Week 9/23 expiration

Did not have time to post Friday, too busy at work but managed to snap off and roll some trades at lunch and a few seconds before the closing bell.

STO next week WDC 85 puts at 1.00. Good support at 85 now.

Rolled WDC 9/23 calls out and up 2 weeks to 86 for a credit of .82. Trying to keep for 2 more weeks for the dividend then will unload and restart ladders. Good premiums!

Did the same with the 84 calls up to 85 for 0.43 credit.

Tried to do the same later with another account but the market makers became greedy at the close so rolled 84 to 84 2 weeks out for 0.67 and 0.73. That gets me past the dividend unless someone takes early assignment.

Collected $1393 on the rolls and now my cost basis on WDC is 80-82 depending on the account after being assigned at 90 so after the dividend will roll for cash 1-2 more weeks then unload and start over and the dividend is 0.50 per share.

Also closed out 5 months with a 26.6% return on entire portfolio including the losing trades since joining the bistro ranks! Thanks for helping me find new trading vehicles and improving my consistency.

With the low vol I have been scouring the market for good premiums to sell and here is what I have found for the next few weeks or until we get a vol spike. AAPL is moving up the premium ladder with the recent drop. Others that also look good for weeklies or ladders WDC, SWKS, TQQQ, GILD if you go out 2 weeks or more since the rebound, AAL and DAL are good percentage wise, FSLR and EOG. If I find any others will post and don’t know if any of them have earnings. TSO has been reborn as ANDV but the options are not real liquid yet but am watching it. TSO has been my most productive ticker for 5 months and was sad when it merged as the option premiums dried up. XBI still good for ladders but with the move up having to go closer to the money.

Hope it helps or you find something useful in there.

$VIX Futures – food for thought