Synthetic SVXY

Having trouble getting my TOS to copy or share at the moment but if you did a synthetic long with LEAPs CC on SVXY you could currently buy the 75 call and sell the 75 put Jan 19 Leaps for 2.55-2.6 debit. Each contract would require margin of $7500. You can then sell next weeks 78.75 call for 2.01. Then each week roll the call. In 2 weeks your cost basis is zero so any additional sales would be profit as long as svxy stays about where it is now. Any upside you make $ on both the call and the put.

In case of a big drop you probably would not get assigned until the majority of the time value is out of the short put or is way ITM.

If I can get my graph to share will post it. I am not doing this now, just an idea but will probably put on a few positions in 2 weeks when some other options expire.



#LongCallDiagonals – Small roll until this thing proves it can get through the 50ma…

Rolled AMZN AUG 18 2017 970.0 Call to AUG 25 2017 975.0 Call @ 1.00 credit

32.80 in front month premium received in just 17 days. Trade could run as much as another 96 weeks to June 2019…


#LongCallDiagonals – Keeping up with a lot of the drop. I’ll be selling these aggressively and then hopefully getting out of the way on the way back up (if there is one 🙂 ).

Bought to Close AMZN AUG 11 2017 970.0 Call @ .68 (sold for 17.00)

Rolled this call down from 1000 to 990 to 980 to 970 collecting additional premium all the way down…


Sold AMZN AUG 18 2017 970.0 Call @ 8.93

Sure can feel the difference in a slightly higher VIX in all options. I’m good with 15 for awhile!


#LongCallDiagonals – Selling next week. Feels like it’s going to be a struggle at 1000 for awhile so selling fairly aggressively.

Bought to Close AMZN AUG 4 2017 1010.0 Call @ .44 (sold for 7.20)
Sold AMZN AUG 11 2017 1000.0 Call @ 7.05


#LongCallDiagonals #IRA – Appears to be running out of steam so booking a nice winner and freeing up a sizable chunk of margin.

Sold to Close EWZ JAN 18 2019 30.0 Calls @ 9.50
Bought to Close EWZ JAN 18 2019 25.0/20.0 Bull Put Spreads @ .75
Bought to Close EWZ AUG 18 2017 37.0 Calls @ 1.07
Bought to Close EWZ SEP 15 2017 36.0 Calls @ 2.23

After front month premium factored in, a gain of 1.90 each on a good size chunk of contracts. Will definitely re-load this on a pullback.


#LongCallDiagonals Here we go…jumping back in. Whiz style but instead of buying a DITM call I’m going synthetic stock with a protective put and selling front months against. June 2019 now available so going out as far as possible.

Bought to Open AMZN JUN 21 2019 1000.0 strike #SyntheticStock @ 38.00
Bought to Open AMZN JUN 21 2019 700.0 Put @ 30.00

Sold AMZN AUG 4 2017 1035.0 Call @ 4.15

Net debit of 63.85 so need to average 65 (.65) dollars per week of front month sales to breakeven. May end up going monthlies if we head back up to give more room. Similar trades on AMZN GOOGL GS JPM EWZ and VRX have capped what could’ve been huge gains due to selling front month too closely.


#Earnings coming in a couple weeks and I’m planning on something fairly aggressive to the long side in an #IRA so booking my #LongCallDiagonals for nice profits in a different account…

Sold to Close VRX JAN 18 2019 10.0 Calls /// Buy to Close VRX AUG 18 2017 18.0 Calls @ 8.06 credit (bought for 4.78)

Leaving the 7.5/5.0 Bull put spreads on for now…