Short Puts TNDM / Short Calls TRTN

$TNDM STO 8/17 30 puts at 3.oo
$TNDM STO 8/17 28 puts at 2.65

$TRTN STO 8/17 35 calls at 1.60 Continuation of an @thomberg1201 trade. Thank you.

#earnings #shortstraddle X sold Aug….

#earnings #shortstraddle X
sold Aug. 17, 35 straddle for 3.26, TT follow.

Good luck with TSLA everyone, I’ll be back Tuesday.


STO BWBF Aug 3 322.5/325.0/332.5 .64 Cr
TT Trade #Earnings

#pietrade conversion to #fuzzy MU…

#pietrade conversion to #fuzzy

MU sold stock for 52.61 against cost basis of 55.33 for 2.72 per share loss. Took the proceeds and bought a 55 2020 call to create a LEAP calendar. Frees up 40k in cash/margin for other trades.

Now my new cost basis adding in the purchase of the leaps at 10.60 is 13.32. Will sell weeklies against it with goal of decreasing cost to zero at some point. Have 75 weeks left (already have short 55 for next week) so that means only need about 0.17 per week to break even. Anything extra is BONUS.

I may do this more often for #pietrades that move a lot and are taking longer than normal to get back to even but I still want to stay in the ticker. MU has good premiums and want to stay in it but did not want to have 1000 shares tying up so much capital.

May do the same with WDC later in the week.

Will keep posted as to how it works out long term.

#fallingknife CAKE is down 13%…


CAKE is down 13%
Good premium for Jan $40 puts

RACE is down 10%
BIDU is down 7%


From Tradewise Volatility Advisory
SELL PSX 31 AUG 18 124/126 BeCS @.67

Question about Butterfly trade. I…

Question about Butterfly trade.

I made a mistake with the strikes when buying a butterfly on TSLA.
I got a DITM Call BTF instead of an OTM Call BTF
August 3rd EXP
CALLS 265/270/275
Total paid $0.23

Is there a risk for holding this trade, other than losing $23?
Is there any benefit for holding this trade?

TOS analyze tab is showing strange numbers.
I tried to close the trade, but no takers so far.