Walk On The Wild Side? …about the VIX


SA article: “Leveraged ETFs Decay Dashboard”



#CoveredCalls – STO Oct 19 40 CC @ 1.80 shares at 30.67. Ran this one last month closed for 60% profit. (Ed: calling this my “yoyo” trade. Not worthy of a hashtag, ha!)


STO May18 16 puts @ 1.20

FYI tt joint accounts announced…

FYI tt joint accounts announced in an email today:
“Joining Finances has Never Been More Exciting…
The wait is over and you can finally do just that with a tastyworks joint brokerage account. And the good news is, it only takes a few short minutes to open an account!”

“P.S. We are now currently offering SEP IRAs in addition to, Individual Margin accounts, Traditional IRA accounts, Roth IRA accounts,Trust accounts, Corporate accounts and Joint Accounts. Custodial accounts will be added shortly.”


BTC Oct 19 #CoveredCalls @ 1.45 sold at 2.45 on March 16.


STO 1 $TRTN Oct 40 covered call @ 2.45, shares priced at 31.67. Keeping this LT 5.66% yielder.

No OpEx today, enjoy St Patty’s day!