#LongCalls #LongPuts #LEAPS – Was out most of the day but did get in just in time to get a few sales off. Morning would’ve been better but the volatility is helping premium across the board so still sold a little. Biggest change is closing a couple of the long term positions that were near breakeven (AMBA and EWZ) and moving some of that cash to UVXY and possibly adding to TNA and TQQQ.

AMAT: Waiting for earnings date confirmation before selling anymore.

Bought to Close AMAT NOV 2 2018 36.0 Calls @ .02 (sold for .38)

AMBA: Closed for small loss. Happy with it since stock moved against me from day one. Another 2020 position closed and looking to add to some 2021’s that are beaten down.

Bought to Close AMBA NOV 2 2018 38.0 Calls
Bought to Close AMBA NOV 9 2018 36.0 Calls
Sold to Close AMBA JAN 17 2020 50.0 Calls

Net loss of .21 on a 10 lot…

EWW: Overlapping sales since this week’s 48’s look safe.

Sold EWW NOV 16 2018 45.0 Calls @ .41

EWZ: Closing it on the bounce to free up cash to add to UVXY. Small loss but a successful long term repair trade.

Bought to Close EWZ NOV 9 2018 35.5 Calls (ratio’d)
Sold to Close EWZ JAN 15 2021 40.0 Calls

Net loss of .36 on a 10 lot…

LABU: Selling spreads very cautiously down here. Short next week’s 70/80 also.

Sold LABU NOV 16 2018 65.0/75.0 Bear Call Spreads @ .50


Bought to Close PYPL NOV 2 2018 89.0 Calls @ .05 (sold for .60)

Sold PYPL NOV 9 2018 86.0 Calls @ .54

UVXY: Added to the long LEAP puts and sold puts against them. Still short a few calls as well.

Bought to Open UVXY JAN 15 2021 50.0 Puts @ 26.75

Sold UVXY NOV 9 2018 56.0 Puts @ 1.25