10/9….BTC WYNN 12 OCT 18 130 Calls @.04….STO 10/4 @1.42….Selling against Jan 2021 125 Calls needing $0.25 per week to cover so off to a good start..
10/9…STO 19 OCT 18 125 Calls @.94
Thankyou @fuzzballl for the idea… #fuzzy #leaps

Today, IYT broke 200.

Trouble indeed.
What does that mean for the bulls?
Should IYT fail to close above 200.20 by Friday, it will be the first failure of the 17-week exponential moving average.
Then, the 50-WMA comes in lower at 192.80.
With Semiconductors (SMH) and Regional Banks (KRE) already below their 50-WMAs, bulls can hope that IYT recovers before it sees its 50-WMA.
Otherwise, the long line of quiet bulls waiting for rebooking, will begin to get very restless.
Especially if there are only 2 buyers trying to hold the market up.
S&P 500 (SPY) Closed just under 287.70 the very pivotal 50 DMA, which puts this in an unconfirmed warning phase
Russell 2000 (IWM) 159.42 is the 50-WMA-if breaks, expect to see weakness and fear. What will save this? It starts with a move back over 164.
Dow (DIA) 259.50 is the underlying 50-DMA support.
Nasdaq (QQQ) Looking more like a double top unless it can clear and close over the 50 DMA or around 182.30
KRE (Regional Banks) Inside day. Lots of bank earnings this week-watch 61 for resistance and it must hold 58.28
SMH (Semiconductors) Inside day above 100. If that breaks, I think much lower. If can get over 102.23, a bit better
IYT (Transportation) See commentary
IBB (Biotechnology) 115 pivotal support, then 112. 118 now resistance
XRT (Retail) 47.75 the 200 DMA

BA Bull Call / ARNC Bull Put / SOXL Put

$BA BTO 11/23 385/395 BUCS at 4.62

$ARNC STO 11/16 19/24 BUPS at 1.75
$SOXL STO 12/21 90 put at 3.51 Thank you @fuzzballl

+Vega short put spread

STO SPX 11/23/18 2700 Puts

BTO SPX 11/23/18 2680 Puts

BTO SPX 11/23/18 1400 Puts

1.35 credit


BTO October 26, 360/370 bull call spread @ 8.05

BABA, STO November 16, 180 calls @ .52


Sold AAL 11/23/2018 32.00 Put @ 1.30 with the stock at 33.79
Also 46 DTE so a sweet spot for decay according to TT.
The stock is at 2-year low #FallingKnife #OptionLadder


Sold F 11/23/2018 9.00 Puts @ 0.43 with the stock at 9.03.
46 DTE so a sweet spot for decay according to TT
The stock is at a 5-year low with an attractive dividend #FallingKnife #OptionLadder