SPX trades

#SPX1dte Actually going LONG this time, due to possibility of Congress passing stimulus. Was considering RiskReversal, but if they pass and Trump refuses to sign, could be negative reaction. So long on both sides

Bought to Open $SPX Dec 21st 3565/3585-3760/3775 iron condors for .70 (broken-wing because I’m 15-wide on call side.). I don’t think this has much chance, but a cheap play.

Expiring: Dec 18th 3630/3650-3780/3800 condors, sold yesterday for 1.00.

#SPX7dte Sold to Close $SPX Dec 18th 3675/3695 call spreads for 19.50. Not a fun afternoon watching it drop, but I held in there and got lucky with the bounce. Put side sold earlier for 1.00, so 20.50 total. Condors bought for 16.55 on Monday.