#shortstock DENN September 20, 2018…

#shortstock DENN

September 20, 2018 I sold short 100 shares of DENN at 13.96, right about the time Denny’s started a rally to around 22. I was only able to sell a couple puts, not much option activity. I closed the position today at 11.75.
So there’s that!

#closing #shortstock DISH IP HIG…

#closing #shortstock DISH IP HIG #longcallspread SPX
I was able to close these 3 for small gains as earlier this year I was selling short stock at one of the worst times in history.
SPZ #tastytradefollow bought Sept 20, 2825/2840 for 9.50, playing for a bounce.

SFIX assignment

#Earnings #Assignment #EarlyAssignment #ShortStock
Assigned over half of my position on $SFIX short 25 calls. Closed short stock position for 31.90. Will sell long calls to cancel out loss, and hopefully cancel out original purchase too if I can get the stock just a bit higher.

#shortstock IP Sold short 100…

#shortstock IP

Sold short 100 shares of IP for 46.31

#shortstock MO Bought to cover…

#shortstock MO

Bought to cover 100 short shares for 42.71, sold short yesterday for 44.71

#shortstock MO Back in ,…

#shortstock MO

Back in , sold short 100 shares at 44.71, left too early the other day.

#shortstock MO #ironcondor HD MO…

#shortstock MO #ironcondor HD

MO Jan. 14, sold short 100 shares of MO at 48.29, bought to cover today for 46.79.
HD Jan. 8 sold 155/160/190/195 IC for 1.02, bought today for .51
DENN up today arrgghh

#shortstock DISH Sold short 100…

#shortstock DISH MO

Sold short 100 shares of DISH at 27.81
Sold short 100 shares of MO at 48.28

#shortstock #coveredputs HIG Sold short…

#shortstock #coveredputs #shortcallspreads HIG SPY

HIG Sold short 100 shares at 43.26
HIG Sold Jan. 18, 42 put for .33
SPY sold Feb. 15, 270/280 call spread for .94

#shortstock PM Sold 100 shares…

#shortstock PM
Sold 100 shares short for 66.95

Also in the short world, DENN up another .30 today arrgghhh

#shortstock DENN These are interesting…

#shortstock DENN

These are interesting times to be trading. I have just a few short stock positions, one being Denny’s that I shorted at 13.91, now UP to 16.23. I’ve lamented this before, I know I’m repeating, but in a seemingly bear market, can’t Denny’s participate even a little?

#shortstock #coveredputs CAKE Sold 100…

#shortstock #coveredputs CAKE

Sold 100 shares short at 45.43, sold a Dec. 21, 45 put for .90.

#shortstock KBE Nov. 2, sold…

#shortstock KBE

Nov. 2, sold short 100 shares of the regional banking ETF at 43.20. Nov. 6 sold a 41 put for .40, bought it Tue. for .35.
Today bought to cover the 100 shares for 41.10.

#shortstock #shortputs CAKE Nov. 16,…

#shortstock #shortputs CAKE

Nov. 16, sold 100 shares short for 47.95 and sold a covered put for .85.
Nov. 30 bought the put for .65
Today, bought to cover 100 shares at 46.06.

#coveredputs #shortstock #rolling CLR Nov….

#coveredputs #shortstock #rolling CLR

Nov. 14, sold short 100 shares at 45.94. Nov. 15 sold a Nov. 23, 46 put for .60, Nov. 20 rolled it to Nov. 30 for 2.56, rolled it today to Dec. 7, have net 185 in premium, CLR is at 44.33.

#shortstock CAKE sold 100 shares…

#shortstock CAKE

sold 100 shares short of CAKE for 47.95

#shortstock XME Sold short 100…

#shortstock XME

Sold short 100 shares of XME for 30.50.

#shortstock CLR Sold short 100…

#shortstock CLR

Sold short 100 shares of CLR for 45.94.

#shortstock PAG Nov. 2, sold…

#shortstock PAG

Nov. 2, sold 100 shares short for 45.08, bought to cover today for 44.04, however I missed ex-div yesterday so will pay the .37 dividend.

#shortstock KBE Back in, sold…

#shortstock KBE PAG

KBE Back in, sold short 100 shares at 43.20
PAG Sold 100 shares short of Penske at 45.08

#shortstock DENN Denny’s, c’mon, up…

#shortstock DENN

Denny’s, c’mon, up 25% after earnings, my fault for not knowing earnings, but it’s Denny’s…I sometimes make money from tech stocks and I have no understanding of what those companies do, but lose on Denny’s…still in it

#shortstock XLF #shortcallspreads QQQ #longputspread…

#shortstock XLF #shortcallspreads QQQ #longputspread SPY

XLF Sold 100 shares short at 25.37
QQQ Sold Nov. 16, 170/175 for 1.03
SPY bought Nov. 14 250/260 for 2.00

#shortstock RSX Oct. 10, sold…

#shortstock RSX
Oct. 10, sold short 100 shares of the Russian ETF for 20.65, bought to cover today for 20.12. Still need more weakness in Denny’s, strength in everything else.

#shortstock #closing IMAX Oct. 19,…

#shortstock #closing IMAX

Oct. 19, sold short 100 shares at 22.48, bought to cover today for 20.81

#shortstock #closing EWG Oct. 18,…

#shortstock #closing EWG

Oct. 18, sold short 100 shares of EWG at 27.68, bought to cover today for 26.69.

#shortstock #closing BNS Oct. 18,…

#shortstock #closing BNS
Oct. 18, sold 100 shares short for 54.52, bought to cover today today for 54.21, was greedy and gave some away but out for big city lunch money.

#shortstock #closing KBE Oct. 17…

#shortstock #closing KBE
Oct. 17 sold short 100 shares at 44.19, bought to cover today for 41.72, minus a transaction fee of 13.90. Imagine a bank ETF with some transaction fee, heh heh.

#shortstock #shortputs #rolling #closing MRO…

#shortstock #shortputs #rolling #closing MRO
Sept. 10 sold short 100 shares @ 20.40 and MRO started going up. Bought to cover today for 19.66 after rolling an Oct. 26, 20.50 put to Nov. 23, 20 put for .30, making me long MRO.

#shortstock #shortputs MRO Sold an…

#shortstock #shortputs MRO IMAX
Sold an Oct. 26, 20.5 put for .38, covered by short stock, a reverse covered call.
Sold short 100 shares of IMAX at 22.48

#shortstock BNS sold short 100…

#shortstock BNS EWG
sold short 100 shares of the Bank of Nova Scotia for 54.52, 2nd time in this ticker.
sold short 100 shares of a Germany ETF for 27.68

#shortstock KBE Sold short 100…

#shortstock KBE
Sold short 100 shares at 44.19. KBE is a regional bank ETF. There is no commission but if I don’t hold the position for 30 days I will be charged 13.90, I’m with TDA.

#shortstock My only experience being…

My only experience being short shares of stock was being assigned a few times, and a couple of those worked out, a couple didn’t. I’ve been watching TastyTrades permabear (thanks fuzzball) Tim Knight and decided to start trying some trades on the short side. I’m no chartist and I’ve been interpreting his interpretations. Like all of the prognosticators, he isn’t always right but I’ve had some success. I haven’t posted because I haven’t known what I was doing. So far, no losers( a couple slightly underwater) and just about everything has been $50- $100 gains. Here is what I have done on the short side, and a few short call spreads and long puts have worked as well. Still have a steep learning curve.
I sold 100 shares of the named stock on the first date, and bought to close (cover) on the 2nd date, reading across.
Aug. 27 DENN covered Aug. 21
Aug. 28 RDN covered Sept. 26
Aug. 31 PIR covered Sept. 11 (don’t short $1.80 stocks)
Sept. 5 DVN covered Sept. 6
Sept. 5 BNS covered covered Oct. 10
Sept. 6 DBC still in
Sept. 7 AXS covered Sept. 11
Sept. 10 MRO still in
Sept. 14 DVN covered Sept. 17
Sept. 20 DENN still in
Sept. 25 MU covered Oct. 4
Oct. 2 RSX covered Oct. 4
Oct. 4 CRUS covered Oct. 5
Oct. 4 FXI covered Oct. 8
Oct. 8 BOX covered Oct. 9
Oct. 9 BFR covered Oct. 10
Oct. 10 RSX still in

Short Call Spreads, all closed except GDX, sold close to the money.
BUD again
GDX not doing well

#shortstock #closing BOX Oct. 8…

#shortstock #closing BOX
Oct. 8 sold short 100 shares of BOX at 19.93, covered this morning at 19.04.

#shortstock BOX #shortputspread Tim Knight…

#shortstock BOX #shortputspread

Tim Knight rec-sold short 100 shares of BOX at 19.93
SMH sold Nov. 16 91/96 put spread for .83
DE closed Tradewise recommendation call spreads for .46, sold for .75

#shortputs #earnings #shortstock FB I…

#shortputs #earnings #shortstock FB
I am short 100 shares of FB, assignment at 175 but a basis of 186 so I’m going to be happy even though I sold a 185 put that expires tomorrow.
Followed Ramie with a 160/170 Bups for 2.14, also sold Dec. 140/150 BuPS for 1.57

Trading gods smile upon me

#Earnings #ShortStock. In LAX for our connecting flight to Tokyo. Closed the second half of the $SNA short stock for 166.89. Assigned Friday at 170… closed half yesterday for breakeven, but this second lot turns it into a higher profit trade than originally expected. Nice drop on an otherwise strong day for the market.

Snap judgement

#Earnings #ShortStock Covering $SNA short stock, assigned at 170 on Friday. I have covered half, buying to close at 171.40, which makes that batch breakeven since the earnings strangle was sold for 1.40.

Leaving the rest for hopefully lower prices.

#shortstock #ironbutterly FB Unless FB…

#shortstock #ironbutterly FB
Unless FB drops 22 points by the end of trading tomorrow I’ll be short 100 shares with a basis of 183.17, from a 170/175/175/190 bad trade. If FB will slow down a little I should be able to catch up, let the put sales begin!

$UVXY #shortstock buy to cover…

$UVXY #shortstock
buy to cover UVXY at $13.10, sold 11/3 for $14 (call exercised). My indicators show negative divergence on SP-500, we’ll see but taking protective action.

edit: call not put

$UVXY #shortstock buy to close…

$UVXY #shortstock
buy to close half position at $13.10, put to me at $14, sold few weeks of covered puts net additional $1.83, not bad!

$SVXY #shortputs #shortstock Buy to…

$SVXY #shortputs #shortstock
Buy to cover half my SVXY 114.07, shorted 102.10!
Stubborn isn’t working yet again.
Buy to cover Dec 01 $105 put for 0.53, sold for 0.90 keeping equal to short ETF.

UVXY #shortstock #shortputs #shortcalls Last…

UVXY #shortstock #shortputs #shortcalls
Last week was exercised on naked call ($1.25) at $14. Today I elected to cover potential margin call by selling $15 put ($0.73) and buying $19 protective call ($0.13). I think this will mitigate my risks to a low cost worst case $3.15 (19-14-1.25-0.60). However more likely is a small gain if present trends continue $0.85 (14+1.25+0.6-15), and acceptable return. Does anyone see any flaws in plan?

UVXY #shortstock short at 32.59,…

UVXY #shortstock

short at 32.59, so far so good.

SRPT closed

#Earnings #ShortStock Looks like this one may be done going down. Exited my last bit of short stock for 39.90. Cost basis 41.40. However, on half of the original position I took max loss rather than assignment, so overall the trade was a loser.

SRPT short stock

#Earnings #ShortStock

Bought to close $SRPT stock, assigned on earnings on July 21st. Cost basis 41.10.
Yesterday, 100 shares at 41.00
Today, 100 shares at 37.50

Still holding 100 shares with Sept 35 covered put.

Other stuff

#CoveredPuts #ShortStock
Bought to cover SRPT short stock at 43.00 yesterday and 40.78. Still short more shares so selling covered puts against it: STO $SRPT Sept 15th 35 covered put for 1.20.

Sold to Open $NVDA Aug 18th 155 put for 2.00.

$NFLX #ShortStock – Covered the…

$NFLX #ShortStock – Covered the short position I have not hedged with puts @ 184.89, for a gain on the trade.

Closing trades for margin

#ShortPuts #ShortCalls #LongStock #ShortStock #ShortStrangles
Closing a few trades earlier than planned due to upside pressure on my margin. Fortunately, all but the REGN stock is profitable, but that one’s a biggie (sucks to lose due to downside pressure on a stock while the indices are breaking new highs). I have lost fights with REGN before, I should know better. But I will look to start selling some options once things calm down.

STC REGN long stock for 351.25. Assigned at 415.00 earlier this week.
BTC AZO Dec 16th 720/830 strangles for 1.95. Sold for 3.90 on Monday.
BTC DUST short stock for 48.00. Assigned at 50.00 on Nov 18th.
STC NFLX long stock for 125.05. Assigned at 122.00 on Nov 11th.

FB short stock

#Earnings #ShortStock Covered another batch for 119.50. One batch left which I’m leaving for tomorrow.

FB partial stock closed

#Earnings #ShortStock BTC $FB short stock for 121.40. Wish I’d watched overnight since it got as low as 116. I have short puts from 120-126, but willing to take long stock if my short position is covered.

FB trades

#Earnings #ShortStock #CoveredPuts #ironbutterfly
I am still short some stock so I’ve sold several puts today and over the past week… Nov 4th, every strike from 120 to 126.

I also STO FB 120/130/140 iron butterfly for 6.15, at @thomberg1201‘s suggestion.

FB puts sold

#Earnings #ShortStock Continuing my acquisition of short puts for earnings.
STO FB Nov 4th 123 put for 1.07
STO FB Nov 4th 120 put for .55

FB covered puts

#ShortStock #CoveredPuts #Earnings #Rolling some $FB positions…

BTC FB Oct 14th 125 put for .07. Sold for 1.10 on Sept 16th.
BTC FB Dec 90 put for .11. Sold for 2.68 on June 15th.
STO FB Oct 28th 127 put for 1.11

FB covered put

#Earnings #CoveredPuts #ShortStock
And my short stock position continues. Someday my cost basis will equal the stock price…. some day.

STO $FB Oct 21st 126 covered put for 1.25.

Risk Reversals into FB earnings

#Earnings #RiskReversal #ShortStock
To protect my short stock position in $FB, I have opened several risk reversals (selling puts, buying calls). Most were opened today, but a few of the puts were sold in the past. I believe the stock is more likely to move up on earnings. If I’m right, I will lose more on the stock position but take in profits from these options. If I am wrong and it moves down, my position will be closed on Friday via put assignments.

STO $FB July 29th 120, 117, 114, 113, 112, 110, and 105 puts. Total premium collected: 10.05
BTO $FB July 29th 122 call, Aug 5th 126 call, Aug 12th 129 call, Aug 19th 132 call. Total premium spent: 8.94

All my puts expire Friday. The calls expire in the next few weeks.
Haven’t tried this before, but it is an interesting experiment.

FB put sold

#Earnings #ShortStock Sold to Open $FB Jan 29th 113 put for 1.00. I still have short stock on this so I will be selling several short puts going into this week’s earnings.

Closing some puts

#VXXGame BTC UVXY July 29th 25 call for .05. Sold for 1.00 on June 24th. This clears me of all UVXY calls. I now have a small amount of stock and one ITM put.

#ShortStock #CoveredPuts BTC $FB July 22nd 106 put for .05. Sold for 1.70 on June 27th. Will look to replace with a new put on weakness. Earnings are July 27th (AC).

FB covered put roll

#Earnings #shortstock
BTC $FB July 8th 108 put for .05. Sold for 1.20 on June 13th.
STO $FB July 29th 105 put for 1.40. This is after earnings but since the cost basis on my short stock is now above 108.00, I’m okay being assigned at 105.

FB covered put rolls

#Rolling #ShortStock #CoveredPuts I’m looking to get out of my short stock with FB below 110 in the coming days. I am therefore rolling 2 puts I have at 113 to give myself exit points below 110.

BTC FB June 24th 113 put for 1.98 / STO FB July 22nd 108 put for 2.02
BTC FB July 1st 113 put for 2.50 / STO FB Dec 90 put for 2.68

#Earnings are projected to be last week of July. I’d like to be out of this position by then, although I’m okay with keeping the Dec 90 put longer.

FB covered put

#ShortStock #CoveredPuts STO $FB July 8th 108 put for 1.20

FB covered puts

#ShortStock #CoveredPuts
STO $FB June 24th 113 put for .90. Continuing to sell at least one put each week, 3rd expiry out.

FB put

#CoveredPuts #shortstock
STO $FB June17th 110 put for .80

FB covered put

#CoveredPuts #shortstock
STO $FB June 10th 110 put for .75. This is my first put sale since earnings, against my short stock.

$KATE #ShortStock – covered a…

$KATE #ShortStock – covered a short stock position @ 21.90 that I’ve had for several months. Made a small profit.
Still short the July 14 Puts

$CMG #ShortStock #ShortPuts – Exited…

$CMG #ShortStock #ShortPuts – Exited my short stock position and closed the short puts I sold yesterday.
Bought to Cover CMG @ 427.73 – Shorted at an average of 438.50 in January
Bought to close CMG Apr 29 2016 420.0 Puts @ 3.80 – sold at 7 yesterday

FB Covered Puts

#Earnings #CoveredPuts #shortstock
Against my short stock position, STO $FB Apr 29th 103 puts for 1.50

FB puts

#Earnings #ShortStock #coveredputs
STO $FB April 29th 100 put for 1.20. Slowly building a larger put position as an eventual earnings play. If I have to stay short the stock into earnings, I want to sell a lot of puts to offset possible positive reaction in the stock.

Is there news on FB?…

Is there news on FB? Dumping.

#coveredputs, #earnings, #shortstock


#ContangoETFs STO NUGT May 13th 95 call for 4.25 (adding)
#Earnings #ShortStock BTC FB Apr 15th 115 call for .34. Sold for 1.80 on 3/1. FB getting shellacked today; finally some relief for short stock.

FB puts

#CoveredPuts #Earnings #shortstock
I have been neglecting my FB position and not selling puts on down days. Earnings date not set, but based on IV I’m guessing after April 22. Cost basis around 105/106, so selling a 110 before earnings and a 105 after earnings:
STO FB April 22nd 110 covered put for 1.50
STO FB April 29th 105 covered put for 1.35

FB calls

#Earnings #ShortStock BTC FB Apr 1st 112 calls for 3.95. Sold for 1.50 on 2/19. Short Stock position not looking pretty lately. Need to decide how to handle before earnings.

$JOY $KATE #ShortStock – covered…

$JOY $KATE #ShortStock – covered a couple of short stock positions this morning at small gains. The stocks were short because of short calls that I didn’t want to take a loss on and were assigned.
Bought to cover $JOY @ 14.98. Stock originally shorted at 15 and 15.5 plus call premiums
Bought to cover $KATE @ 23.99. Stock originally shorted at 24 plus call premiums

FB short

#Earnings #ShortStock STO $FB April 1st 100 put for .80. Selling against my short stock position. Earlier this week closed March 4th 110 short calls and 105 covered puts to avoid any possible assignment today.

FB covered puts

#Earnings #ShortStock
BTC $FB Feb 26th 105 put for .50. Sold for 1.60 on 2/3. Clearing puts so I can release this short stock position at lower levels. I think FB will be fine in long run but expect another trip down to 90’s in coming weeks.

FB mgt

#Earnings #ShortStock Sold to Open $FB March 4th 110 calls for 1.00 and April 1st 112 call for 1.75. Also, BTC Feb 12th 110 put for 9.20. This is management against my short stock position… sold too many puts when it was above 110, so backing out of some to hold the short stock for lower prices.