Morning All

#coveredcalls Sold June 22nd 26 Calls @ .18 when NUGT was at 24.63 against my long stock. Basis on the long stock is down to 25.


BAC 30.5 C (Covered)
NUGT 26 C (Covered)
Have a great weekend all. Stay cool.

#CoveredCalls Rolled TWTR June 15th…

Rolled TWTR June 15th 45 C out and up to June 22nd 45 C for .17 credit.

#shortputs FAS Rolled my June…

FAS Rolled my June 15th 69 Puts out and down to June 22nd 68 Puts for 0.12 credit.

#shortputs Bought to close ROKU…

Bought to close
ROKU June 22nd 41 Puts @ .35. Sold yesterday @ .85. TTMAR Will reload later maybe as a synthetic or a covered synthetic if that is the right term.
X June 15th 37 Puts @ 1.14. Sold 6/7for 0.70. I decided to back away from this one instead of rolling due to the heightened rhetoric on Tariffs.

Afternoon all I set up…

Afternoon all I set up a few trades that were filled while I was out being abused by the dentist.
#shortputs. #PIEtrades
Sold June 22nd MRVL 22 Puts @ 0.44 OOps I hope the 50dma holds. If it breaks down I will close these.
Sold June 22nd ROKU 41 Puts @ 0.84 Yay!
Sold TWTR June 22nd 44 Put @ 0.87

AMZN #Spreads Closed my June…

AMZN #Spreads Closed my June 22nd 1585/1605 BuPS for .35 with AMZN at 1709.93 just before the FOMC announcement came out. Opened this Monday for 1.05.