BTO January 18, 55 calls at 1.20 creating a 50/55 call spread against my January 2021 call position. This frees up a lot of margin and I can roll the spread if I need to.


Rolled my 60 calls in February 15, down to January 18, 50 calls for a credit of 1.90 because I am bearish on the market. I know we are up today but I think we are in a bear market if I am reading the charts correctly. If not, I think I can roll these for a 5cent to 10 cent credit and pick up a half point in the strike price with 2 years until expiration. I own the 60 calls in 2021.


In my IRA, BTC a partial of the December 21, 61 covered calls @.05 cents, sold at 2.30


Down 400 points. I wonder if we will see down 800?


BTC December 28, 40 puts @ .80, sold yesterday at 1.70

Over on SMM,Gartman

Fox business said he hit Job number projecting yesterday 155,000. His projection came true. Still bearish on stocks, same view as last 6 months. Would not put new money in market.


Earlier I bought to open the December 7, 1625/1640 bull call spread at 10.50 for a small trade of 5 contracts. I have an order in to sell it at 14.50 so may get filled at the end of the day or early tomorrow.