SPX trades

#SPXcampaign BTC $SPX Oct 31st 2565/2540 put spreads for .35. Sold for 3.70 on Friday.
Sold Nov 13th 2540/2565 call spreads for 20.50 as an #ITMroll from Nov 6 spread stopped yesterday.

$UAA #ShortPuts #Speculation – Sold…

$UAA #ShortPuts #Speculation – Sold UAA Nov 24 2017 12.0 Puts @ 0.37 with the stock at 12.53.


STO September 2018, 35 puts @.90


#Earnings today. Trading bottom of the range with 4.5% divvy down here…no position

EDIT…bad info. Divvy about 1.9 percent but decent premium

Short Puts $KEM Earnings $LITE SPX Campaign Sell and Close

$KEM STO 12/15 25 puts @ 2.20

Taking the @jeff Into the light trade
$LITE STO 11/3 57/62 BUPS @ 1.60 Sounds like a Harry Potter command “Lumentum” meaning let there be profit.

$SPX STO 12/1 2650/2625 BECS @ 1.85 Let’s hope for no tricks on this one @jeffcp66

Closed Early
$SPX BTC 11/1 251/2540 BUPS @ 92% profit Thank you @jeffcp66
$SPX BTC 11/8 2550/2525 BECS @ 22.50 STO 10/25 @ 20.30 Hearing footsteps on Halloween has spooked me.

LITE earnings

#Earnings I’ve never traded this but it has juicy premiums, and upside bias on its short history of earnings (since Nov 2015). Using a spread for disaster protection.

Sold $LITE Nov 3rd 62/57 put spreads for 1.50. Biggest UP move: 14.1%, Biggest DOWN move: -3.7%, Average move: 6.1%. This trade is -3.2% OTM.


#Earnings tomorrow…

Let me throw this one out there for a possibility. This trade may have a name but I’m not sure…LOL Sell straddle and buy uneven wings with no upside risk and breakeven at the expected move to the downside.

Sell 80 strike straddle and buy 82 call and 75 put @ 2.00 credit. Makes money above 78 (the recent low). If the stock drops to 5 bucks I still get it at a basis of 8.


#brokenwingironbutterfly, #spikedjadelizard, #unbalancedbrokenwingironbutterfly