TBT 2x or 3x?

#LongPuts #LEAPS – I’m looking to setup a long term short position in something similar to TBT that has a little more juice in the premiums (like DUST is for the miners). Is there anything out there that’s leveraged that is a short bond fund. Something that is up when bonds are down?

Hi Guys!

It’s been awhile since I posted, thought I’d pop in here and say hi! I’m deep in the weeds at Option Pit. I’m in their pro group now. My trading is changing quite a bit, to a style that is more “book management” than “trade management.” Using low volatility to build a catalog of long puts and calls, then selling around them to pay for the decay, and selling out the longs as the market demands (for example I have a bunch of IWM puts that are getting close to being up 100% now, so I’m metering them out). I’m doing a lot of ratio calendars to acquire the longer dated options at a discount. This would be impossible to do with the old commission structures that had a ticket fee + contract fee. Thank goodness Tasty Trade caused a lot of pricing innovation! It’s less stress knowing a big move in either direction pays out nicely….it’s just managing the middle that’s important. It’s going to be an interesting quarter with everything going on. I’ll try not to be such a stranger!


Closing trades

Rather than posting closing trades throughout the day, I plan to post a daily summary. I’ll continue to post opening trades individually to ensure that they’re timely in case anyone wants to follow.

BA. Strong stock in strong sector strat. BTO Oct26 lophir @ -2.61. STC @ -.80 for 70% profit. Days in trade 12
AAPL. Pre-ER strat. BTO Oct26 supercharger @ 7.93. STC @ 9.40 for 16% profit. Days in trade 8
NFLX. Pre-ER strat. BTO Oct19 lophir @ -8.31. STC @ -2.50 for 70% profit. Days in trade 13

Note: Profit on lophirs is based on credit received, not max risk. I’m willing to report based on max risk if you all prefer that.

#PreEarnings #supercharger #lophir

AMZN lophir rinse and repeat

Couldn’t resist adding another AMZN lophir on today’s pullback. My trading plan allows me to own two at a time.:-)
Bot AMZN Oct26 +1p/-2p/-1p/+2p 1940/1885/1840/1780 @ -14.40. GTC order to close @ -7.20.

#lophir #rinseandrepeat

VIX strat

Sold VIX Nov 18/28 BeCS @ .70 against my Feb and Mar BuCS.
This is my long-running strat where I sell short-dated 10-wide call credit spreads on continuous low volatility or small spikes and buy long-dated call debit spreads 10-wide whenever they are cheap, meaning less than $1. The long dated debit spreads provide protection for the call credit spreads and also serve as insurance against big overnight market drops.

#shortcallspreads IWM Sold Nov. 16…

#shortcallspreads IWM
Sold Nov. 16 170/175 for .85

AAPL roll & TSLA quickie

BTC $AAPL Oct 12th 215 put for .35. Sold for 2.05 on Sep 25th
Stopped AAPL Oct 12th 227.5 call for 3.65. Sold for 2.13 on Sep 20th.
#StrangleRoll Sold AAPL Oct 19th 222.5/235 strangle for 3.21.

BTC $TSLA Oct 5th 320 call for 1.00. Sold yesterday for 5.75.


#LongCalls #LEAPS – Added one to the 2020 position averaging down…

Bought LABU JAN 17 2020 110.0 Call @ 13.70


Rolled EWZ 5 OCT 35 Call to 19 OCT 35.5 Call @.46 Credit

#fallingknife SFIX SFIX is down…

#fallingknife SFIX
SFIX is down big today after earnings, this is a Motley Fool best buy, AMZN is doing something similar. I choose my own clothes, waiting to see how far this falls.


STO, January 2019, 55 puts @2.60, this is a partial sale against my 2019, long position of the 50 puts in 2019. This was a bearish trade that is not working so far.


#ShortPuts #IRA -Thanks @MikeL for the reminder. Currently in a Dec 45,50,60 ladder so adding a Jan.

Sold LABU JAN 18 2019 60.0 Put @ 3.40


Rolled AAPL 5 Oct 225 Call to 19 OCT 227.5 @.12 Credit


BTC XBI 5 OCT 18 97.5 Call @.02…STO 9/28 @.39
STO XBI 12 OCT 18 95 Call @.56 with XBI @93.04

A TRADE: Added a little.


FYI BZQ ETF is down…


BZQ ETF is down 11%

#shortputs STO LABU Nov02’18 70…


STO LABU Nov02’18 70 PUT @ 1.85

NFLX pre-ER lophir

This pre-ER 37/30/20/10 lophir replaces the one that closed for profit earlier today.
Bot NFLX Oct 19 +1p/-2p/-1p/+2p 365/357.5/340/325 PUT/PUT/PUT/PUT @ -6.70 x1
Breakeven point 343. GTC order to close @ 2 for 70% profit. Will close before ER if it hasn’t closed before.

#preearnings #lophir

Covered Calls

BTC $BABA Oct 5th 170 call for .15. Sold for 1.55 on Sep 19th.
Sold $OLED Oct 12th 126 call for 2.00.
Sold $FB Oct 19th 157.5 puts for 2.30

And #Earnings Repair:
BTC $TSLA Oct 12th 250 put for .93. Sold for 11.30 on Friday.
Rolled to: Sold $TSLA Oct 12th 285 put for 4.15


#ShortPuts #IRA – Closing a margin hog for nice gain and replacing with a couple others….a Feb type selloff would put TNA at about 67 so looking at that level.

Bought to Close AVGO JAN 18 2019 170.0 Put @ .41 (sold for 5.00)

Sold TNA DEC 21 2018 70.0 Put @ 2.35
Sold TNA JAN 18 2019 65.0 Put @ 2.30

A divvy play on SJM. Would love to get it down here…

Sold SJM JAN 18 2019 95.0 Put @ 2.39

#coveredcalls Covered up my long…

#coveredcalls Covered up my long high basis MU with Oct 5th 47.5 calls with the stock at 47.58. Whittling away.

#callratiospread SQ TastyTrade idea sold…

#callratiospread SQ

TastyTrade idea sold Nov. 19, 100/110, bought one 100 call, sold 2 110 calls for .52.

BOILing over

#ContangoETFs My next order filled; sold $BOIL Jan 2019 45 call for 2.25. Next order in to sell at 3.00.


BTO 330/340 Bull call spread @ 6.74

REGN long

#SuperCharger Replacing the NVDA one that closed yesterday. This expires before earnings.
Bought $REGN Oct 26th 380/390 bull call spread for 7.35. Price target 9.40.

#gold Sold NUGT for $13.95,…

Sold NUGT for $13.95, bought 9/12 for $11.94 worth the wait

#spxcampaign #ironcondor Sold to open…

#spxcampaign #ironcondor Sold to open Oct 15th 2850 / 2830 BuPS for 1.10 when SPX was at 2920 Stop loss on the IC is 3.65 with profit set at .20


SFIX STO 10/5/18 34.0 CALLS @.60 Will buy stock to cover if necessary. Expires Friday.

Chips are breaking out

#PieTrades #LongCalls
Sold $MU Oct 12th 47 #CoveredCall for .90.
Still long Oct 5th 45 calls, bought for 2.02 on Sep 20th, which hasn’t worked out yet and probably should have taken a 50% loss last week. But maybe I’ll get the breakout just in time.

#spxcampaign Sold to open Oct…

#spxcampaign Sold to open Oct 15th 2885/3005 BeCS for 0.65 when SPX was at 2926. I have a BuPS to pair waiting for a fill.


STO October 19, 165 calls at 1.92 to offset my January 2019, 200 calls. I also have the 185 calls that expire on Friday so I am pre selling the calls.


TNDM STO 10/12/18 41.5 CALLS A chance I’ll have to buy stock to cover.

NFLX lophir closed

#Lophir Closed on GTC order: $NFLX 300/325/340/350 lopper for 2.50. Sold for 8.35 on Sept 19th. Thanks MamaCash!

Fuzzy – I have a…

Fuzzy – I have a document by Adam Mesh where he buys a call, then sells one for a debit. As he rolls the sold
strike, he get’s a credit . the bought call is 5 -7 weeks out and is 1 strike ITM. He makes money as he rolls the short strike at .05 db. This reminded me of Fuzzies. Is it? I have not been here for awhile so my memory is a bit vague on Fuzzies. Thanks


/CL STO the 43 DTE 88 call for 0.24 for the 64/88 strangle.

Looks like it may have finally found a top.