#spxcampaign I have spx call…


I have spx call nov 8th 2535/2560 have rolled twice and collected $4.00 total.
present price to close is 18.80.
suggestions to close and break even.
thanks in advance.

Expired/Closed Early/SPX Campaign

#SPX Campaign
$SPX 2500/2475 BECS @ 2.35 loss

Closed Early
$FLR BTC 10/20 42.5 put @ .30 (GTC order) STO 5/5 @ 1.45 Thank you @ramie77
$T BTC 10/20 35 put @ .05 STO 9/8 @ .75 Again Thank you @ramie77
$WYNN BTC 10/20 135/145 BUPS @ 1.00 58% profit (Last week was a losing position.) Getting skittish TTMAR!

$SPX STO 10/27 2575/2550 BECS @ 12.50
$SPX STO 10/23 2530/2555 BUPS @ 4.70
$SPX STO 10/25 2525/2500 BECS @ 23.50

SPX rolls

Closed $SPX Oct 23rd 2485/2510 call spreads for 24.45. Sold for 23.05 last Monday.
#ITMroll Sold Oct 30th 2500/2525 call spreads for 23.40.

Stopped SPX Nov 3rd 2575/2600 call spreads for 4.75. Originally sold for 1.65.
Rolled to a Split-Week Condor (a name I just made up):
Sold Oct 23rd 2565/2590 call spreads for 3.70
Sold Oct 30th 2525/2500 put spreads for 1.45

$SPX #spxcampaign Covered up my…

$SPX #spxcampaign Covered up my Oct 31st BuPS with a Oct 31st 2600/2625 calls for 0.50 credit.

SPX calls sold

#SPXcampaign Sold to Open $SPX Nov 16th 2610/2635 call spreads for 1.50. These are the monthly contracts, stop trading Thursday afternoon and settle Friday morning.

SPX trades today

#SPXcampaign My travels certainly got me backed into a corner to the short side. I managed several ITM rolls but failed to roll away more of them that became ITM. So up to my neck in them now. A pullback to 2500 will net me a huge payday.

Closed on GTC orders:
Oct 27th 2415/2390 put spreads for .20. Sold for 1.50 on Sept 25th.
Oct 23rd 2490/2465 put spreads for .40. Sold for 3.95.

ITM rolls:
Closed Oct 20th 2500/2525 calls for 24.10. Sold for 22.55 last Friday.
Rolled to: Sold Oct 27th 2510/2535 calls for 22.40.
Closed Oct 20th 2530/2555 calls for 20.20. Sold for 5.75.
Rolled to: Sold Oct 31st 2535/2560 calls for 18.05.
Closed Oct 19th 2545/2570 calls for 13.95. Sold for 1.70 on Sept 22nd.
Rolled to: Sold Oct 27th 2550/2575 for 11.65.

Put spreads sold to make up for debits in the ITMrolls:
Sold Oct 19th 2550/2525 puts for 3.25
Sold Oct 23rd 2555/2530 puts for 5.45.

Standard campaign spreads:
Sold Nov 10th 2600/2625 calls for 1.65 (adding to current position)
Sold Nov 10th 2490/2465 puts for 1.55

SPX trades yesterday

Closed on GTC order:
Oct 13th 2530/2505 put spreads for .20. Sold on Monday for 2.35
Oct 20th 2475/2450 put spreads for .25.

Closed Oct 18th 2480/2505 call spreads for 24.55. Sold a week earlier for 23.25.
#ITMroll Sold Oct 25th 2500/2525 call spreads for 23.25.

Was able to move up 20 points with only a 1.30 debit; when spreads are this deep ITM the premiums are little changed by moving up multiple strikes, so wider rolls are easier.