Afternoon all. I’ve been tied…

Afternoon all. I’ve been tied up on this part time gig I took on so my activity has been minimal. Great info on the SVXY trade management going forward. I am leaning at selling calls once SVXY crawls out of the pits.
$SQ Bought to close my Feb 16th 44 Put @ .03 off a day order. Debated on turning this into a PIE trade but earnings are in a week and didn’t want to get caught holding stock.
$SPX Expiring Feb 16th 2910/2930 BeCS. Originally sold for .65 as part of an IC.
Today was in the mid 70’s here in the heart of NC. Tomorrow looks to be rainy and in the mid 40’s. Just like this market. Have a great three day weekend all. See you Tuesday.

$SVXY Morning all. Well, all…

$SVXY Morning all. Well, all of the stock has been assigned. Basis is +/- 102. Once the market gets through these gyrations and $SVXY gets up off the mat I will sell OTM weekly calls against the long position. Whittling away at the loss a few cents at a time. Rolling as needed. These are in my IRA so I have time and patience. Hope I live that long.

$SPX Closed my ill conceived…

$SPX Closed my ill conceived BuPS Feb 28th 2379/2370 for 1.80. Originally opened for 0.90 yesterday.
The last of the $SVXY was assigned.


Morning all. I have been assigned most of my $SVXY shares at a basis of 100 +/- with 200 more to come.
I followed Fuxxball this morning and added long a few Jan 2020 30 strikes at 3.20. A little early for the morning though but need to get onto the other job. Can’t get a fill on my Feb 16th 2910/2930 BeCS to close at .05. I can wait. I don’t think the $SPX is getting up there again any time soon. I can only wish. Looking to open a new Feb 28th spread down around 2390 at some point. All the best.

$SPX #spxcampaign Closed my BePS…

$SPX #spxcampaign Closed my BePS 1.00 Too much going on with the set build to have these types of trades for me. But “I’ll be back.” Over all loss 539 per contract for 2 contracts. Ouchie.

$SPX #spccampaign Rolled my 2730…

$SPX #spccampaign Rolled my 2730 short put down to 2705 to create a 2710/2705 BePS for 7.40 debit. This just might turn the market back up.

#optionsexpiration Assignment $SVXY Feb 02…

Assignment $SVXY Feb 02 120 Put. I’ve been working the set gig and couldn’t trade today so missed the opportunity to roll. Selling a call next week against the assigned stock.
Have a great weekend all.