BA put spread

Looking at the recent lows from last week and putting on a $BA 330/320 bull put spread for 1.50 credit. Short strike at 20 delta, and below lows from from 5/13-5/15. A test of of those lows back into the 330s and I’ll cut bait.

NVDA iron condor

Sold $NVDA 6/21 140/145/175/180 iron condor @ 1.50 credit with the short strikes (145 and 175) around 20 delta. IV rank still on the high side (43).

DE post-earnings

Sold $DE 6/21 135/130 bull put spread @ 1.35

DIS Covered Calls

Sold calls against some stock that I’m long to hedge part of my position. STO $DIS 6/21 140 calls @ 2.00 with the stock at 136.08. Delta 35. Strike is above the all time closing high from late April (stock was above 140 intraday on days in late April but never closed above it). Looking for resistance at that level.

X puts

Sold $X 6/21 14 puts @ .50 with the stock at 14.93. Delta around 30. Strike price below the low from last week of 14.16. IV rank 47.

Rolling IRBT

Rolled 5/17 95 puts down and out to 6/21 92.50 puts @ 1.90 credit with the stock now at 94.01.

Closing FB call spread

Bought to close $FB 6/21 205/215 bear call spread @ .68. Sold for 2.15 on 4/25.