SPX Campaign

Closed my Jan 10th 3120/3100 BuPS @ 0.25.  Will look to reload tomorrow.

#SPX Campaign

Happy New Year to trading

Sold Jan 10th 3120/3100 BuPS @ 0.80 this morning.

#longcalls TWTR is squeezing here…

#longcalls TWTR is squeezing here and starting to climb out after a month long beating. Long Jan 30 Calls @ 1.69 as a spec position.

SPX BuPS Stopped on breach…

SPX BuPS Stopped on breach of 3095. Ouch. I sure seem able to NOT pick ’em.

SPX Stopped Stopped out of…

SPX Stopped Stopped out of my BeCS at 2.05 followed by stopped on the BuPS at .30. Lost .11 each IC overall.

SPX 7 day trade Sold…

SPX 7 day trade Sold Iron Condor Nov 06th 3089/3105 2965/2945 for 2.30.


Closed my Oct 25th 3035/3045 BeCS for .05.  Taking the risk off just in case something weird happens while I’m away today.