#unbalancedbrokenwingironbutterfly VXXB Not sure what…

#unbalancedbrokenwingironbutterfly VXXB

Not sure what to call it, TastyTrade idea to end the week

bought April 18, 23/27 short put spread and 27/30 long call spread for .26, volatility has to rise-right


#Earnings tomorrow…

Let me throw this one out there for a possibility. This trade may have a name but I’m not sure…LOL Sell straddle and buy uneven wings with no upside risk and breakeven at the expected move to the downside.

Sell 80 strike straddle and buy 82 call and 75 put @ 2.00 credit. Makes money above 78 (the recent low). If the stock drops to 5 bucks I still get it at a basis of 8.


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