TT CherryPixs VIX Averages/mo.

TT Motion In The Markets – Futures



STO Feb 15 60 cc @ 1.30 with shares selling at 45.65. Time to start working off -15 pt assignment, returning from PSP sun break, yuk, only a couple days in 70’s. Flight last night w/minor mechanical, TSA’s in good spirits!

PCG 17 puts expiring, thanks…

PCG 17 puts expiring, thanks @optioniceman

TRTN #CoveredCalls BTC Dec 21…

TRTN #CoveredCalls
BTC Dec 21 35 covered calls @ .80 STO on Nov 7 @ 1.70…taking my 50.4%.

TT Cherry Picks w/Holiday Schedule

TT Cherry Picks