed UVXY synthetic

#SyntheticShortStock #LongPutDiagonals

Took the cue from @fuzzballl and closed one of these (I originally had 2). Can’t make a whole lot more on this since we’re getting closer to zero on the stock.

Closed $UVXY Jan 2019 positions:
Long 30 put, Short 30 call, Long 40 call for 23.91.
Bought for 17.10 on Aug 17th.

That’s a $6.81 profit, BUT I also lost $818 total in the attempt to sell short-term puts. Since I had 2 positions, that’s a $409 loss for each, so profit on this one is $272.

As for the other one, I previously closed the call spread for 1.60 (on Dec 20th), and I put in an order to close the remaining long put for 24.50, which price is already near. That would mean a $171 profit on that half.

I am keeping my $VXX version of this open, since the stock is still at 25.75 so my long 20 puts still have a lot to gain. I have closed a third of my short call spreads, and I added more long puts “naked” anyway, so I’m long 18 puts, currently at 4.68, average purchase 1.77. I lost a bigger bundle on the sale of short-term puts on VXX, but my ending profit on the long puts will make up for it and them some.

I will look to do this again when they launch $VXXB with the 2020 LEAPs. But that time, I will skip the #Fuzzy hedging and just go with the synthetic short.


#SyntheticShortStock – Next split has to be soon so I’m now fully loaded after closing the short VXX the other day. I’ve rolled my short puts out to 5 strike 2020’s. I’ll probably ride those into the ground unless we get a huge spike but should easily be offset by this position and should be able to ride 2019’s down again and 2020’s at least twice. I’ll roll them another year if I can but not sure if we can roll when they become “post split” options.

Sold to Close UVXY 30/30/55 Synthetic Short Stock @ 23.47 (bought for 14.91)

This was all just a big experiment when I first suggested it back at the last split. I’d have to say a stress free huge success along with the VXX short!


12/27 #Fuzzies With just a…

12/27 #Fuzzies
With just a couple trading days left in the year, my focus today was getting fuzzy rolls completed on anything in-the-money that might be exposed to early assignment due to end-of-year activity.
1. CELG BTC Dec 29 106 c for 1.60, STO Jan 12 107 c for 2.70. Yep….big fake out on this. What was firmly ITM this morning quickly became OTM right after my roll. But that’s why NOT legging the roll benefited me. Crappy price on closing out the 106, but fantastic price on the 107. Roll out and up.
2. DWDP There was some really unique bullish UOA on this yesterday, so I took the risky move of removing my hedge so this can run unfettered. BTC Dec 29 71.5 c for .45, currently unhedged.
3. CSX BTC Dec 29 54 c for 1.26, STO Jan 12 55 c for 1.21, roll out and up.
4. New Fuzzy CVX Jun 125/125/115 for 2.33, Jan 12 127 calls for -.94
5. FAS hedge was down to about .04 so I wanted to get a straight-across roll for .80 to Jan 12, the executed roll-spread numbers were all over the place, but they netted out to my .80 credit for the roll.
6. IWM: Dec 29 153 BTC for .96, Jan 5 154 STO for .96….got $1.00 for nuttin’. Roll out and up.

Fuzzies that still need managed this week:
JPM (in the money)

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