Options Expiration for Apr 20

$AMZN 1450/1400 BuPS
$AMZN 1360/1370/1620/1630 IC
$APA 32.50 puts
$BA 310/320/345/355 IC
$BA 310/300 BuPS
$CAT 140/130 BuPS
$DUST 35 calls
$FB 162.50/152.50 BuPS
$HSIC 62.50 puts
$KOLD 55 calls
$MA 120 puts
$NFLX 260 puts
$OLED 90 puts
$QQQ 155 puts
$QQQ 156 puts
$REGN 300 puts
$SPY 263/251 BuPS
$TSLA 325/335 BeCS
$TSLA 327.50/342.50 BeCS
$UVXY 20/30 BeCS

Expiring for full loss. Will look to re-establish after earnings:
$FB 175/170 BuPS

Last minute roll: $KR Apr 20 25 puts out to May 18 25 puts for .42 credit to avoid assignment.

$QRVO 72.50 puts–going long stock. I meant to roll this but I lost track of it this afternoon. Will sell calls against it next week.
$CYBR 50 covered calls–stock being called away
$X 40/36 inverted strangle–with the stock finishing at 36.65, I’m being assigned on both sides–5.90 credit taken in so a 1.90 overall profit.

Have a great weekend everyone.


SWK earnings bomb

Sold a put ladder:
$SWK Jul 20 130 puts @ 1.50
$SWK Oct 19 115 puts @ 1.35

I was looking to sell something in June but that series won’t start trading until Monday. Will keep an eye on it and maybe add June if it keeps tanking.


Rolling OLED

With earnings on 5/3 I decided to roll my ITM Apr 20 100 puts out only 1 week, for .85 credit, instead of going into the May expiration and having earnings in the cycle. I figure I’d give it another week to recover a bit and maybe be able to take it off by next Friday. With the credit, basis has been reduced by 2.25 so I would need the stock at 97.75 or higher next Friday to be able to do that.
Rolled $OLED Apr 20 100 puts out to Apr 27 100 puts for .85 credit.

#FallingKnife trades Thanks to @optioniceman…

#FallingKnife trades
Thanks to @optioniceman for the ideas.
$CLX Oct 19 100 puts @ 1.35
$PM Sep 21 75 puts @ 1.70
$HSY Nov 16 80 puts @ 1.35
$ADS Jun 15 180 puts @ 1.50
$ADS Sep 21 150 put @ 2.00 (lowest strike)

GUSHing again

New highest strikes in some of the months.
Sold $GUSH Jun 15 45 calls @ 1.00.


NFLX call spread

I may be early here but with the momentum slowing I wanted to sell some premium and get some short delta against my stock.
Sold $NFLX May 18 365/375 BeCS @ 1.43 with the stock at 334.34, around 4 dollars off its high of the day. Delta of the short strike is 20.

Options Expiration for Apr 13

$NFLX Apr 13 282.50/295/315/325 iron condor
$UVXY Apr 13 20/30 BeCS

Have a great weekend everyone.