Options Expiration

$CRM 147/162.5 strangle Thank you @jeffcp66
$AMZN 1940/1960 BUPS

$EXAS 51 call Stock called away. Covered my stock right before Pfizer collaboration announced. Stock at 75. The math (75-51) is not attractive. 😦

Have a great Labor Day for all that labor in the market each day. And the rest of us too.
Thanks for all the learning.


Checking out early today. Only 2 trades.

GOOGL, 1180/1200 bull put spread

RTN, 205 calls, against my 2020 195 calls

#spxcampaign Sold to open Sept…

#spxcampaign Sold to open Sept 21 Weekly 2800/2780 BuPS @ 1.35. GTC closing order at .50. Alert at 2.90 Mark.
I have a BeCS to make the IC waiting 2990/3010 @ .65. I may drop it to .60 soon

Filled at .65 about 5 mins after the close

AMZN Closed Early

$AMZN STC 9/21/1840/1880 BUCS at 37.50 BTO 8/6 at 19.90 Sleep better this weekend


$TNDM STO 9/21 44 puts at 2.20 Thank you @honkhonk81 for inspiration

AAXN SFIX Puts Closed Early

$AAXN BTC 9/21 65 put at 1.30 STO at 6.00 on 8/9
$SFIX BTC 9/21 30 put at .10 STO at 2.25 on 8/10

AMBA double ender

#Earnings Sold some of my $AMBA Aug 31st 40 calls for .25. Nice to get a little profit on this side after taking the win on the put side this morning. Holding the rest in case we go even higher.

A lophir a day keeps…

A lophir a day keeps the losses at bay

Added lophir layers in QQQ, SSO, and XLY
I’m using a @fuzzballl tactic and choosing not to bore you with the details.:-) Here’s a quick refresher. Sell a 30d put x2, buy a 15d put x2, buy a 40d put x1, and sell a 22d put x1. Delta goal at entry is 12 per lot. Set a GTC to take profit or let it expire for full profit.


A TRADE: Getting back in.


AVGO supercharger

This trade was inspired by AVGO’s propensity to move up into earnings (9/6) and also by the delightful mispricing of a 5-wide DITM call debit spread.
Bot AVGO Sep7 207.5/212.5 BuCS @ 3.50. GTC order @ 4.30.
Target needs to be a little lower on this one due to high vol going into earnings. I forgot about that. That makes this trade more difficult to close for a profit before earnings.