FB Earnings Trade

Borrowing an idea from TastyTrade
Short strikes at around 2x the expected move. With IV as high as it is now, there’s premium way out near 2 standard deviations.
Sold $FB Nov 16 120/172.50 strangles @ 1.67

SPX calls stopped

#SPXcampaign Man, my exits have been sucking lately. Was too greedy when the SPX was flat today, so missed a fill then and caught in the updraft. I really have to work on this. It got up to at least 3.00 in profit, before it slipped away and became a 3.00 loss.

BTC $SPX Oct 31st 2675/2700 call spreads for 10.85.

Selling a higher spread now or in the morning. I’m not turning bullish unless VIX drops more or we get several up days in a row.

#shortstrangles IWM Sold Dec. 21,…

#shortstrangles IWM

Sold Dec. 21, 135/160 strangle for 3.02.

FB dbl cal

#Earnings Bought to Open $FB Nov2/Nov9 145 #DoubleCalendar for 1.60.

#earnings #shortstrangles EA TastyTrade idea,…

#earnings #shortstrangles EA BIDU
TastyTrade idea, sold Nov. 16, 75/105 for 1.78.
BIDU followed Jeff sold Nov. 16, 150/210 for 3.07, took all day and a couple adjustments to fill

#earnings #closing #shortstrangles VLO October…

#earnings #closing #shortstrangles VLO

October 24, sold Nov. 16, 75/100 strangle for 1.19, closed today for .69, finally able to close something instead of roll.


#LongCalls #LEAPS – Last one today. Hauling a load of Vegas winners back to Miami today…LOL

Sold XBI NOV 16 2018 85.0/90.0 Bear Call Spreads @ .48

Stay green!