SPX puts closed

#SPXcampaign When SPX got up to 2748 I closed this spread to take some profits…

Closed $SPX Feb 21st 2700/2675 put spreads for 1.75. Sold for 14.00 on Monday.

Stop and roll

#SPXcampaign Stopped $SPX March 15th 2815/2840 call spreads for 4.30. Sold on Monday for 1.75.

#CondorRoll Sold Feb 20th 2700/2725/2760/2785 condors for 8.05. Aggressive strikes expiring Tuesday, which is our next trading day due to the holiday Monday.

Closed Another SPX Early

$SPX BTC 2/16 2650/2675 BUPS @ .20 STO @ 1.75 Last week it was a BIG negative Thank you @jeffcp66 I know I am learning. Appreciate your incites. I mean insights, although lately many of us have become incited. And Lady Luck .

Here we go again

#SPXcampaign Closed $SPX March 9th 2810/2835 call spreads for 3.40. Sold for 1.50 last Thursday. Holding off on roll for now.

SPX Campaign / Closed Early SPX WUBA OLED CRM WYNN / Rolled DVN

$SPX STO 2/23 2665/2690 BUPS @ 4.75 and @ 6.70
$SPX STO 3/16 2475/2500 BUPS @ 1.40
$SPX STO 3/16 2875/2850 BUPS @ 1.80 Thank you for all @jeffcp66

$BIDU STO 3/16 210/220/270/270 IC for 2.50

Closed Early I’m a little gun shy
$SPX BTC 2/21 2675/2700 BUPS @ 5.00 STO 2/13 @ 16.80 Thank you again kind sir @jeffcp66
$WUBA STC 2/16 75/85 BUCS @ 3.73 BTO 1/5 @ 5.00 Several days ago it was nearly 100% loss. Today only 26% loss. Of course before that which should not be named happened there was significant profit. Will probably open another BUCS in this name in hopes of earnings run. Earnings 2/26.
$OLED BTC 2/16 BUPS @ 7.00 STO @ 2.55 Made up some ground recently on $AAPL resurgence.
$CRM STC 2/16 105/115 BUCS @ 6.72. BTO at 3.50 Happy 😉
$WYNN BTC 2/16 150/160 BUPS @ .20 (GTC order) STO 1/30 at 2.84

$DVN Rolled 2/16 41 put to 3/9 41 put for even.

SPX calls sold

#SPXcampaign Sold $SPX March 15th 2850/2875 call spreads for 1.60.

I suppose I’ll keep selling the call side until we get the upside warning. But it looks like its already time to roll the spread I sold on Monday.

SPX trades

#SPXcampaign Closed on GTC order: $SPX March 9th 2300/2275 put spreads for .20. Sold on Feb 5th for 1.80. Got above 4.00 on Feb 6th…. that’s past my usual roll stop but it was just too far OTM to worry about.

STOPPED Feb 21st 2750/2775 call spreads for 3.50. Sold for 4.35 in a #CondorRoll last Thursday.
#ReverseRoll Sold Feb 23rd 2690/2665 put spreads for 5.45.