Taking a page out of the @jsd501 book. Sold $TQQQ Jan 8 130 put @ 2.01.

Closed ZM

Got back to my desk and saw that this closing order was filled. Bought to close $ZM 12/18 350/360/460/470 iron condor @ .50. Sold for 2.89 on 12/3.

DOCU Iron Condor

Sold $DOCU 1/15 185/195/260/270 iron condor @ 2.95 with the stock trading around 225. Short puts 17 delta, short calls 22 delta. IV rank 31.

Closing DOCU

Bought to close $DOCU 12/18 260/270 bear call spread @ .55. Sold for 1.90 on 12/4.

DOCU call spread post-earnings

$DOCU looks to be getting all tuckered out from all the earnings excitement and looks to be needing a little break. Sold 12/18 260/270 bear call spread @ 1.90 with the stock at 244.80.

Today’s candle kinda resembling a tombstone doji, with the current pricenot too far from the lows/bottom of the AM post-earnings gap. IV rank is 33.

ZM iron condor

Sold $ZM 12/18 350/360/460/470 iron condor for 2.89. Stock around 410. A couple of notes of caution. Liquidity isn’t great in this so that is informing my position size. Also, with the fact that expiration is close (around 2 weeks) it will not leave a lot of time for adjustments if the stock moves strongly again in either direction. But IV rank is 43 so if the stock movement calms down I would expect some IV contraction that will help this position.

ZM put spread

Sold 1/15 360/350 bull put spread @ 2.60

SPX 3 day trade

Sold $SPX 12/2 3505/3530/3660/3685 iron condor @ 4.30. Short puts 13 delta, short calls 15 delta.

SQ Dec

Sold 12/18 185 put @ 2.25

Closing nat gas position

Bought to close $BOIL 12/18 60/70 bear call spread @ .10. Sold for 1.30 on 8/5. Nice profit but almost 4 months to get there even as the underlying was mostly trending down since August. Low liquidity played a big part as well, not allowing me to get out for a decent price. Finally able to take it off today. Barring any crazy moves in nat gas, I will probably avoid this one going forward.

Closing TGT

BTC 12/4 155/177.50 strangle (earnings trade) @ 1.87. Sold for 4.11 yesterday.

TGT earnings

Sold $TGT 12/4 155/177.50 strangle @ 4.11.
#Earnings #TastyTradeFollow

Closing DOCU

Bought to close $DOCU 11/20 180/190/250/260 @ 1.59 for around 47% of the profit. Sold for 3.00 on 10/22. With the recovery since mid yesterday and the stock now above 204, I took the opportunity to get out for a profit. IV has increased since I sold this which is of course the opposite of what I wanted but enough time decay has happened so theta beats vega this time.

Market’s end of day fade

Not political, just observing that Mitch McConnell’s comments about Trump’s legal fight(s) may have gotten some notice: https://www.zerohedge.com/political/mcconnnell-backs-trump-push-recounts-says-shouldnt-accept-election-results-media

Things could get hairy for a while in the markets before they calm down if election uncertainty gets priced back into this again.

SPX expirations

Expiring today:
$SPX 11/6 3300/3325/3530/3555 iron condor
$SPX 11/6 3395/3420/3560/3585 iron condor

Last ADBE adjustment

Rolled $ADBE 11/20 470/460 bull put spread up to 485/475 @ 1.40 credit. After multiple rolls on both sides of this original iron condor, the position has now been adjusted to ultimately become an iron butterfly with total premium collected of 7.30. With wing widths of 10 points, that leaves the max loss at 2.70 which I am okay to sit with through expiration. I will probably put a GTC order in probably for somewhere around 7.00 to get out of this wild garden hose of a trade for near breakeven.

SPX iron condor for Friday

Sold $SPX 11/6 3300/3325/3530/3555 iron condor @ 4.20. Short strikes at 12 delta.

ADBE rollup

Rolled $ADBE 450/440 bull put spread up to 470/460 for 1.12 credit. Part of iron condor with 485/495 bear call spread (which has previously been rolled down). Total premium taken in now 5.91.

ADBE roll down

Rolled $ADBE 550/560 bear call spread down to 485/495 for 1.35 credit. Part of iron condor with 450/440 bull put spread. Total premium taken in 4.79.

ZM roll down

Rolled $ZM 560/570 bear call spread down to 500/510 for 1.55 credit. Paired with 460/450 bull put spread. After two roll downs of the bear call spread side, total premium taken in is now 5.79.

SPX expiration

Expiring today: $SPX 10/30 3190/3215/3375/3400 iron condor

ZM adjustment

Rolled $ZM 680/690 bear call spread down to 560/570 for 1.10 credit. Paired with 460/450 bull put spread for an iron condor which I originally sold for 3.14 on 10/16. Total premium now 4.24.

SPX Iron Condor For tomorrow’s…

SPX Iron Condor
For tomorrow’s expiration. Sold $SPXW 10/30 3190/3215/3375/3400 iron condor @ 4.25. Short puts 13 delta, short calls 12 delta.

BIIB put spread

Sold $BIIB 12/18 215/200 bull put spread @ 5.25. IV rank 83.


Sold 11/20 90 put @ 3.70

MMM puts

Sold $MMM 12/18 150 puts @ 3.55. Willing to take assignment at a cost basis of 146.45, which is below the lows from August.

NFLX Iron Condor

Sold 11/20 430/440/545/555 iron condor @ 2.80

DOCU Iron Condor

Sold $DOCU 11/20 180/190/250/260 iron condor @ 3.00. Short strikes both around 19 delta. Earnings not expected until after expiration. IV rank 32.

NFLX put spread

Sold $NFLX 11/20 455/445 bull put spread @ 2.42.

ZM Iron Condor

Sold $ZM 11/20 450/460/680/690 iron condor @ 3.14. IVR 43. Earnings not expected until after Nov expiration.

ADBE Iron Condor

Sold $ADBE 11/20 440/450/550/560 iron condor @ 3.44. Short strikes both at 21 delta. Stock now around 497, trading near the middle of the recent range. IV rank 30. Earnings not expected until after opex.

Closed ADBE

Bought to close $ADBE 10/16 450/460/510/520 iron condor @ 2.52.

Position was originally 420/430/510/520 and put spread was rolled up to 450/460. Total premium taken in 4.29, so 1.77 profit (57% of the premium for the original trade).

Closed NVDA

Bought to close $NVDA 10/16 470/480/590/600 iron condor @ .95. Sold for 2.65 on 9/29.

Closing AMZN condor

Bought to close $AMZN 10/16 2650/2700/3500/3550 iron condor @ 2.40. Sold for 14.39 on 9/11.


Sold $TQQQ 11/16 85 puts @ 4.50

NVDA adjustment

Adjusting $NVDA 10/16 430/440/550/560 iron condor with the stock around 543. Rolled 440/430 bull put spread up to 505/495 @ 1.83 credit. Short puts 22 delta. Total credit in trade now 5.21.

Closing NFLX

Bought to close $NFLX 10/16 465/455 bull put spread @ 1.58. Sold for 3.45 on 9/21.

Another NVDA condor

Sold $NVDA 10/16 470/480/590/600 iron condor @ 2.65 with the stock around 530. Short strikes around 16 delta. IV rank 35.

ADBE adjust

$ADBE Adjusted my 10/16 420/430/510/520 iron condor. Rolled the 430/420 bull put spread up to 460/450 for 1.18 credit. Stock at 490.77 and looking pretty strong. Total premium now 4.29.

NVDA iron condor

Sold to open $NVDA 10/16 430/440/550/560 iron condor @ 3.38

ADBE condor

Sold $ADBE 10/16 420/430/510/520 iron condor @ 3.11. Short strikes around 20 delta. IV rank 39. My only issue with this trade is the liquidity is good but not great.

Closing NVDA

Bought to close $NVDA 9/25 465 put @ .28. Sold for 3.20 on 9/16. Thanks @fuzzballl !

Closing DOCU

Bought to close $DOCU 10/16 180/170 bull put spread @ .90. Sold for 2.28 on 9/11.

NFLX put spread

Sold to open $NFLX 10/16 465/455 bull put spread @ 3.45. Short strike 36 delta. IV rank 32.

PYPL short puts

Sold to open $PYPL 10/16 170 puts @ 3.80. Stock is up nicely on a really weak day in the market. Delta 27, IV rank 41.

There was a good article this weekend in Barron’s on how Covid killed cash (it was on its way out before all this but the pandemic is just speeding things up). Some interesting takes on how to play it with $PYPL getting the most positive mentions. They also like $SQ $V and $MA among others. $PYPL and $SQ are both up today, not being dragged down by the ties to pandemic-reduced transaction volume that $V $MA have.

An alternative trade: 10/16 170/160 bull put spread for around 2.00.

Closing AMAT

Bought to close $AMAT 10/16 50 puts @ .72. Sold for 1.60 on 9/8.

Closing LABU

Bought to close 10/16 30 puts @ .40. Sold for 2.00 on 9/4. I’m completely out of this underlying now but they’ve all been profitable since I started dabbling (thanks @fuzzballl !) Will wait for a pullback to put any new positions on.

Closing BABA

$BABA Bought to close 9/18 270/280/290 iron butterfly @ 7.04. This was an adjusted position that began as a 225/235/280/290 iron condor that I had to start playing defense on, a few days after I entered on 8/20. The bull put spread was rolled up 3 times until the position became an iron fly with 7.16 in premium taken in. Closing today for 7.04 allows me to take the whole thing off for near breakeven.

AMZN iron condor

Sold $AMZN 10/16 2650/2700/3500/3550 iron condor @ 14.39. Almost 30% the width of the strikes (short puts/calls at 15 and 18 delta). IV rank 52.

DOCU put spread

I might be a bit early on this one but the stock is down over 30% since before the earnings announcement last week and while the stock is down a little today, selling momentum seems to have slowed with price now hanging around with the 50 day moving average. Sold $DOCU 10/16 180/170 bull put spread @ 2.28. Short puts 27 delta. IV rank is 39.

Closing CRWD

Bought to close $CRWD 9/18 110/115//145/150 iron condor @ .65. Sold for 1.40 on 9/3.

Closing AMZN

Bought to close 9/18 $AMZN 2980/3000//3600/3620 iron condor @ 2.60. Sold for 6.79 on 8/18.

$SPX for Friday

Let’s try this again. Sold $SPX 9/11 3300/3325/3500/3525 iron condor @ 3.95. Short deltas 14 (puts) 10 (calls).

AMAT short puts

With the stock looking weak and a decisive break below the 200 day moving average, this wouldn’t be the ideal day (at least technically) to sell puts and take a bullish position. But I am looking to potentially acquire this stock below 50 and this put sale will allow me to do that if it continues down more than another 10% at expiration. As of now it’s down almost 9% today, almost 15% over the last 4 trading days and around 20% from its intraday high on 8/14.

Sold $AMAT 10/16 50 puts @ 1.60. Delta 25. IV rank 34.




Sold to open $LABU 10/16 30 puts @ 2.00. Lowest strike in 10/16. 16 delta.


$ROKU looks to be bouncing off the 50 day moving average. Sold 10/16 140/130 bull put spread @ 2.80. Short strike 27 delta. IV rank 37. Stock trading around 159-160.

AMD strangle

Sold $AMD 10/16 65/110 strangle @ 3.42.

CRWD post-earnings

Sold $CRWD 9/18 110/115/145/150 iron condor @ 1.40.


Sold $AAPL 10/16 115/100 bull put spread @ 1.15. Short puts 24 delta. IV rank 55.

Looks like I picked the…

Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue
Rolled 9/4 3475/3500/3600/3625 iron condor out to 9/9 3455/3480/3570/3595 for .30 credit

SPX timing indicator

For all you signal traders, I hope you’ve been paying attention. Apparently I’m getting good at this. As soon as I put on a new SPX condor, the index immediately ran up about 25 points.

Let me know when you’re ready for a pullback and I’ll sell a put spread or something. Happy to help.

WYNN put spread

Sold $WYNN 10/16 80/70 bull put spread @ 2.88. Short puts 31 delta.

SPX-Starting again

Was out of trading this for a long time but apparently I just can’t stay away now.
Channeling the short memory of a defensive back that got burned, and initiating a new 3 day trade:
Sold $SPX 9/4 3475/3500/3600/3625 iron condor @ 4.35. Short puts 15 delta, short calls 16 delta. SPX around 3558.

Throwing in the towel on SPX

With SPX going up again, bought to close 9/9 3450/3475//3540/3565 @ 16.76. Feel free to consider this your signal to sell the market.

Will reinitiate with something probably later today.

Rolling SPX again

I was watching this all day and it hung around just under the short calls most of the day. On the punch up above the 3520 level, I decided to roll it again keeping short delta with about 15 points of room on the upside. 3 day weekend coming as well so there’s an extra day of decay in there.
Rolled $SPX 9/4 3410/3435//3520/3545 iron condor out to 9/9 3450/3475//3540/3565 for .27 credit.

Rolling SPX

I know I said I was only going to roll this once but I guess I can’t stay away from the roll game. Let’s see what happens with this. Extending the trade to 9/4.
Rolled 9/2 3375/3400/3505/3520 iron condor out to 9/4 3410/3435/3520/3545 for .15 credit. Short puts 20 delta short calls 42 delta.

Rolling SPX iron condor

Well that was fun. My timing couldn’t have been better for all you folks looking to fade my moves. If you missed it, pay better attention next time 😉

I will do one roll of this then I’m probably done. I spent way too much time in rollout hell the last couple of years with these positions and I’m not keen on getting back into that game. But for now:
Rolled 8/28 3355/3380//3485/3510 iron condor out to 9/2 3375/3400//3505/3530 for .20 credit. Short puts 19 delta, short calls 36 delta. In exchange for the upside room I have donated 3 more days to the trade. Let’s see if we can’t get a little 20-30 point pull back in the SPX.

Dipping a toe back in the SPX pool

3 day trade
Sold $SPX 8/28 3355/3380//3485/3510 iron condor @ 3.60 credit. Short strike deltas at 13 (puts) and 15 (calls).

Another BABA adjustment

Rolled $BABA 9/18 270/260 bull put spread up to 280/270 for 1.21 credit. Position is now an iron butterfly (270/280/290) with the stock around 288. Total premium taken in 7.16. Nothing more to do with this. I will either take it off for a profit if the stock comes back toward 280 or will accept the max loss of 2.84.

BABA adjustment

With $BABA breaching the short call strike of my iron condor, rolled 9/18 255/245 bull put spread up to 270/260 for 1.63 credit. Adjusted iron condor is 260/270//280/290. Total premium now taken in on the position is 5.95.


Been hesitant to do this since getting in front of speeding trains is not my idea of fun. At least not anymore.

Sold $TSLA 9/18 2300/2350 bear call spread @ 10.00.

Closing LABU

Bought to close 9/4 40 puts @ .40. Sold for 1.75 on 8/12.

BABA Iron Condor

Sold $BABA 9/18 225/235//280/290 iron condor @ 2.95. Earnings were reported this morning.

AMZN Iron Condor

IV increasing a bit here (current IV rank around 41). Sold $AMZN Sep 18 2980/3000//3600/3620 iron condor @ 6.79. About 1/3 the width of the strikes. Stock almost centered between the short strikes trading 3295-3300 which are +/- 300 points, puts and calls at 18 and 23 delta. Will look to close for 50% of the profit.