#spxcampaign Morning all. Stopped out…

Morning all. Stopped out of my 4 spread legs as designed about 10 minutes after the open.
Sept 21st 2780/2760 BuPS @ 0.30. Originally sold for 1.25 on 9/05
Sept 21st 2940/2960 BeCS @ 1.80. Originally sold for 0.80 on 9/12.
Sept 24th 2780/2760 BuPS @ 0.30. Originally sold for 1.00 on 9/11
Sept 24th 2940/2960 BeCS @ 1.75. Originally sold for 0.70 on 9/11
Overall my test of 3 IC including the Sept 14th spreads have netted 49.40 of profit using Dan Sheridan’s method with my usual 2 contracts per side. I like Sheridan’s method of setting hard stops using OCO. When I set alerts it leaves me antsy and prone to making irrational moves. I may reload these later today.
Now its time to sit back and wait for Florence. Have a great day.