NVDA Short Calls / DBX Roll /ADSK “Mistake”

$NVDA STO 9/21 285 calls at 2.10 Sold against Long October 265 calls
$DBX BTC 8/24 28 call and STO 9/7 30 call at even.
$ADSK STC 8/24 135 calls at 20.40. BTO 8/20 at 4.90. I was trying to capture the earnings run volatility and sell before earnings. My order Thursday was not filled as I forgot to lower my price. Voila! What a pleasant surprise.

Rolling OLED, all the kids are doing it

#Rolling #CoveredCalls
BTC $OLED Aug 24th 122 call for .45. Sold for 1.65 on Aug 16th.
STO $OLED Aug 31st 124 covered call for 1.50.

No expirations, have a good weekend all!

Have a nice weekend

I am checking out early since it is so quiet and I rolled all that I had expiring this week.

#shortputs #pietrade OIH Sold Sept….

#shortputs #pietrade OIH
Sold Sept. 21, 25 put for .54, ATM


This is my bearish trade that I am rolling. The 57 puts that I am short will expire today so I sold the October 60 puts For 1.50 against my 2019, 50 puts that I own and are under water. I have covered .61% of my cost but these expire this January so after October 5, I only have 15 more weeks to break even or roll into a longer expiration.


I have the 205 calls that will expire today so I sold the October 5, 185 calls for 2.90, 42 days to expiration. I will just keep rolling and rolling.


#LongCalls #LEAPS – Finally getting a chance to ratio this one. Been rolling ITM weeklies for awhile…

Bought to Close XBI AUG 24 2018 95.5 Calls @ .45 (sold for 1.15)

Sold XBI SEP 7 2018 97.0 Calls @ .89