#earnings #longcalls SKX I bought…

#earnings #longcalls SKX
I bought a May 17, 35 call for 2.64. I own 100 shares from getting assigned last September, also short a 24 call (yes 24) with a cost basis of 31 for the position.


#LongCalls – Dr. J reporting unusual options activity with MS July 44 strike calls being bought. FAS will be back on the radar for some put sales. Would like to see it a little lower first…


Closed Early JD

$JD STC 3/15 25/29 BUCS at 3.60. BTO 1/16 at .80

SPY long trade closed

#LongCalls Plumb forgot I still had some of these, otherwise I would have sold at the the opening highs.

Sold to close $SPY March 8th 277.5 calls for 2.30. Bought for 1.67 (avg price), sold for 3.54 (avg price).

SPY sales

#LongCalls Sold to close $SPY March 8th 277.5 long calls for 4.00. Bought for 1.72. Still holding one last batch.


#LongCalls #LEAPS – The incredible becomes “incredibler”. I’ll continue selling 20 -25 cents per week indefinitely. Feels like a member of the family now!

More SPY sold

#LongCalls Sold $SPY Mar 8th 277.5 calls for 4.95. Bought for 1.72, avg price. Still holding more.