#LongCallDiagonals – Watching this week’s 157.5’s to hopefully expire. Selling new batch a couple weeks out and before earnings…

Sold AAPL OCT 27 2017 160.0 Calls @ .80


#LongCallDiagonals – Taking advantage of high IV in earnings week and rolling my front month as high as I can for even. Weekly squeeze and looking like it’s ready to run…

Rolled AMZN OCT 20 2017 975.0 Call to AMZN OCT 27 2017 1000.0 Call @ .13 credit

Almost right back where the whole thing started but…front month premium received of 44.50 during the dip.

#longcalldiagonals SVXY synthetic rolled the…


SVXY synthetic rolled the 10/27 78 call out to 11/17 for 1.35 credit. Cost basis now 9.62 and 14.70 depending on lot against original basis of 16.06 and 21.14. It went up too fast to roll the short call weekly.

Lesson learned, next spike will set up additional synthetics with disaster put but will not sell short term calls against it. Not trying to be greedy but had I left it synthetic would be up almost 10k on 4 contracts. By selling calls I have limited it to 8k so still a great return no doubt.

I will keep the experiment going until Jan 2019 but I think we can all see it works and there is such a directional bias with UVXY, XIV, VXX, SVXY probably better to set them up on a vol. spike then leave them alone or sell really far OTM like 30 or lower delta.

HIMX lottery ticket

#LongCallDiagonals #IRA -For lack of anything better to do I’m putting on a cheap long shot that a buddy of mine has been talking about for awhile. It caught a downgrade this morning so pulling back enough for an entry.

Going synthetic long stock with the 2019 LEAPS and buying protection slightly below that. With the skew the initial position was only a .06 debit. Selling front month calls also a couple weeks out.

Bought to Open HIMX JAN 18 2019 10.0 Calls @ 2.49
Sold to Open HIMX JAN 18 2019 10.0 Puts @ 2.99

Bought to Open HIMX JAN 18 2019 5.0 Puts @ .56

That’s .06 out of pocket but still a 5 dollar downside risk if this thing goes to zero….(you never know)


Sold to Open HIMX OCT 27 2017 10.0 Calls @ .25

Capping my upside slightly but even if HIMX goes nowhere and the front months average .10 it’s still a nice winner by the end of the run…


#LongCallDiagonals – Looks like a 155 pin today. Not gonna quite get it all so selling slightly higher next week…

Bought to Close AAPL OCT 6 2017 155.0 Calls @ .15 (sold for .95)
Sold AAPL OCT 13 2017 157.5 Calls @ .40

#optionladder BTC XBI 10/20 78…


BTC XBI 10/20 78 put for 0.16. Sold for 0.94. No point in leaving the risk for $16 in theta over 21 days.

Sometime the market gods giveth, sometimes they taketh away. No point in tempting the market gods!


Apparently the SPX and SVXY only go up forever although the charts are starting to look like 2000 and 2008 so there may be a lot of irrational exuberance. So my SVXY 78 call (14 DTE) which I just rolled last week is still DITM and the time value was down to 0.12 so rolled to 28 DTE 78 for 1.15 credit. Brings cost basis down to 10.97 and 16.05 depending on lot.

Now profit is $5312 in 7 weeks on 4 contracts and I am not complaining but if I had not sold the short calls and just did the synthetic long with the protective put would be up 7k+.

I will try to roll it up if we ever get a pullback but right now so far ITM hard to roll it up for a credit unless I go way out in time.

Maybe better just to sell puts on this one and take assignment to go long or start a synthetic long on a volatility spike. Will keep the experiment going, there are still 68 weeks left for it to play out but the first 7 weeks are promising!

I am done paying for option services but Fishback just made their high accuracy options DVD available for $99. Usually sells for $2000. I doubt there is anything earth shattering in it, but they had 300% returns confirmed last year so for $99 I think it is worth taking a look. I will get it and if I discover anything new pass it along. Tripling an account in 1 year would certainly help anyone’s bottom line and I believe that included about 5 losses, not sure if it went full loss or they closed it early or were able to roll it and that is what I am interested in. I think they stick with SPY and QQQ.

If any


#LongCallDiagonals #SyntheticStock -Yesterday…been waiting for some sort of a pullback to get in this long term Whiz style. With the 2020 Leaps now available and the stock dropping a little I put on a starter position at one third size. Hoping to get some chances to add…possibly closer to the 200ma.

Bought to Open AAPL JAN 17 2020 155.0 strike #SyntheticStock (buy the calls and sell the puts)
Bought to Open AAPL JAN 17 2020 145.0 Put for disasters (I would take put profits and add to the long position)

Net debit of 19.20 for the Jan 2020 position.

Sold AAPL OCT 6 2017 155.0 Calls @ .95

With 120 weeks to run only need to sell .16 per week to cover the cost. Any more than that goes to the bottom line even if AAPL goes nowhere. Worse case scenario would be they discover iPhones cause cancer and the stock goes to zero. Max loss at that point would be 29.20. To offset that scenario a weekly sale of .24 will be needed.

Edited for clarity of synthetic stock…