Closing BA

Bought to close $BA Jan 18 290/280 BuPS @ .43. Sold for 2.20 on 12/27.

FB put spread

Sold $FB Jan 18 125/120 BuPS @ 1.15. May consider taking assignment with a basis below 125 if it goes down there again in the next 2 weeks. Sold in IRA accounts.

Closing some BOIL

Have orders in to close some of these. This one filled:
Bought to close $BOIL Jan 18 50 call @ .25. Sold for 2.87 on 10/17.

BA put spread

Down today but seems like it’s stabilizing after the last couple of days.
Sold $BA Jan 18 290/280 BuPS @ 2.20. Delta of short strike 29.

Just read a statistic

25% of the S&P is trading below 10x earnings.
On the techncial side, T2108 (% of stocks above their 40 day moving average) is still deeply oversold obviously at 6.45. It got down to 3.45 on Monday–it hasn’t been at that level since the implosion in Oct 2008.
Hoping today’s impressive action actually means something. Would love to be dipping my toe back in but I’ve been cautious. Some follow through (similar to the Dalia Lama’s promise of total consciousness)…would be nice.

T2108 update

Almost at the close, T2108 is 5.60.

DUST closing

Just saw this fill from earlier.
Bought to close $DUST Mar 15 2019 40 calls @ .90. Sold for 2.00 on 7/27.
Taking the >50% off 4 months early.
Getting more aggressive in closing profitable positions now just because of how the exploding volatility has made a huge dent in buying power.