$SVXY #ShortPuts – Sold SVXY…

$SVXY #ShortPuts – Sold SVXY Oct 6 2017 55.0 Puts @ 0.39

$SVXY #CoveredCalls – I rolled…

$SVXY #CoveredCalls – I rolled part of a couple positions since I overwrote my long stock.
Bought to close SVXY Sep 15 2017 81.0 Calls/Sold SVXY Oct 6 2017 85.0 Calls @ 0.15 Credit.
Bought to close SVXY Sep 15 2017 82.0 Calls/Sold SVXY Oct 6 2017 87.0 Calls @ 0.15 Credit.

$SPX #SPXcampaign Taking another class…

$SPX #SPXcampaign Taking another class with Sheridan. Iron Condor class. Sold to open $SPX Oct 13th 2565/2545/2420/2400 for 2.50 with $SPX @ 2495.03. Filled shortly before the bell after making a small price adjustment down from 2.60. The very short term class was very interesting but I think I’m am not set up for that intensity. The longer term trades of 30-45 days may be a better fit. Time will tell.

$SQ #ShortPuts Sold to open…

$SQ #ShortPuts Sold to open Oct 20th 28 Put @ 0.95 when $SQ was at 28.59. I missed adding to my long stock position on the breakout today.


Just not much happening in the market so really not doing much right now. Did make one trade this morning.

BTO $FXE Sept 29 $133.50 calls @ $1.64, low risk entry point.

AAOI rollout

I thought these might go out of the money based on the action the last couple of days but today’s pullback makes that unlikely. Luckily, options on this stock roll very easily.

Rolled $AAOI Sep 15 60 puts down and out to Oct 20 55 puts for 2.00 credit.

For now I’m going to leave my 55 puts in place for tomorrow’s expiration but if there’s some more movement down I’ll roll those as well.

$UVXY #ShortCalls #ClassicVXXGame – Bought…

$UVXY #ShortCalls #ClassicVXXGame – Bought to close 1 UVXY Jan 18 2019 65.0 Call @ 9.80.
I still have others to cover but lightening up with UVXY near a new low.
Sold this one on 08/10/17 at 15.70