Hope you all had a great Friday. @fuzzballl, as it turns out, there was beer in the boat but definitely no shade. Here in Iowa, we actually had the warmest day of the year here on Friday, go figure. July and August were below normal, I think Jeff was keeping all the heat out west.

Very low on open positions, this is all I had expire this week.
$UVXY $25 calls
$UVXY $91 calls

Expiration/Closed Early/Short Puts/Long Puts/Assignment

Full Profit
$TSLA 320/330 BUPS
$SPX 2305/2330 BUPS
$AAOI 55 puts

$SPX 2480/2505 BUPS @ 20% profit
$SPX 2510/2525 BUCS @ full loss. Opened earlier this week and did not take a quick 30% profit on Wednesday. When will I learn to take profits? (rhetorical)

Closed Early
$SPX 9/29 2475/2500 BUPS BTC 9/21@ 1.80 STO 9/18 @ 3.60 If I waited this one out it would have been more profitable. Running scared.

$MZOR STO 10/20 45 put @1.25

$TSLA BTO 10/20 365 put @ 12

$SYMC 34 puts Basis 33.5 Anti Equifax Trade Not Working Well

Thanks to everyone on this site with a special shout out to the indomitable @jeffcp66

Have a great weekend.