I’ve been doing one of Fuzzball’s “whiz” trades on $WDC… several weeks ago bought the Jan’19 67.5 call + sold the Jan’19 67.5 put + bought the Jan’19 62.5 put, the combo cost 22.50 at the time. Today I sold the WDC Sep22 90 call for 1.00. I am also short the 90 call for this week, sold last week for 0.91. I’m only trading 2 contracts (one per week), trying to get the hang  of it all. So far it has been really easy to roll, the weekly premium seems decent. The stock has however seen some volatility recently as WDC is attempting to buy Toahiba’s chip unit. Just putting this out there as an idea, working well for me so far… y’all let me know what you think!

#long, #synthetic