#Rolling #ShortPuts
Rolled Nov 17 40/35 put for 1.45 credit
STO Nov 17 40 put @ 1.95 Trad IRA acct.

Staying with this ticker, hmm “ticker addict”, 4.5% yield, earnings Nov 9, amc.
Phrasing it this way: “trade your play, play your trade”

$TRTN sold to close 100…

$TRTN sold to close 100 shares @ 39.80 assigned from Nov 20 40 put sto Oct 16 @ 2.81.


TRTN Oct 20 30 puts

#Assignment ?
“To be assigned, or not to be assigned” on TRTN Oct 20 40 put when stock closed at 39.95, cost basis 37.27? Probably find out tomorrow when settled, maybe…film at 11:00 😉

Have great weekends…

EDIT: Saturday, Oct 21, assigned 100 TRTN shares @ 39.95 on a 40 put…go figure?! Reached all time high of 40.50 Friday. Could be a run up to earnings on Nov 9 amc, TOS.


#ShortPuts “Having more T”. Taking advantage of 52 week low to reduce cost basis on this 5.49% yielder. STO Nov 17 36 put (ITM) @ .98 when shares at 35.79

tt Cherry Picks

Earnings Cherry Picks issued Sunday, as noted above

SVXY Roll Out

#ShortPuts #RollOut Rolled out Oct 20 70 @ .30 puts to Nov 17 70 puts @ 1.48 for 1.18 credit. Shares at 100.12

SVXY breached 100 anybody long?

SVXY breached 100 anybody long?

tt Cherry Picks for this week

Sorry, didn’t get to post yesterday out celebrating 36th wedding anniversary…woo, hoo!

tt Research Cherry Picks


FYI: CNBC “The Fed: POTUS says he will make Fed chair decision in the next 2 to 3 weeks.” …a developing story.

No expiry for me, have good weekends, all.


#ShortPuts Been in and out of this one for its div @ 5.5%
STO Oct 20 30 puts @ .65.

Another opportunity for FANG…

Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE:ICE) announces the launch of the NYSE Fang+TM Index (NYFANG) with futures contracts available November 8.

tt Research Cherry Picks


#ShortPuts #IRA
STO $SVXY Nov 17 70 put @ 2.96 when $SVXY @ 89.34.

tt Research Cherry Picks

tt Research report for this week

SVXY rollout & down

#shortputs #rollout
Rolled out 45 days and down 15 points: BTC $SVXY Sep 15 65 put @ 1.55, STO Aug 9 @ 2.04; STO $SVXY Oct 50 put @ 1.64.

Options Expiration

DKL probably get assigned on this one, didn’t follow the rules, STO DKL Aug 18 40 put @ 5.50 (ITM) Jul 31, share price at 35.54, knowing that earnings was coming on Aug 2, did I think it would hold…duh…it closed today at 30.00. I did want the stock for its .705 qtr div, however I should have looked more closely at volume/OI and ability to roll, I do have it at 34.50 cost basis but recovery on div alone will take 49.28571 quarters…not going there in years…just considering this a “legacy trade” for the grandkids.

TRTN might be assigned at cost basis of 33.18 closed at 33.65? Another one of my div keepers at .45 qtr.

Enjoy your weekend…

Jeff, thanks for the cool screensaver…

tt Research

If you are a tt follower or, maybe an account holder, you should sign up for this news letter published monthly.


Aug18//Sep15 $TRTN 35 puts @ 1.30 credit in TOS IRA acct. Share at 34.54

STO $TRTN Sep 15 35 puts @ 2.12 to replace same expiring Friday, or assigned in IRA Dividend account, 5.25% yield, .45 qtr div. Shares at 34.57

AAOI rolling for time and credit

#Rolling #ShortPuts
$AAOI Rolling Aug 18/Aug 25 70 put for 1.00 credit. Opened on Aug 15 for 1.90 credit, less 1.00 today CB 67.10 plus commissions. Planning on weekly rolls…

#ShortPuts OIH STO Sep 15…

OIH STO Sep 15 22 puts @ .68, shares at 22.15.
XOP STO Sep 15 29 puts @ .75, shares at 29.75.
Both “tt 22 put at .50, 29 put at .64”


STO Aug 18 70 puts @ 1.90 share price at 69.79

More reading…

for all of you learning short option trading, I’ve found a simply written book solely on selling single, spread and covered call options. It’s written in plain language, sans algos, with “click-by-click” directions on entering a trade, wow! The focus is on not owning shares, unless assigned, selling Delta 12, 6 weeks out, monthly/weekly, stock or ETF short puts, call/put credit spreads or covered calls for .30 to .50 cents. The is a Kindle book for 9.99…get the app free, buy the Kindle edition. Look for: Earn 5 to 10% Monthly Selling Options: Specific Step-By-Step Wealth Building System. Duvall, Boyce. Blocker Publishing. Kindle Edition.

For those more seasoned here are sone tidbits: their top stocks traded are: PCLN AAPL GOOGL CMG AMZN AFSI BOFI FB BAC ISRG Other stocks traded are:

Best ETFs traded: SPY—S&P 500 Index QQQ—Nasdaq 100 Trust Series RUT—Russell 2000 Index IWH—Russell 2000 Index Trust FAS—Direxion Financial Bull TNA—Direxion Small Cap Bull UWM—ProShares Ultra Russell 2000 DIA—Dow Jones Industrial Index—ERX—D Energy Bull SSO—ProShares Ultra S&P 500 Other ETFs we trade: XLE—Energy Select Index EEM—MSCI Emerging Market Index QLD—Pro Shares Ultra QQQ XLF—Financial Select Sector SPDR Fund USO—US Oil Fund EWZ—iShares Brazil Index EWA—iShares Australia OIH—Holders Oil Service FXI—China Index UNG—United States Natural Gas Fund GLD—SPDR Gold Shares SLV—iShares Silver Trust QLD—ProShares Ultra NASDAQ UPRO—ProShares S&P 500 TZA—Direxion Russell 2000 FAZ—Direxion Financials Bear BBH—Biotech

Trade safely…


$SVXY rolled into the close Aug 18 75 put to Sep 15 72.50 put for a .50 credit.
No expirations.
Have a restful weekend.

DKL #ShortPuts STO $DKL Aug…

DKL #ShortPuts
STO $DKL Aug 18 40 puts (ITM) @ 5.50 will take stock with 8.22% yield, div @ .705/qtr, earnings and ex div date Aug 2. Shares trading at 35.25.


#ShortPuts Managing a winner @ 80% with 84 DTE, BTC $TRTN Oct 20 25 puts @ .40, STO May 19 @ 2.57 in IRA acct.

Alexa…say what?

Getting weather or music from Alexa is only the beginning for this product. Read about her future…
Hospitals are looking for a hit Amazon Alexa app
Sent from the CNBC app.

CAT puts

#Earnings #ShortPuts
Bought To Close $CAT Aug 18 100 puts @ .16, taking 90% at 24 DTE, STO Jun 1 @ 2.30. On good earnings report $CAT up almost 4.0%


#ShortPuts STO $TRTN Aug 18 35 put (ITM) @ 1.90, shares @ 34.87 IRA acct. Remain bullish on this one, BTC Jul 21 35 covered call on Jul 17, made 20 bucks, to prevent being called away today as shares climbed to new high of 35.13. Earnings dice will roll on Aug 10…

DLNG closed puts

#ShortPuts BTC DLNG Jul 21 15 puts @ .05, STO @ .96 on Jun 14 closed out early not sure price would hold before Friday’s expiration.

TRTN Closing Down Covered Call

$TRTN I’m bullish on this 5.44% div yielder, shares up 12%, Oct 35 covered call strike almost breached yesterday, so I’m BTC CC @ 2.40, STO @ 2.20 on May 24, a roll out and up would have been a debit. Will play to cover this trade when appropriate, also have Oct 30 35 put STO @ 2.90 up 34%.

AAOI Sold Put Spreads

Taking a little different look at this one:
STO SSOI 5 Aug 18 60/55 put spreads @ .55
Thanks @bobbie @fuzzballl

APRN #ShortPuts My daughter, a…

APRN #ShortPuts
My daughter, a working mom of three, four if you include son-in-law husband, is an avid consumer of Blue Apron. She wanted to buy APRN IOP on opening, classic emotional stock buy reaction to a liked product, to which, I said there are too many unknown variables now, wait for earnings. As an update for her today, I suggested the Jan 18, short 5 put, @ .80 with OI of over 8k, IV 105%…she doesn’t know options…no trading today for her! P.S. son-in-law is a pretty good guy!!!

Keeping this one on the watchlist.

No ex today, going out to attack the morning glory weeds before they consume the ole dog!

Have a great weekend…


Expiring today…

SVXY July 7 114 puts
Enjoy your weekend…

SVXY Puts Sold

STO 2 SVXY Aug 18 80 puts @ 1.30, share price 155.00, have a 114 put expiring tomorrow, like to keep some cash available, by balancing margin trade at equal value with new trade, or a little more.

ProShares Announces ETF Share Splits

Not sure if this has been posted yet, but mark your calendars for forward and reverse splits effective Monday, July 17th. This action includes SVXY and UVXY, and others for a total of 10 ETF’s to split.

CNBC: “Fed hikes interest rates…

CNBC: “Fed hikes interest rates by a quarter-point.”

DLNG Short Puts

STO DLNG July 21 15 puts @ 1.00, share price @ 14.58. This is an ITM trade with cost basis 14.00, will take shares with .4225 qrtly dividend in my IRA account.

Weekend reading…especially for beginning options…

Weekend reading…especially for beginning options traders. This blog is strictly dedicated to selling covered calls. Not a member, but be sure to view demo on his cc stock screener, a very interesting approach.

Have a great weekend all.

Thanks Jeff for your work!!!


#shortputs STO $CAT AUG 18 100 puts @ 2.30 when stock @ 105.81 will take shares with .77qtr div, most likely close @ 50%.


BTC $SVXY Sep 15 55 puts @ .45, STO Feb 21 @ 2.30 with 113 DTE and using an 80% profit target, closing trade to look for more Volatility!? Like the rest of us, this ticker was a major $$maker for me last year, but now it sucks up major cash security for lower yield in IRA account. Still have a couple of juicy New Year positions left though.

Here is a little tidbit of an article on “Decision Fatigue” you’ll finish it before any Volatility
comes back…

Trade safely.


#ShortPuts #BuyWrite $TRTN Buy-Write July 21 30 call shares @ 29.65 , BE 27.97, profit 203, ex-div .45 on May 30, record date June 1, pay June 22. Also have working TRTN STO Oct 20 25 put 30% profit opened May 19.


$TRTN #ShortPuts STO Oct 20, 2017 25 puts @ 2.60 IRA account will take stock w/ .45 qtrly dividend if need be


STO Sept 15 33 puts @ 1.35 IRA account


STO $CMI Jun17 150 puts @ 2.20 in IRA this is a dividend play ok to get assigned.

No OpEx this week still…

No OpEx this week still ramping up from vacation time. Viewing pleasure this weekend “The French Election” on Sunday.

Have a great weekend everyone!


BTC May 19 85 put @ .15 sold Mar 22 @ 1.52 free up margin 16 DTE

“Lots of long call bets…

“Lots of long call bets on VIX, but short put is the tasty way.” Tom Preston @ tt.

X puts missed this trade…

X puts missed this trade last week while away, STO Oct 17 18 puts @ 1.47, I think thanks go to @optioniceman.

Bucket List: last week I said that I was out of pocket to tick-off a long awaited Bucket List event at Las Vegas Motor Speedway/Drive Petty, to drive a NASCAR at 160 mph…yup, that was the plan! You know what they say about Vegas..? Arrived at the track at closing bell, put on the fire suit, completed driver’s meeting and walked to the pit area for more safety instructions, issued a helmet with built in mic, stood around for the next race car w/instructor to pull up. Name called, now it’s time to fold my early mid-century body through the driver’s side window, no doors in this puppy, it’s filled with high impact metal tubing, in case of a-you-know-what…ok, right leg up and through, left leg up and through, then butt, stomach, chest and helmet bouncing off the roof…plopped, that happened real fast, into a plastic seat shaped like a toddler’s potty chair, hmm, did I go already, hands came out of nowhere “slap-click, slap-click, slap-click,” the hands disappeared only to return with a horses collar for my neck, now I really can’t, literally, can’t move any part of my body that includes breathing…I could have been in the Mercury space capsule for all I knew. Instructor introduces himself shakes my hand, oh I have something that moves thought I lost it on entry, asks if I’d done this before, I said yes, small time SCCA, that took all my breath the seat belts are to tight, I gasped, oh one more accessory, the steering wheel, Saturn just arrived 6 inches from my nose, he loosened the belts a little then started to explain dials, switches and hand signals, I sense hands again, raising the black webbing locking it into place with a huge piece of rebar. Mind you, there is no way to get comfortable unless you’re smoking weed, forward vision is restricted to about the size of a legal pad, no lateral vision I guess if you are racing you just listen for the sound of crunching metal. Backing up a little, some 15 years ago I almost drowned off of Cabo, caught in a rip, went down twice, my screaming summoned a surfer who hoisted me on her board by my shorts, another surfer took me to shore. The surfer lady that rescued my butt, just happened to be the mother of the champion girl surfer who’s left arm was bitten off by a shark. Ok, well the fear/panic I experienced of almost drowning, arose when I was seated in the confining race car. I got out, cancelled the drive. The Drive Petty folks said that it happens, sometimes…

Opting Out of Op Ex this week…

…going to LAS for a little fun and sun, still raining in PDX, while there taking time to check off another Bucket List item. Always wanted to drive a NASCAR, so Friday about market close I’ll be rocketing around Las Vegas Speedway @ 160 mph with Drive Petty team, if all goes well, I’ll post GoPro dash cam on You Tube.
Trade safely and have a great weekend!

Tax Cut Being Explained…watch your…

Tax Cut Being Explained…watch your indices!?

Edit: Hmm…already priced in?

#OptionsExpiration $SVXY April 21st 125…

$SVXY April 21st 125 puts expired worthless…it was a ride this week!!!
Have a great weekend all.

tastytrade Earnings Reseach report…gratis

SPX call spreads closed

#SPXcampaign BTC May 5 2435/2460 call spreads @ .20 sold on April 5 @ 1.30.


Sold To Open $X May 19 27 puts @ 1.29 modified TT trade by Mike @ 29 will manage to 50%

FYI: European Markets Closed Monday….

FYI: European Markets Closed Monday. Below is a table of the European market closures over the holidays:

Index Maundy Thursday Good Friday Easter Monday
Germany’s DAX 30 Open Closed Closed
France’s CAC 40 Open Closed Closed
The U.K.’s FTSE 100 Open Closed Closed
Italy’s FTSE MIB Open Closed Closed
Spain’s IBEX 35 Open Closed Closed
Greece’s Athex Cmpsite Open Closed Closed
Portugal’s PSI 20 Open Closed Closed
Belgium’s BEL 20 Open Closed Closed
Netherlands’s AEX Open Closed Closed
Denmark’s OMX 20 Closed Closed Closed
Norway’s OBX Closed Closed Closed
Sweden’s OMX 30 Open Closed Closed

A Trade and Tid Bits

Trade: BTC $XOP May 19 34 puts @ .31, managed at 50%.

Tid Bits: #education #longterm #IRA
For sometime I’ve been receiving a free newsletter “My Traders’s Journal” authored by Alex Fotopoulos, who writes with an easy-to-read conversational style, explaining the what, why and how he set up his trades, much like our Options Bistro members…no hype, no sales pitches. I’ve posted last Friday’s release below for a couple of reasons: the analysis of April 7 SPY chart and the book of trades he made for the year of 2012, which might help others learning options, I think I remember @optionshane enquiry. So check out the email, blog and book…
SPY Chart – April 7, 2017

Last bit:
Last month @fuzzballl posted a “quick-read” called “The 3% Signal: The Investing Technique That Will Change Your Life” by Jason Kelly. Well, how could I pass up the chance to read an investment book while sunning in PSP for a couple of weeks? Uh, after four weeks, I still haven’t finished the book, largely due to extended pool and happy hour time. So if you are thinking of a method for your long term/IRA accounts take a look at And also checkout some of the analyses of the set up at the url below.
Thanks @fuzzballl!

SPX put spreads sold

#SPXcampaign STO May 12 2255/2230 BuPS @ 2.00 when SPX @ 2362

SPX call spreads sold

#SPXcampaign STO May 5 2435/2460 call spread @ 1.30 completes iron condor at same price opened April 3. Just Ubered home from PDX airport after annual PSP winter break ready to trade!!! Great vacay except for Ducks one point flop, well they did get that far…

SPX put spreads sold

#SPXcampaign Sold To Open $SPX May 5th 2215/2190 put spreads @ 1.30 earlier when with SPX @ 2351

“50 Cent Vixation”

A mysterious trader known as ’50 Cent’ is betting millions on a volatility spike — but why?

A pattern of huge trades on the VIX is turning heads. And even after losing some $75 million, the mystery buyer shows no signs of slowing down.

Read more:

Sent from the CNBC app.

SPX put spread sold

Sold to Open $SPX April 13th 2250/2200 put spreads @ 2.10, when SPX at 2363.
A little more downside protection still getting ~4.3% roi in a cash secured IRA.

Oscar Nominees…

…are probably really nervous about now! The only similarity between this post and the Oscars is that I was weeding out trading bookmarks, as some actors will be weeded out tonight, so here are some of my winners that might be of interest to you?
…add to the list if you want.

Enjoy the show!

RH closing

BTC RH Mar 24 24 put @ .30, sold on Feb 9 @ 1.55…taking 80% profit with this 24% earnings gap up.


STO Apr 21 32.50/22.50 bups @ 1.54 a similar trade by Fauzia at TT.

Back at the “trading desk” from warm climes, three weeks of Kauai and Maui…watching Options Bistro and PDX weather reports dreading that 40 degree swing for these old bones. Mostly in cash now, did close a few SVXY positions and kicked some long stock dividend holdings to the side of the road once they dropped on down grades and dividend cuts. Will crank up the trading, to save up for the next weather break.

Hope all are well?! Trade safely…

No option expirations this week,…

No option expirations this week, as I’ve been cutting back on trading just don’t want to manage trades for the next three weeks while on vacation on Kaua’i and Mau’i islands. Need another winter break.

Also, checkout this weekend for cash secured puts and covered calls.

Trade safely…Mahalo

Options Guides – Education

#optionseducation @optionshane
I know you probably get a gazillion emails hyping the “perfect guide or webinar” that will make you a millionaire in 30 days with only $5.00…right!? Alt>Delete faster than a speeding bullet!

In spite of the many offers I get and trash, the link below actually sent an easy-to-read overview of trading options, without advertising or weird videos! If you are just starting out it’s a must read.

Click to access UltimateGuide.pdf

Check your calendar on February…

“According to a Fengshui Master in Hong Kong:
This February won’t come in our lifetime again. Because this February has 4 Sundays, 4 Mondays, 4 Tuesdays, 4 Wednesdays, 4 Thursdays, 4 Fridays and 4 Saturdays. This only happens once every 823 years. This is called ‘money bags.’ So share to at least 5 people or 5 groups and money will arrive within 4 days. Based on Chinese Feng Shui. Share within 11 minutes of reading.”

Go figure…

This link lists commissions and fees, however my accounts are awaiting funding so I can’t give an actual spread total yet.

Hope this link works???

MarketWatch-Investors are bracing for a massive stock-market selloff

Oh boy, oh boy!!!

Got my invite from tastyworks this morning to open accounts…probably need 3 days to figure it out?!


$FSLR rolled Jan 20 32.50 covered call to Feb 20 32.50 covered call for a .73 credit, both call strikes ITM, new cost basis 30.82. Plan to roll call to ATM strikes while collecting credit.

$SVXY BTC Jan 20 72 puts @.12 sold Dec 8 @ 2.77 collected 93.4% at an ROI of 3.65%
$SVXY STO Feb 17 75 puts @ 1.30 Thanks @Ramie for the wake up call

60 to sub 32 that’s the temp difference traded returning from Palms Springs to Portland on Tuesday…we landed during a break in the weather about 2 hours later the snow started by the next morning we woke up snow bound with 8 inches of the white fluffy stuff. This doesn’t happen very often but gives me more empathy for folks who have to deal with it all the time…Go Spring!

No open spread trades, holding cash until after inauguration when new admin defines strategic plans…

Learning how to trade options at TT.

#optionseducation @optionshane
Several have recently posted questions about how to trade options those members might checkout a new series of “WDIS: Where do I start?” on called , “Options 101.” This series is going to start at the beginning with understanding the basics and continue through advanced options. It will be a long series so one might want to check TT’s progress then jump in at an appropriate skill level.

Best Wishes For The New Year

No expirations, just perspiration… Off to warmer climes, trading up 20 degrees, but don’t get too excited, it’s all relative, leaving Portland 30/40’s for Palm Springs 50/60’s, we’ll call it a “burr call spread”, ok it is warmer but really…PS should be ITM, for New Year’s Party and week of hot tubbing.

Bless you all…stay safe