Have a nice weekend to everyone.

No expirations

#longstrangle EWZ Just in case…

#longstrangle EWZ

Just in case bought Nov. 16, 45 call for .06, bought Nov. 16, 27.50 put for .05, closed other EWZ short calls and puts.


#ShortPuts #IRA – Booking 40 percent of an EWZ position to make room for an aggressive TNA position.

Bought to Close EWZ DEC 21 2018 30.0 Puts @ .34 (sold for 2.02)

Sold TNA DEC 21 2018 70.0 Put @ 8.40

T2108 now below 10

At 9.84.

It got to 8.60 on 2/9/18.

JPM post-earnings

I don’t know. It feels like a good idea to own a bank like JPM in a rising interest rate environment, after an over 10% pullback from its recent highs, at what would be 12 month lows and a 3+% dividend.
Sold a ladder:
$JPM Nov 16 100 puts @ 1.36
$JPM Dec 21 95 puts @ 1.25

UVXY STO UVXY Jan18’19 112…

STO UVXY Jan18’19 112 CALL $7.20

#shortstock My only experience being…

My only experience being short shares of stock was being assigned a few times, and a couple of those worked out, a couple didn’t. I’ve been watching TastyTrades permabear (thanks fuzzball) Tim Knight and decided to start trying some trades on the short side. I’m no chartist and I’ve been interpreting his interpretations. Like all of the prognosticators, he isn’t always right but I’ve had some success. I haven’t posted because I haven’t known what I was doing. So far, no losers( a couple slightly underwater) and just about everything has been $50- $100 gains. Here is what I have done on the short side, and a few short call spreads and long puts have worked as well. Still have a steep learning curve.
I sold 100 shares of the named stock on the first date, and bought to close (cover) on the 2nd date, reading across.
Aug. 27 DENN covered Aug. 21
Aug. 28 RDN covered Sept. 26
Aug. 31 PIR covered Sept. 11 (don’t short $1.80 stocks)
Sept. 5 DVN covered Sept. 6
Sept. 5 BNS covered covered Oct. 10
Sept. 6 DBC still in
Sept. 7 AXS covered Sept. 11
Sept. 10 MRO still in
Sept. 14 DVN covered Sept. 17
Sept. 20 DENN still in
Sept. 25 MU covered Oct. 4
Oct. 2 RSX covered Oct. 4
Oct. 4 CRUS covered Oct. 5
Oct. 4 FXI covered Oct. 8
Oct. 8 BOX covered Oct. 9
Oct. 9 BFR covered Oct. 10
Oct. 10 RSX still in

Short Call Spreads, all closed except GDX, sold close to the money.
BUD again
GDX not doing well


TNDM STO 10/26/18 33.0 PUTS @2.10

Have a great and safe weekend everyone. ;>)

ANET adding

Dropping down 3 strikes/15 points from my previous sale in Jan.
Sold $ANET Jan 18 170 put @ 3.20.


BTO January 2021, 60 calls @ 18.00 and sold to open the October 26, 65 calls @ .45. I need less than .16 cents per week to pay for these.

Pre-Earnings losses

This has not been my finest hour with pre-earnings trades. 100% loss in both C and JPM. Cutting max position size in half for the rest of October.



Now at 10.19. It got down to 9.94 around 20 minutes ago. Let’s see what happens this afternoon.


ESPR STO 10/19/18 45.0 ITM CALLS @3.80. Stock was at 45.5. Naked so far.

How high will we bounce before going negative?

Anyone got technicals on it?

Fat fingers

#LongCalls Meant to enter a trade to buy more at 1.35. But I entered “sell” instead, so was filled at the market price. Good thing SPY bid/ask is so tight..
STC $SPY Nov 16th 285 calls for 1.80. Bought for 2.71 yesterday.

To avoid day-trade issue on my smallest account, I moved down a strike.
BTO $SPY Nov 16th 284 calls for 2.15. Adding more if we flush down further today.


#LongCalls #LEAPS – Sold SMH OCT 26 2018 101.0 Calls @ .65


#LongPuts #LEAPS – Adding a few at levels I hope get threatened…

Sold DUST NOV 16 2018 22.0 Puts @ .45


TNDM STO 10/19/18 38.0 CALLS @1.05
SFIX STO 10/19/18 23.0 PUTS @.30


#LongCalls #LEAPS – Boring but continuing to chip away at it…

Bought to Close AMAT NOV 2 2018 40.0 Calls @ .05 (sold for .53)

Sold AMAT NOV 2 2018 36.0 Calls @ .40
Sold AMAT NOV 16 2018 37.0 Calls @ .54


I rolled a small part of my 66.67, 2020 calls out to the 67 calls in January 2021for a debit of 5.70 this morning.


#LongCalls #LEAPS – This is probably as good a time as any to take starter positions in these. I think I can recover a good chunk of the cost selling down here while the chart recovers. Hopefully a grind around below resistance for a few weeks. LEAPS out to 2021 so these should be good in the long run.

Bought TNA JAN 15 2021 70.0 Calls @ 18.25
Sold TNA OCT 19 2018 70.0 Calls @ 1.68

Bought TQQQ JAN 15 2021 60.0 Calls @ 19.00
Sold TQQQ OCT 26 2018 60.0 Calls @ 1.70


#ShortCalls – Bought to Close OLED OCT 19 2018 130.0 Call @ .05 (sold for 2.05)


#CoveredCalls – Did pretty good overall in containing my whipsaw risk. Only problem is the big recovery in WTW. I got a little too aggressive yesterday selling the next batch of covered calls to help with downside protection. I sure didn’t see this kind of bounce coming.

Covering the overwriting now strictly for risk protection in the event rally mode continues next week…

Bought to Close WTW OCT 12 2018 68.0 Calls @ .25 (sold for 1.89)

#shortputs #fallingknife (kind of) SQ…

#shortputs #fallingknife (kind of) SQ

I suppose most stocks have been falling knife candidates all week so I use the term loosely.
Sold Nov. 2, 60 put for .89, earnings should be Nov. 7.

Econ Calendar for week of 10/15/18

I’m going to start posting this on the Friday before, rather than Monday morning. Note that this calendar is always available immediately in the menu at the top of the Bistro page.

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 9.45.14 AM

EC3 key

Link to calendar website: http://mam.econoday.com/byweek.asp?cust=mam


#PreEarnings Bought $AMZN 1890/1900 long call spreads for 3.20. AMZN dropped 300 points in 8 trading days. I think it can raise 110 from here in 14 days.

#VXXGame Sold $UVXY Jan 2019 95 call for 6.90.

SPX calls closed

#SPXcampaign Closed on GTC order: $SPX Oct 19th 2935/2960 call spreads for .15. Sold for 2.90 on Monday.

#shortputspread #closing AMZN bought put…

#shortputspread #closing AMZN
bought put spreads for .23, sold yesterday for .63.

Added to VIX trade

Bought $VIX Oct 30th 16 puts for 1.25, adding to my position.

Tools of the trade

#PreEarnings Added final batch to $SWK Oct 26th 140 calls for 1.65. I was early, much cheaper now.

#earnings #ironbutterfly #closing JPM sold…

#earnings #ironbutterfly #closing JPM
sold yesterday for 4.16, bought this morning for 3.15.