AMZN HA Closed Early / Roll NFLX

Closed Part Early
$AMZN BTC 9/21 1780/1800 BUPS at 81% max profit
Closed ALL
$HA BTC 10/19 32 put at .10 STO 6/13 at 1.15 Thank you @ramie77

Closed part early
$AMZN STC 9/21 1800 call at 131.40. BTO at 66.52 on 8/2

#coveredcalls rolled
$NFLX BTC 9/7 345 calls and STO 9/21 365 calls at additional 1.67 debit


Steve Burns @SJosephBurns
Implied moves for earnings next week(M=monthly):

$BBY 7.4%
$TIF 7.1%
$DSW 13.3(M)
$BJ 12.1%(M)
$BOX 12.7%(M)
$DKS 10.4%
$CRM 4.9%
$PVH 6.3%(M)
$DG 5.5%
$HOME 13.3%(M)
$LULU 9.0%
$ULTA 7.3%
$AMBA 10.7%
$DLTR 6.8%
$ZUO 20.2%(M)
$SFUN 11.9%(M)

#earnings #shortstrangles BBY Sold Oct….

#earnings #shortstrangles BBY
Sold Oct. 70/95 strangle for 1.42

#coveredcalls TWTR Wow, now that…

#coveredcalls TWTR Wow, now that is quite a breakout. Closed my all to early short calls @ .53, a .38 loss. I will just let this play out for a while. Maybe I should go back on vacation.

#advice #shortcallspreads SODA Looking for…

#advice #shortcallspreads SODA

Looking for the best way out. August 9 I sold a Sept. 21, 135/145 call spread for 1.33, SODA had a run up after earnings, then the Pepsi announcement put this in the money, currently at 142.
Any ideas? Thanks.


BTC LABU 85 put this week for 0.15. Sold for 1.9 last Thurs.

Rolled MU this week 50 call leap out a week for 0.32 credit. Cb now 10.94.