#shortputs #earnings #shortstock FB I…

#shortputs #earnings #shortstock FB
I am short 100 shares of FB, assignment at 175 but a basis of 186 so I’m going to be happy even though I sold a 185 put that expires tomorrow.
Followed Ramie with a 160/170 Bups for 2.14, also sold Dec. 140/150 BuPS for 1.57

Trading gods smile upon me

#Earnings #ShortStock. In LAX for our connecting flight to Tokyo. Closed the second half of the $SNA short stock for 166.89. Assigned Friday at 170… closed half yesterday for breakeven, but this second lot turns it into a higher profit trade than originally expected. Nice drop on an otherwise strong day for the market.

Snap judgement

#Earnings #ShortStock Covering $SNA short stock, assigned at 170 on Friday. I have covered half, buying to close at 171.40, which makes that batch breakeven since the earnings strangle was sold for 1.40.

Leaving the rest for hopefully lower prices.

#shortstock #ironbutterly FB Unless FB…

#shortstock #ironbutterly FB
Unless FB drops 22 points by the end of trading tomorrow I’ll be short 100 shares with a basis of 183.17, from a 170/175/175/190 bad trade. If FB will slow down a little I should be able to catch up, let the put sales begin!

$UVXY #shortstock buy to cover…

$UVXY #shortstock
buy to cover UVXY at $13.10, sold 11/3 for $14 (call exercised). My indicators show negative divergence on SP-500, we’ll see but taking protective action.

edit: call not put

$UVXY #shortstock buy to close…

$UVXY #shortstock
buy to close half position at $13.10, put to me at $14, sold few weeks of covered puts net additional $1.83, not bad!

$SVXY #shortputs #shortstock Buy to…

$SVXY #shortputs #shortstock
Buy to cover half my SVXY 114.07, shorted 102.10!
Stubborn isn’t working yet again.
Buy to cover Dec 01 $105 put for 0.53, sold for 0.90 keeping equal to short ETF.