#Option Expiration
$AAOI June 23rd 60 Puts
$SVXY June 23rd 115 Puts

Have a great weekend all.


#ShortPuts Popping in to catch the close. Been out mowing most of the day wanting to get it done before the current trpoical storm gets here.  Had this on my list.  Sold to open July 32 Puts @ 0.90.


#ShortPuts  Sold to open June 30th 60 Puts @ 1.26.


Rolled up my July 21st 100 Puts to July 21st 130 for 1.75 credit.  Originally sold the 100 Puts for 2.21 on June 12th.


Sold July 21st 124 Put @ 2.16 when $SVXY was at 164.38.


Morning all. Lovely hot day here in the Peidmont of NC.
Bought to close July 23rd 2340/2360 BuPS @ 0.10.  Originally sold for 0.85
Bought to close July 30th 2290/2310 BuPS @ 0.15  Originally sold for 1.10

Sold to Open June 23rd 60 Puts @ 0.87.  Will roll as need be.  I may take assignment.



Afternoon all.  Posting late as I have been out doing “Good Hubby Duties” today.
June 16th 100 Puts
June 16th 120 Puts
June 16th 125 Puts.
All the other shorts were closed earlier in the week.
Have a wonderful weekend.  Catch you next Monday.