#pietrade ROKU rolled SP 56…

#pietrade ROKU
rolled SP 56 to SP59 both with exp Aug31 for an additional .40 credit. So far, this ticker is treating me nicely

#pietrade ATVI is bouncing of…

ATVI is bouncing of the 200 day MA, usually a nice entry point. Earnings are not before November. Reason enough for me to try a pietrade with selling a put Aug31 at 71 at 1.02

WYNN took advantage of the…

took advantage of the drop and STO Jun21’19 80 put for .93

PYPL closed long strangle Aug…

closed long strangle Aug 3 87.5/93, bought for 1.77 y’day and STC for 2.66.
thanks MamCash!

AMZN gives this opportunity: STO…

gives this opportunity: STO IC 1710/1730/1850/1852.5 with a premium of 4.16 and expiration Jul27. Besides of the issue of Earnings before expiration, anything wrong with this?

#supercharger I have one running…

I have one running in AMZN, Jun 29 1697.5/1707.5 and it is under pressure. How long would you hold out, there are just a few days to go, before you just close out trying to salvage some credit? I had paid 8.28

Didn’t like the action during the last 40 minutes, closed and received 5.87, well within the 2x loss limit.


#supercharger still trying and making…

still trying and making experiences. Today experienced a failure. Opened a FDX trade on 6/20 with expiration 6/29 247,5/252.50 with stock price at 252.50, paid 3.11 with the intention to STC at 4.20. I was aware of being tight but looked for a bounce after the earnings. Today I STC for a 1.02 to prevent going over 2x loss. Not sure what went wrong in my selection, please comment