$UVXY–Took a few off

Got pretty heavy in this the end of last week and I promised myself I would thin a bit on a retreat in volatility. Peeling a few off just for position size management.
Bought to close:
$UVXY 8/25 82 call @ .15 Sold for 2.20 on 8/11
$UVXY 8/25 60 call @ .39 Sold for 1.80 on 8/10
$UVXY 9/1 82 call @ .37 Sold for 3.10 on 8/11
Will look for more opportunities if things remain calm.

#OptionsExpiration for Aug 11 Just…

#OptionsExpiration for Aug 11
Just two today:
$SVXY Aug 11 70 puts
$UVXY Aug 11 50 calls

Have a great weekend.

Closing AZO

Bought to close $AZO Aug 18 520 put for 3.20. Sold for 4.70 on 6/21. Considering how in the red this position was (option was trading for over 30.00 just a few weeks ago) I’ll take the 32% max profit instead of having to watch it and potentially roll it next week.

NVDA Sep puts

Sold $NVDA Sep 15 135 puts @ 1.37. IV is still extremely high (at 100 IV rank) and not coming in yet. This strike is almost 20 points out of the money with an 85% probability of profit. Delta is 13.

Selling XOP puts

Taking a shot on a bullish trade at the bottom of the range. Strike price is below recent lows 29.90 on 6/21 and 29.92 on 7/7. IV rank is 51.
Sold $XOP Sep 15 29 puts @ .64.
Delta 31.

/VX on a tear after hours

$UVXY at 43, $SVXY at 72.

VIX futures now in backwardation

VIX futures now in backwardation
Front month and second month: http://vixcentral.com/