Closed Early JD

$JD STC 3/15 25/29 BUCS at 3.60. BTO 1/16 at .80

SPY long trade closed

#LongCalls Plumb forgot I still had some of these, otherwise I would have sold at the the opening highs.

Sold to close $SPY March 8th 277.5 calls for 2.30. Bought for 1.67 (avg price), sold for 3.54 (avg price).

SPY sales

#LongCalls Sold to close $SPY March 8th 277.5 long calls for 4.00. Bought for 1.72. Still holding one last batch.


#LongCalls #LEAPS – The incredible becomes “incredibler”. I’ll continue selling 20 -25 cents per week indefinitely. Feels like a member of the family now!

More SPY sold

#LongCalls Sold $SPY Mar 8th 277.5 calls for 4.95. Bought for 1.72, avg price. Still holding more.

SPY calls

#LongCalls Starting to sell $SPY March 8th 277.5 calls, bought for 1.73 avg price. Sold some for 3.30 today.


#LongCalls #LEAPS – Taking advantage of the never ending rise to get out of this at a tiny profit. Went long prior to the implosion but added the full position near the bottom. Ratio’d the call sales on the rise so happy to be out. Will look for a reset if we ever get a pullback.

Bought to Close TNA FEB 22 2019 49.0 Calls
Sold to Close TNA JAN 15 2021 70.0 Calls