Apple just past into a trillion dollar market valuation…”a billion here, a billion there, etc.”

TRTN #CoveredCalls STO 2 Oct…

TRTN #CoveredCalls
STO 2 Oct 19 35 covered calls @ 1.75, half position, CB 35.45. Looking for at least one more div distribution. Shares up 8.36% on Barrons positive article that trade war affecting container biz is overstated. Earnings Aug 3 BMO, see which way this goes before placing balance of option contracts.


BTC $EWZ 17 Aug 31 #ShortPuts @ .48 STO June 21 @ 1.25, about 10% over my 50% sell target and 38 days early.

TT “Cynthia, Rising Star interview” : new to options trading but has developed a system for future success while Tom asks questions every new trader should ask themselves. https://tinyurl.com/yasdwxjd


STO 17Aug 31 put @ 1.25 shares at 32.01. Idea from Dr. Data, TT, EWZ down 31% from Feb highs…


Annuities to cover a “Back Swan” event, you say? In the course of an insurance policy review I touched on option trading and low-and-behold the agent had a product to suggest…fancy that! It’s an annuity hedge for market downside, as if we don’t know about long puts…oops…shades of Feb 5. Anyway, I thought y’all might be interested in its structure, or not. I’m not buying, selling or recommending, I don’t know how much it costs, keep or toss. Have a great evening.


P.S. AXA is on the NYSE as ticker EQH

TGT practice…

STO $TGT 20Jul 75 puts @ 1.30 when shares were 76.46


#FallingKnife #ShortPuts
BTC CAH 29Jun 49 Puts @ .15, STO @ .84 on 29May at 70%, well above my target.
Thanks #FallingKnife watchers!