#shortputs #coveredputs FB I was…

#shortputs #coveredputs FB

I was assigned 99 short shares over the weekend, (had 1 existing share with a decent gain), basis is 183. Sold a June 22, 190 put for .31 on maybe the worst day to be selling puts in FB but it’s a start.

#coveredputs ANF I’m short 100…

#coveredputs ANF
I’m short 100 shares of ANF from a strangle gone wrong, sold Feb. 16, 17 put for .30, gets basis to 17.90, thought Amazon was wrecking these retailers

$SVXY #CoveredPuts – Sold SVXY…

$SVXY #CoveredPuts – Sold SVXY Dec 8 2017 85.0 Puts @ 0.17 after hours with the stock at 111.10.
These expire Friday.

$CAT #CoveredPuts Sold against my…

$CAT #CoveredPuts
Sold against my short stock position:
STO $CAT Dec 29 128 puts @ 1.41.
Strike price is below the 50 day moving average.

$SVXY #coveredputs sold SVXY for…

$SVXY #coveredputs
sold SVXY for $102.10, and Nov 17 $100 put for $1.40, yielding 3.38% if exercised

VXX rollers

#LongPutDiagonals #CoveredPuts #Rolling
BTC $UVXY Sept 1st 30 puts for 1.44. Sold for 1.10 on Aug 18th.
Sold to Open Sept 8th 29 puts for 1.77.

BTC $SVXY Sep 15th 77.5 put for 4.20. Sold for 3.70 on July 27th.
STO $SVXY Oct 20th 55/90 strangle for 4.64 (legged in)

Other stuff

#CoveredPuts #ShortStock
Bought to cover SRPT short stock at 43.00 yesterday and 40.78. Still short more shares so selling covered puts against it: STO $SRPT Sept 15th 35 covered put for 1.20.

Sold to Open $NVDA Aug 18th 155 put for 2.00.