Calls closed

BTC $FB Oct 12th 172.5 call for .14. Sold for 1.20 on 9/20
BTC $FB Oct 19th 172.5 call for .40. Sold for 2.00 on 9/26

Earlier in the day:
Stopped $AAPL Oct 26th 232.5 call for 4.50. Sold 220/232.5 #StrangleRoll for 4.76 on 10/1
#StrangleRoll Sold Oct 26th 222.5/235 strangle for 5.01

Joining the TQQQ Queue

#SyntheticCoveredCalls #LongLEAPs
Bought $TQQQ Jan 2020 66.67 call for 17.60. Plan to sell calls against it.


#LongCalls #LEAPS – And finally….adding, booking, and selling.

Bought XBI JAN 17 2020 97.0 Call @ 8.35 (adding)
Bought to Close XBI OCT 12 2018 97.0 Calls @ .05 (sold for 1.07)
Sold XBI NOV 2 2018 95.0 Calls @ 1.10 (half ratio)



I see support around the 200 day MA which is around 58. I intend to add to my position by buying the 2021 calls but am not sure which strike price yet.


#LongCalls #LEAPS – My biggest loser today. Got caught a little under ratio’d so need to get some more sales. Giving it plenty of room. I’ll be looking to add to the #LEAPS on another big down day.

Sold LABU NOV 2 2018 95.0 Calls @ 1.35


#LongCalls #LEAPS – Same as AMAT. Current batch profitable so adding new above resistance. I’m banking on the volatility expansion also helping call premium and the overhead resistance to slow down any major rally.

Sold AMBA OCT 26 2018 39.5 Calls @ .55


#LongCalls #LEAPS – Ratio’d and laddered.

Bought to Close AMAT OCT 19 2018 43.0 Calls @ .05 (sold for .41)

Another batch the following week are about 50 percent profitable so I can stop those out at even if it rallies. Selling another batch the week after. Should all be prior to earnings.

Sold AMAT NOV 2 2018 40.0 Calls @ .53


#BearCallSpreads – Selling a few more…

Sold UVXY NOV 2 2018 45.0/55.0 Bear Call Spreads @ 1.22

What the heck?

I sell a couple little UVXY call spreads and go work for a few hours and the world comes to an end….oops! Just getting the computer turned on now.

#shortstrangles #closing SMH Sept. 20,…

#shortstrangles #closing SMH
Sept. 20, sold Nov. 16, 98/113 strangle for 2.53, bought today for 1.98.

Stopped out

Strikes breached so stopping out. I will wait to consider rolls tomorrow. The bottom could be in at any second here, but since it looks like we’re entering a Downside Warning, I have to be ready for more downside in the coming days.

BTC $SQ Oct 26th 94 puts for 4.65. Sold in 94/105 #StrangleRoll for 5.50 on Friday. Will leave the 105 calls in place.
BTC $FB Oct 19th 157.5 puts for 3.90. Sold for 2.30 on Tuesday.


#ratiostrangles EWZ Nov. 16, sold…

#ratiostrangles EWZ
Nov. 16, sold 2, 30 puts and 1, 40 call for 2.32. If it goes to 40, I’d be happy having been put 100 shares a few months ago.

AMZN put spread

$AMZN Oct 19 1820/1810 BuPS @ 2.05
Sold in 2 IRA accounts

#spxcampaign Stopped out of my…

#spxcampaign Stopped out of my Oct 15th 2850 / 2830 BuPS at 3.35. Tiz a spanking day.

A Soft spot

#PreEarnings Bought to Open $MSFT Oct 26th 116 calls for 1.40, starter position.

A (very) quick aside…

#OffTopic I was pretty sure they had that wrong…

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 10.17.55 AM
Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 10.17.37 AM

#shortputs STO LABU Jan18’19 55…


STO LABU Jan18’19 55 PUT $3.20

TSLA stopped

#Earnings repair Stopped $TSLA Oct 12th 285 put for 11.95. Sold for 4.15 on Tuesday.

Flat in TSLA. My earnings repair has done well after being whipsawed in August; reduced my losses by more than half. But the last week has been another whipsaw, with the wins being canceled by losses, so I’m taking a break. Margins are jacked up on this one anyway.

VIX stops being boring

#VIXIndicator… new highs today, 15.19 highest since Sep 10th. If we close the day above 14.51, it will be a new Downside Warning. This just one day after the lowest close since August 9th.

UVXY sold

#VXXGame Sold to Open $UVXY Jan 2019 70 calls for 4.25. Filled on the way up, not the top.

#BuPS Stopped out of my…

#BuPS Stopped out of my AMZN BuPS @ 5.55

TQQQ pietrade

Dipping my fingers in the pie. Thanks @hcgdavis for your help. I welcome constructive criticism on my choice of ticker or strikes.:-)
STO TQQQ Oct12 66.5p @ 1.80



LMT pre-earnings… again

Bot LMT Oct26 362.5 call @ 2.15. First of five possible layers.


BTO Oct 19 1160/1162.50 BuCS $1.70 #supercharger
STC GTC 2.40

AMZN supercharger

Bot AMZN Oct19 1840/1850 CDS @ 7.75. GTC order to close @ 9.40. Inspired by Jeff. Thanks @jeffcp66


MSFT pre-earnings

Bot MSFT Oct 26 116c @ 1.67 x3 (first layer half size). This trade is based on a 100% win rate for the 21/1 setup. ER hasn’t been confirmed but the bloated vol in the Oct26 expiration is a good indication that they’ll report that week.


WYNN trades

Rolled short Oct 19 140 puts out to Nov 16 140 puts for 2.10 credit. Position was originally rolled to Oct from Sep. Total premium now 5.65. Basis 134.35.

I also added a ladder rung. Sold Jan 18 100 put @ 2.00.

AMZN #BuPS I decided to…

AMZN #BuPS I decided to re-enter my Oct 19th 2860 / 2840 BuPS now that AMZN has pulled back to the 50dma. Filled at 4.55 when AMZN hit 1924.16. I was filled quickly so a little more price discovery was in order. Stops are .30 and 6.50

#coveredcalls Legged into Bought ERX…

#coveredcalls Legged into Bought ERX @ 39.80. Sold Oct 19th 41 Call @ 1.10 when ERX hit 40.19

Copy CAT

#Pre-Earnings Bought to open $CAT Oct 26th 165 calls for 1.80. Starter position, following MamaCash. Will add up to two more lots.

VIX short

STO VIX Nov 20/30 call credit spread @ .60 on today’s spike. Selling against longer-dated VIX longs per my strat. @fuzzballl I know I owe you the details for this strategy. Sadly, it’s a black box trade. If I tell you the secret, I will have to (blank) you. Didn’t want to fill in the blank for fear of being censored. lol.


JPM, half closed

#PreEarnings Put in my order near the highs but then the flush came. Closed half my position.
Sold to close $JPM Oct 12th 116 calls for 1.43. Avg purchase price .83

#shortputs SPXL Sold Oct 19th…

#shortputs SPXL Sold Oct 19th 52 Put @ .70. The strike is near the 50dma.

Trades and rolls.

/CL added another strangle 71 DTE 63.5/91 for 0.70 credit. Goal is to close the other one in another week, already up $900 then leave the longer one on a few weeks. The decay rates on these are about $100 per day for 5 contracts.

XBI #fuzzy lot 1 80/97 rolled out 36 DTE for 1.23 credit. Cb 18.33

LNG #fuzzy 50/66.5 rolled out 36 DTE for 1.33 credit. Cb 17.24

XBI lot 2,3, and 4 at 95/98 adjusted to 95/97, 87/95 and 95/95 rolled out to 26 DTE for 1.15 and 1.35 credits. Cost basis now 3.62, 4.33, and 0.85. Almost have a freebie, one more roll should do it but then have until Jan 2019 to keep bringing in cash.

Equity curve still flat with all this adjusting but on a positive note I have A LOT of theta decay over the next 32 days and it is all OTM at the moment so that should move the needle on the equity curve finally. Just need to sit on my hands for a week or 2 and let theta decay do its magic. Some expire next week, some week after and it all clears in 32-36 DTE.

#shortcallspreads DE Tradewise recommendation, sold…

#shortcallspreads DE

Tradewise recommendation, sold Oct. 26, 162.50/165 for .75


SFIX STO 10/5/18 27.50 PUTS @.45 Want to add a little stock, a little cheaper. Expires tomorrowl

CAT pre-earnings

Bot CAT Oct26 165c @ 2.10 based on 21/1 setup. 1st of up to 5 layers


#longcalls #closing #preearnings C JPM…

#longcalls #closing #preearnings C JPM
Closed the Oct. 12 long calls today
C bought for .55, sold for .98
JPM 116 bought for 1.12, sold for 2.06
JPM 117 bought for .47, sold for 1.51

Thanks Jeff and Mama

AMZN Super Dooper

#SuperCharger Kind od surprised this is available for such a low price, expiring before earnings.

Bought to Open $AMZN Oct 19th 1880/1890 bull call spread for 7.25.