UVXY #shortstock #shortputs #shortcalls Last…

UVXY #shortstock #shortputs #shortcalls
Last week was exercised on naked call ($1.25) at $14. Today I elected to cover potential margin call by selling $15 put ($0.73) and buying $19 protective call ($0.13). I think this will mitigate my risks to a low cost worst case $3.15 (19-14-1.25-0.60). However more likely is a small gain if present trends continue $0.85 (14+1.25+0.6-15), and acceptable return. Does anyone see any flaws in plan?

UVXY #shortstock short at 32.59,…

UVXY #shortstock

short at 32.59, so far so good.

SRPT closed

#Earnings #ShortStock Looks like this one may be done going down. Exited my last bit of short stock for 39.90. Cost basis 41.40. However, on half of the original position I took max loss rather than assignment, so overall the trade was a loser.

SRPT short stock

#Earnings #ShortStock

Bought to close $SRPT stock, assigned on earnings on July 21st. Cost basis 41.10.
Yesterday, 100 shares at 41.00
Today, 100 shares at 37.50

Still holding 100 shares with Sept 35 covered put.

Other stuff

#CoveredPuts #ShortStock
Bought to cover SRPT short stock at 43.00 yesterday and 40.78. Still short more shares so selling covered puts against it: STO $SRPT Sept 15th 35 covered put for 1.20.

Sold to Open $NVDA Aug 18th 155 put for 2.00.

$NFLX #ShortStock – Covered the…

$NFLX #ShortStock – Covered the short position I have not hedged with puts @ 184.89, for a gain on the trade.

Closing trades for margin

#ShortPuts #ShortCalls #LongStock #ShortStock #ShortStrangles
Closing a few trades earlier than planned due to upside pressure on my margin. Fortunately, all but the REGN stock is profitable, but that one’s a biggie (sucks to lose due to downside pressure on a stock while the indices are breaking new highs). I have lost fights with REGN before, I should know better. But I will look to start selling some options once things calm down.

STC REGN long stock for 351.25. Assigned at 415.00 earlier this week.
BTC AZO Dec 16th 720/830 strangles for 1.95. Sold for 3.90 on Monday.
BTC DUST short stock for 48.00. Assigned at 50.00 on Nov 18th.
STC NFLX long stock for 125.05. Assigned at 122.00 on Nov 11th.