SPX trades

#SPX7dte Bought to Open $SPX July 10th 3125/3145-3155/3175 condors for 17.00, with SPX at 3148.

#SPX1dte #RiskReversal – going for a bullish trade given the low $VIX
Sold $SPX June 6th 3060/3040 put spreads for .80
Bought $SPX June 6th 3215/3235 call spreads for .50
Placed as one trade for .30 credit. IV 14%, SPX 3141, put short delta -.09, call long delta +.04

Expiring: June 2nd 3190/3210 call spreads, sold this morning for 1.20.

SPX 7-dte

#SPX7dte Sold to close $SPX July 1st 3060/3040 put spreads for .80. Looking for 3070/3090 call side to expire at 20.00. Condors bought for 18.00 last Wednesday.

Sold to close $SPX July 2nd 3015/3035 call spreads for 18.50. Looking to get a dollar or more for put side. Condors bought for 18.30 last Friday.

SPX 7-dte

#SPX7dte In pre-market, GTC order filled: Sold to close $SPX May 29th 2950/2970 call spreads for 19.00.
Condors bought for 17.35 on Friday. Will look to sell the put side for around 1.00.