$UVXY #shortstock buy to cover…

$UVXY #shortstock
buy to cover UVXY at $13.10, sold 11/3 for $14 (call exercised). My indicators show negative divergence on SP-500, we’ll see but taking protective action.

edit: call not put

$UVXY #shortstock buy to close…

$UVXY #shortstock
buy to close half position at $13.10, put to me at $14, sold few weeks of covered puts net additional $1.83, not bad!

$SVXY #shortputs #shortstock Buy to…

$SVXY #shortputs #shortstock
Buy to cover half my SVXY 114.07, shorted 102.10!
Stubborn isn’t working yet again.
Buy to cover Dec 01 $105 put for 0.53, sold for 0.90 keeping equal to short ETF.

UVXY #shortstock #shortputs #shortcalls Last…

UVXY #shortstock #shortputs #shortcalls
Last week was exercised on naked call ($1.25) at $14. Today I elected to cover potential margin call by selling $15 put ($0.73) and buying $19 protective call ($0.13). I think this will mitigate my risks to a low cost worst case $3.15 (19-14-1.25-0.60). However more likely is a small gain if present trends continue $0.85 (14+1.25+0.6-15), and acceptable return. Does anyone see any flaws in plan?

UVXY #shortstock short at 32.59,…

UVXY #shortstock

short at 32.59, so far so good.

SRPT closed

#Earnings #ShortStock Looks like this one may be done going down. Exited my last bit of short stock for 39.90. Cost basis 41.40. However, on half of the original position I took max loss rather than assignment, so overall the trade was a loser.

SRPT short stock

#Earnings #ShortStock

Bought to close $SRPT stock, assigned on earnings on July 21st. Cost basis 41.10.
Yesterday, 100 shares at 41.00
Today, 100 shares at 37.50

Still holding 100 shares with Sept 35 covered put.