Have a nice weekend

See you back on Monday.


Joining Fuzzball. I need .17cents per week to pay for this over 82 weeks.

BTO January 2020 67 calls @ 13.734

STO July 6, 71.5 calls @.356


STC January 2020, 84.87 calls and BTC July 20, 86 calls for a credit of 18.30 and just wanted to reduce my exposure as well as take a profit 8.78 points. I decided that my exposure with the 115 calls in 2020 was enough.


I was thinking about these and am not sure which is the best strategy so here is my idea. Take the TQQQ and LABU which IMHO, the long term trend is up. Since that is the case, should one try for the most premium or just enough to cover the cost of the leaps by the expiration. SO I am going to try both in LABU.

I have bought the 2020, 84.87 leaps at 27.15 and sold the short calls for 8.80 out to July 20, but I am short the 86 calls and now need to keep rolling them but, it is hard to get a better strike price and premium.

Today, even though my timing was horrible,  I bought the 115 call and sold the June 29, 129  calls for .83 cents which is just enough to cover  the weekly . I will try to get a better strike each week and if the long term trend remains up, I should make nice profit faster than the first trade.


BTO June 29, 1150/1160 bull call spread @ 7.35


BTO January 2020, 115 calls @ 33.54

STO June 29, 129 calls @ .83

I need .40 cents per week to break even. Even though I am getting good premiums on the short dated calls, I find that I am missing out on the gain in the leaps and am not getting much premium on the rolls.


I forgot to post.

BTO June 29, 1705/1715 call spread @6.70