MGM = S&P500’s biggest % down move

Sold $MGM Dec 21 25 puts @ .78

SWKS put spread

Taking a bullish position in an $AAPL supplier:
Sold $SWKS Jul 13 95/90 BuPS @ .63 with the stock recovering a bit now at 99.45. Delta of the short put is 24.
I chose the Jul 13 (weekly) expiration not the July monthly since several earnings sources are estimating the report coming out the following week, before the monthly (7/20) expiration.


Sold $CVS Nov 16 60 puts @ 1.70

Closing REGN

Taking off my last position in this old Fuzzball favorite. I’m out of this stock completely now and will look to re-enter on the next big move.
Bought to close $REGN Aug 17 240 put @ 1.15. Sold for 5.70 on 2/13.

BIIB Falling Knife (of sorts)

Actually probably just a pullback within the uptrend (it’s not even really testing the 50dma). So maybe more of a dropped butter knife from the dining room table. Safer to catch anyway.
Sold $BIIB Jan 18 2019 220 puts @ 3.70 with the stock at 287.89. Delta 10.

INTC puts

Sold $INTC Jul 20 50 puts @ .54. I may consider taking assignment at 49.46 if the stock continues down over the next month.

BA put spread

Sold $BA Jul 20 335/325 BuPS @ 1.53 with the stock at 354.46