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Aug18//Sep15 $TRTN 35 puts @ 1.30 credit in TOS IRA acct. Share at 34.54

STO $TRTN Sep 15 35 puts @ 2.12 to replace same expiring Friday, or assigned in IRA Dividend account, 5.25% yield, .45 qtr div. Shares at 34.57

AAOI rolling for time and credit

#Rolling #ShortPuts
$AAOI Rolling Aug 18/Aug 25 70 put for 1.00 credit. Opened on Aug 15 for 1.90 credit, less 1.00 today CB 67.10 plus commissions. Planning on weekly rolls…

#ShortPuts OIH STO Sep 15…

OIH STO Sep 15 22 puts @ .68, shares at 22.15.
XOP STO Sep 15 29 puts @ .75, shares at 29.75.
Both “tt 22 put at .50, 29 put at .64”


STO Aug 18 70 puts @ 1.90 share price at 69.79

More reading…

for all of you learning short option trading, I’ve found a simply written book solely on selling single, spread and covered call options. It’s written in plain language, sans algos, with “click-by-click” directions on entering a trade, wow! The focus is on not owning shares, unless assigned, selling Delta 12, 6 weeks out, monthly/weekly, stock or ETF short puts, call/put credit spreads or covered calls for .30 to .50 cents. The is a Kindle book for 9.99…get the app free, buy the Kindle edition. Look for: Earn 5 to 10% Monthly Selling Options: Specific Step-By-Step Wealth Building System. Duvall, Boyce. Blocker Publishing. Kindle Edition.

For those more seasoned here are sone tidbits: their top stocks traded are: PCLN AAPL GOOGL CMG AMZN AFSI BOFI FB BAC ISRG Other stocks traded are:

Best ETFs traded: SPY—S&P 500 Index QQQ—Nasdaq 100 Trust Series RUT—Russell 2000 Index IWH—Russell 2000 Index Trust FAS—Direxion Financial Bull TNA—Direxion Small Cap Bull UWM—ProShares Ultra Russell 2000 DIA—Dow Jones Industrial Index—ERX—D Energy Bull SSO—ProShares Ultra S&P 500 Other ETFs we trade: XLE—Energy Select Index EEM—MSCI Emerging Market Index QLD—Pro Shares Ultra QQQ XLF—Financial Select Sector SPDR Fund USO—US Oil Fund EWZ—iShares Brazil Index EWA—iShares Australia OIH—Holders Oil Service FXI—China Index UNG—United States Natural Gas Fund GLD—SPDR Gold Shares SLV—iShares Silver Trust QLD—ProShares Ultra NASDAQ UPRO—ProShares S&P 500 TZA—Direxion Russell 2000 FAZ—Direxion Financials Bear BBH—Biotech

Trade safely…


$SVXY rolled into the close Aug 18 75 put to Sep 15 72.50 put for a .50 credit.
No expirations.
Have a restful weekend.