#SPX7dteLong Expiring at max credit of 20.00: $SPX Dec 16th 3670/3690 call spreads. Condors bought for 16.65 last Thursday.

#SPX1dte Expiring worthless: Dec 16th 3580/3600-3745/3765 condors, sold yesterday for .90


Just before the Fed announcement in case things got crazy:
Bought to Open VXX Jan 15 2021 41.0 Calls / Sold to Open VXX Dec 18 2020 18.0 Calls @ 0.02 Credit.
The short is very easy to roll up but I don’t think I’ll need to.
I do expect I’ll have some free longs by Friday that I can write against several more times.

TSCO Puts Gone / SWI Mishmosh / TSLA Put Closed / Z Put / VXX Rolled

#shortputs #earnings
$TSCO BTC 12/18 140 put at .40. Been rolling since 10/20 on earnings trade gone awry. I now have vertigo on the wane and $125 for my spinning.

#longcalls #shortputs #bups #Mishmosh
$SWI BTO 1/15/2021 17.50 calls at 2.40
$SWI STO 1/15/2021 20 puts at 3.00
$SWI STO 2/19/2021 10/17.50 BUPS at 1.85

$TSLA BTC 12/18465 put at .65. STO at 4.65. Way to go @fuzzballl
$Z STO 12/18 130 put at .70.
$VXX BTC 12/18 21 and STO 12/24 21 at added credit of .20. Sold against long put. Channeling @optioniceman


Take a look at this trade

STO Jul 90 PUT
BTO Jul 140/160 CALL spread
Credit 5.35


#ShortPuts – Taking some risk off a couple weeks out. Nice bounce in COUP today…

Bought to Close COUP DEC 31 2020 275.0 Put @ .90 (sold for earnings for 4.00)
Bought to Close COUP DEC 31 2020 280.0 Put @ .99 (sold for 5.30)

Bought to Close ZM DEC 31 2020 325.0 Put @ .55 (sold for 3.34)


STO December 31, 210 puts at 1.36

WBA Roll

Rolled half my covered calls in this account. Letting the rest run until Friday so I can possibly get my highest cost lot called away.
Bought to close WBA Dec 18 2020 40.5 Calls / Sold to Open WBA Dec 24 2020 41.0 Calls @ 0.13 Credit.
Raised the strike price as well.

SHOP, earlier today I BTO…

SHOP, earlier today I BTO December 31, 1070/1090 call spread at 10.60 and,
BTO AMZN, 3225/3240 call spread at 6.95


STO December 31, 210 put at 1.36

Fed’s gonna keep it up

Fed commits to keep buying bonds until the economy gets back to full employment



Rolled SPCE Dec-18-20 30 #ShortPuts // Dec-31-20 30 @ 0.6 credit

Have been rolling these since February. 4.50/share realized to date. Intending to be out before the end of the year.


VXX Puts

Early Roll to next week
Bought to close to Close VXX Dec 18 2020 22.5 Puts / Sold to Open VXX Dec 24 2020 22.5 Puts @ 0.15 Credit.

RH BWB – Profit Taking

RH currently trading @ $441

Closed out the Long Put credit spread of the BWB, selling the 1x 460 / 2x 440 put spread for a credit of $8. Max profit for a perfect closeout would be $20 – but attack of the gammas by Friday would make that extremely unlikely, unless I went for expiration assignment which I was willing to, but prefer not to do. Trade was placed for a $2.25 credit so net net credit of $10.25. I’ll settle for that.

Leaving the long 1x 410 puts open waiting for a big down move (who knows?).

Original trade placed on November 23:

(RH currently trading @ $442

BTO RH Dec 18, 460 / 440 / 410 Broken Wing Put Butterfly @ $2.25 credit

No risk to the upside (keep the credit) – downside breakeven $415.)

#BWB #CreditCredit trade

ADS early Rollup

Bought to close to Close ADS Dec 18 2020 70.5 Calls / Sold to Open ADS Dec 24 2020 72.5 Calls @ 0.10 Credit but bumped the strike up 2 points, and above the current stock price.
Illiquid options make this one tough to trade.
I’ll be looking to exit anything in this stock as soon as it makes sense.


Looks like the stock is headed back down to test the Yearly low. #FallingKnife
I’ll be looking at puts to sell.