YELP closing

#Earnings Sold some 39.5 long puts for 3.75, but now waiting as it looks to want to drop more. #LongStrangle bought yesterday for 4.37.

Filled on next batch for 4.50 and 4.75.

YELP strangle

#Earnings Bought to open $YELP May 10th 39.5/40 #LongStrangle for 4.37. I need an 11.8% move for breakeven. Avg move on earnings is 15.2%.

SKX strangle

Earnings #LongStrangle
Was planning for a #LongStraddle but since price is between strikes and stock has bullish bias on earnings,

Bought $SKX 35/35.5 strangle for 4.15. Need a 12.5% move in either direction to breakeven. Avg move on stock has been 16.2%.

#longstrangle EWZ Just in case…

#longstrangle EWZ

Just in case bought Nov. 16, 45 call for .06, bought Nov. 16, 27.50 put for .05, closed other EWZ short calls and puts.