#shortstock KBE Sold short 100…

#shortstock KBE
Sold short 100 shares at 44.19. KBE is a regional bank ETF. There is no commission but if I don’t hold the position for 30 days I will be charged 13.90, I’m with TDA.

#shortstock My only experience being…

My only experience being short shares of stock was being assigned a few times, and a couple of those worked out, a couple didn’t. I’ve been watching TastyTrades permabear (thanks fuzzball) Tim Knight and decided to start trying some trades on the short side. I’m no chartist and I’ve been interpreting his interpretations. Like all of the prognosticators, he isn’t always right but I’ve had some success. I haven’t posted because I haven’t known what I was doing. So far, no losers( a couple slightly underwater) and just about everything has been $50- $100 gains. Here is what I have done on the short side, and a few short call spreads and long puts have worked as well. Still have a steep learning curve.
I sold 100 shares of the named stock on the first date, and bought to close (cover) on the 2nd date, reading across.
Aug. 27 DENN covered Aug. 21
Aug. 28 RDN covered Sept. 26
Aug. 31 PIR covered Sept. 11 (don’t short $1.80 stocks)
Sept. 5 DVN covered Sept. 6
Sept. 5 BNS covered covered Oct. 10
Sept. 6 DBC still in
Sept. 7 AXS covered Sept. 11
Sept. 10 MRO still in
Sept. 14 DVN covered Sept. 17
Sept. 20 DENN still in
Sept. 25 MU covered Oct. 4
Oct. 2 RSX covered Oct. 4
Oct. 4 CRUS covered Oct. 5
Oct. 4 FXI covered Oct. 8
Oct. 8 BOX covered Oct. 9
Oct. 9 BFR covered Oct. 10
Oct. 10 RSX still in

Short Call Spreads, all closed except GDX, sold close to the money.
BUD again
GDX not doing well

#shortstock #closing BOX Oct. 8…

#shortstock #closing BOX
Oct. 8 sold short 100 shares of BOX at 19.93, covered this morning at 19.04.

#shortstock BOX #shortputspread Tim Knight…

#shortstock BOX #shortputspread

Tim Knight rec-sold short 100 shares of BOX at 19.93
SMH sold Nov. 16 91/96 put spread for .83
DE closed Tradewise recommendation call spreads for .46, sold for .75

#shortputs #earnings #shortstock FB I…

#shortputs #earnings #shortstock FB
I am short 100 shares of FB, assignment at 175 but a basis of 186 so I’m going to be happy even though I sold a 185 put that expires tomorrow.
Followed Ramie with a 160/170 Bups for 2.14, also sold Dec. 140/150 BuPS for 1.57

Trading gods smile upon me

#Earnings #ShortStock. In LAX for our connecting flight to Tokyo. Closed the second half of the $SNA short stock for 166.89. Assigned Friday at 170… closed half yesterday for breakeven, but this second lot turns it into a higher profit trade than originally expected. Nice drop on an otherwise strong day for the market.

Snap judgement

#Earnings #ShortStock Covering $SNA short stock, assigned at 170 on Friday. I have covered half, buying to close at 171.40, which makes that batch breakeven since the earnings strangle was sold for 1.40.

Leaving the rest for hopefully lower prices.