VXXB long put spread

Another position to offset SVXY losses.
Bought $VXXB Apr 5 33/28 bear put spread for 2.50 debit. Will look to take 1.25 profit out of it.

UVXY call spread

Sold $UVXY May 17 55/65 bear call spread @ 1.20

Disney Done Down?

Looking at today’s price action and feeling like the down move (at least in the short term) could be exhausted. Sold $DIS Apr 18 106/101 bull put spread for 1.07 with the stock at 109.21. Delta of the short puts is 32.

Expirations for 3/15

Once upon a time options expiration Friday used to be a great event with positions expiring for full profit and a bunch of risk falling off. I have just about everything on a short leash these days and with all the rollouts not much is being left to expire anymore.

Here’s what I have for today:
Expiring: $UVXY Mar 15 45/55 bear call spreads
Being called away: $TQQQ Mar 15 45 calls (covered)

Have a great weekend everyone.

Taking off a couple of VXXB/UVXY positions

Sold to close $VXXB Mar 15 33.50/28.50 bear put spreads for 3.86. Bought for 2.38 on 2/21.
Bought to close $UVXY Apr 18 56/66 bear call spreads for .51. Sold for 1.61 on 3/8.

Closing some AAPL

Bought to close $AAPL Jun 21 130 puts @ .27. Sold for 1.30 on 11/13.

UVXY call spread

Sold $UVXY Apr 18 56/66 bear call spread for 1.61 with UVXY at 47.99