AMZN At the Bell STC Last One

$AMZN STC 8/17 1820 calls at 97.00 BTO at 68.08 on 7/26

New tool. Not advertising here…

New tool. Not advertising here but works well in chop. Not going full directional like @fibwizard but I think this will help with my #pietrades by pointing out the actual pivots in real time. I just can’t make it work for me because of schedule, wish I could I know there is money to be made there. So I need something that does it for me. Alphashark calls it the tide trader or something like that. Uses a combination of volume, momentum, oscillator (can’t figure out which one but I think RSI looking at the math) and ATR so it is a Frankenstein indicator. However, it already helped me to hedge my SPX hedge as I saw the reversal. Takes some adjusting to each name. You have to figure out which ATR works best for what you are trading or you get too many or not enough signals. On /es and most stocks a setting of 2 is god but NFLX/AMZN take 10s. Default is 0.5 and just too many signals.

Special is $259 but I don’t know how long. An upper indicator, the big arrows and a lower. Increasing green wave go long. Purple dot possible reversal point. Increasing red wave short. Can change it for any time frame. Easy enough even I cannot miss the signal. Only traded with it 2 times so far but is helping recover MU and WDC positions by letting me sell options closer to the money.

Will update as I use it.


M Earnings

Here’s my trade for tomorrow am:
1. STO qty 10 sep 34 puts @.44
2. BTO qty 1 sep 41/39 put debit spread @ .85
3. BTO qty 1 38/36 put debit spread @ .51
BE $33.30, profit levels: step 1 $304, Step 2 $504, Step 3 $704. 50% of step is my target.

A TRADE: More of the same name.

TUR STO 8/17/18 21.0 CALLS @.85. COVERED


Interesting to watch here. Starting to look like last quarter. Yuuuuge rally on ORLY and AAP earnings. Of course we know what happened next…LOL



TUR STO 21.0 PUTS @.85 Cost basis will be 20.15. Stock now at 20.81

#earnings #closing HD Yesterday sold…

#earnings #closing HD
Yesterday sold September 170/180/210/220 iron condor for 1.17, bought today for .72.