APRN #ShortPuts My daughter, a…

APRN #ShortPuts
My daughter, a working mom of three, four if you include son-in-law husband, is an avid consumer of Blue Apron. She wanted to buy APRN IOP on opening, classic emotional stock buy reaction to a liked product, to which, I said there are too many unknown variables now, wait for earnings. As an update for her today, I suggested the Jan 18, short 5 put, @ .80 with OI of over 8k, IV 105%…she doesn’t know options…no trading today for her! P.S. son-in-law is a pretty good guy!!!

Keeping this one on the watchlist. http://tinyurl.com/ycc3xha9

No ex today, going out to attack the morning glory weeds before they consume the ole dog!

Have a great weekend…