Rolled Again
$GOOGL BTC 10/5 1190/1210 BUPS and STO 10/19 1190/1210 BUPS at 1.47 extra credit. Earnings after expiration.

$CRON STO 10/5 12.50 calls at .50 Covered
$AMZN STO 10/5 2012.5 calls at 27.00 Sold against 10/19 1900 calls. Earnings 10/25

Closed Early
$BA STC 10/19 350/370 BUCS at 17 .00 BTO 9/12 at 8.13
$VRSN BTO 11/16 160/165 BUCS at 2.41

AMZN Afternoon all. #ironcondor Legged…

AMZN Afternoon all. #ironcondor Legged into an Oct 19th Iron Condor with AMZN @ 2010+/-
1860/1840 BuPS @ 1.33 and 2160/2180 BeCS @ 1.23. Profit targets either side is .30 with a stop loss at 4.10.

#shortputs #rolling NKTR Rolled Oct….

#shortputs #rolling NKTR
Rolled Oct. 19, 60 put to Nov. 19 for 3.88, NKTR down over 4 points today, looking like a #fallingknife candidate.


TNDM STO 10/12/18 36.50 PUTS @1.05

NVDA closed

#SuperCharger Sold to close $NVDA Oct 26th 247.5/257.5 bull call spread for 9.50. Bought for 7.25 on Sep 21st.

AAPL roll

BTC $AAPL Oct 5th 215 puts for .15. Sold for 1.78 on Sep 15th.
Stopped: $AAPL Oct 19th 227.5 calls for 3.90. Sold for 2.10 on Sep 25th.
#StrangleRoll: Sold Oct 26th 220/232.5 strangles for 4.75


Partial fill, BTC October 19, 85 puts @ .05, sold at 1.16


MSFT 10/12/18 STO 115.0 PUTS @1.03
MSFT 10/12/18 BTO 110.0 PUTS @.16 A BuPS
ESPR 11/16/18 STO 60.0 CALL @4.10

Added BOIL

#ContangoETFs Sold $BOIL Jan 2019 45 call for 1.75, adding to my position. Order in for another at 2.25.


Already closing the 84.5 44 DTE call on the strangles. Only $200 loss. Leaving the put open until oil either forms a new range or reverses. Re-entry is only a commission away.

TRADES: Some posted late.

TNDM STO 10/5/18 44.0 CALLS @.70
TNDM STO 10/5/18 43.0 CALLS @.80
TNDM STO 10/5/18 38.50 PUTS @.85
ESPR STO 11/16/18 40.0 PUTS @3.10
ESPR STO 11/16/18 55.0 CALL @5.60

VIX insurance

Added a couple more VIX Mar 20/30 call debit spread @ .95. This is a hedge, not looking for profit.



STC on GTC order ISRG -1 1/-2/-1/2 26 OCT 18 547.5/535/520/505 PUT/PUT/PUT/PUT @-1.74…BTO 9/19 @-3.75 #lophir. Thankyou @MamaCash

Gartman goes long


BTO Oct 12 29/27 BePS .92 #in-out
STC 1.48 GTC
BTO Oct 12 27/55 BePS .93 #in-out
STC 1.49 GTC


STO December 345 puts @ 5.10 with stock at 380


I am selling covered calls to earn some premium.

STO October 19, 62 calls at .38 cents and .35 cents. I intend to roll these into the new year if I have to but will be taking a loss to offset any profits for this year.


STC October 12, 350/360 bull call spread at 9.55, bought at 7.90

FDN VRSN directional trades

Bot long positions on these two based on weekend research. That research did not take into account the gap up at today’s open but like the charts so took some extra risk.
FDN unhinged fuzzy. Bot Nov +1c/-1p/+1p 143/143/139 @2.62 x1 debit. GTC to close at double debit.
VRSN call debit spread. Bot Nov 160/165 BuCS @ 2.49. GTC to close @ 4.


AAPL pre-earnings lophir

This is a CML-inspired trade from the Discover tab. This lophir has 37/30/25/10 deltas so double the net delta that I usually do. The backtest is based on 30dte opening 30 days before earnings and closing 10 days before earnings. We don’t have a confirmed ER for AAPL so based this trade on past Oct-Nov ERs for AAPL.

Bot AAPL Nov2 +1p/-2p/-1p/+2p 220/217.5/215/202.5 @ -2.65 x1. No GTC order. Will close 10 days before ER.

#lophir #preearnings

#shortputs #fallingknife TRTN Sold Jan….

#shortputs #fallingknife TRTN
Sold Jan. 19, 30 put for 1.45.

#ironcondor #closing TSLA bought Oct….

#ironcondor #closing TSLA
bought Oct. 19 255/260/340/345 for 1.33, sold Sept. 25 for 1.57, small victory.


BTO Oct 12 1975/1977.5 calls 1.89 #supercharger
Order in to close 2.40

Good Morning

Good Morning

Econ Calendar for week of 10/1/18

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 6.55.36 AM
EC3 key

Link to calendar:

TSLA call

Sold $TSLA Oct 5th 320 call for 5.75. Expires on Friday. Against a 250 put sold Friday as a roll, (trying to close for 1.00)


More lawn mowing musings from the weekend. After reviewing oil trades from the last year realized all the losses were because 1 side was always run over on the strangles or IC. If I had just paid attention to direction almost all of them would have been profitable. Oil is still moving up but much more slowly and my indicators are pointing to slowing momentum and seasonality effects should also kick in. Not giving up on oil, I see the potential profits but will be much more aggressive managing these either by converting to spreads quickly or rolling the losing side out quickly.

With that in mind, sold the 45 DTE 64 put last night at 0.29. The pause this morning sold the other side 84.5 call 44 DTE for .022 for the 64/84.5 strangles.

Small size until I see how my adjusting works.