Rolled Jun 1 42.5 to Jun 8 43.5 1.25 Cr #Hedge #Fuzzy

Orig 3-14 Jul 20 40/40/35 now cost down to .22

#Fuzzballl #SyntheticStock I am holding…



I am holding #SyntheticStock position in $CELG. 105/105/100 for July. Last night I was assigned the 105 Puts.
I was still in the process of covering max loss by selling Calls and would have achieved this if the roof had not fallen in!

Would appreciate your thought’s on the the best way to handle this.

#fuzzy, #pietrades

May 22

MU: I took $4200 profit on a covered LEAP #Fuzzy. One thing I know about MU is it has always provided good re-entry points (pull backs) after rallies.
MSFT: Rolled #AtomicFuzzy covered calls from May 25 to June 8, 100’s, collected $470 on roll
ISRG: Rolled LEAP fuzzy covered call from May 25 480 to June 1 465, collected $380 on roll
SPY x 3: Closed May 23 Jade Lizards for 50%, collected $991
SBUX: Added short backratio yesterday on news that non-paying guests are now free to displace paying guests, at shareholder expense. July 4×2 put backratio (60/57.5). I’d like to add to this or ladder in a longer expiration.
RHT: Added Dec bullish covered backratio: 150 c x8 + 160c -6, short 165 c x2 @1.50
ADBE: Added Oct bullish covered backratio: 230 c x10 + 240 c -5, short June 1 245 call -5 @2.14

AMBA long

#LongCalls Bought $AMBA June 15th 50 call for 3.90. Following a trade from SimplerOptions… their entry was on the rally day and they paid over 7.00. AMBA has been in a wide range and I think we’re nearing a short-term bottom.



Loss on SPX Call & Put 1SD Debit spreads

BBBY finally closed #Fuzzy with a bad loss on this one. 1 stupid trade by me.


Rolled May 25 172 call to Jun 8 173 .34 Cr
#Hedge #Fuzzy


Rolled May 18 171 Calls to May 25 172 .06 Cr

#Hedge on #Fuzzy