Closing NUGT short calls

Bought to close $NUGT Jun 21 35 calls @ .35. Sold for 1.01 on 1/30 and 1.20 on 2/20.
Taking around 70% of the profit available, 3 1/2 months early. Who knows what can happen between now and then. I’m out of NUGT completely now so will look to fade another big spike in gold/miners when it happens.

CVS Falling Knife

Sold $CVS Aug 16 50 puts @ 1.34 with the stock at 58.27.
Strike price is at a 6 year low.

SQ rollup

Rolled $SQ Apr 18 70/60 BuPS up to 75/65 for 1.03 credit. Sold the 70/60 yesterday for 1.65 so total premium collected so far is 2.68.

PANW adjustment

$PANW I made a mistake yesterday when I legged into what was supposed to be an April iron condor. I erroneously went into March on the bear call spread side and April on the bull put spread side. I got a bit lucky with today’s pullback in the stock since the March options are decaying much faster than April so I was able to realize a quick 50% profit. I took the opportunity to roll the call spread (Mar 15 265/275) down and out to Apr 18 260/270 for 2.16 credit. Position is now an Apr 18 iron condor 230/220 BuPS + 260/270 BeCS. Total credit taken in so far is 4.76.

SQ Put Spread

Sold $SQ Apr 18 70/60 BuPS for 1.65

PANW call spread

Sold $PANW Apr 18 265/275 bear call spread for 1.49

Update on MU

Apparently, as the kids like to say, my maths wasn’t working yesterday.

When I rolled the adjusted position (from Mar 41.50/42 strangle to Apr 40/46 strangle), I hadn’t calculated that I already had a small profit in the position. At that point I wouldn’t normally have rolled since that would have been a defensive move. Should have just closed it out yesterday. Got a few cents more profit today so I decided to close the whole thing out.

Bought to close $MU 4/18 40/46 strangle @ 3.53. Total premium taken in with rolls/adjustments was 3.91, so a .38 overall profit.