EOG 115 put #fuzzy rolled…

EOG 115 put #fuzzy rolled out to 28 DTE for 1.24 credit. CB now 9.96 and still have 69-70 weeks to go so only need 0.14 per week to zero cost basis.

MU pre-earnings speculation

#PreEarnings Taking a shot at $MU. Chips have been beaten up lately but starting to show support. MU is now bouncing off the consolidation area from early this year. Taking a slightly OTM long call. Even if earnings reaction next week is not stellar, stock will have until Oct 5th to reach the 47.00 break-even.

Bought to Open $MU Oct 5th 45 long calls for 2.02. Keep an eye out, you might get this cheaper if we drop more intraday.

Also long shares in a #PieTrade.


Bonus day off, not getting…

Bonus day off, not getting hammered by the storm so time to trade then go bike or kite, might be too windy today 🙂

Still waiting on theta decay, next week a big expiration, this one mostly rolling and a few new trades.

TQQQ lot 1 rolled 64 cc rolled out 2 weeks for 0.8 credit. Cost basis now 63.20
TQQQ lot 2 rolled 65.5 cc out 2 weeks for 1.3 credit. Cb now 63.15
LNG lot 1 66.5cc rolled out a week to 66 for 0.73 credit. Cb 64.67
LNG lot 2 66.5 cc rolled out a week to 66 for 0.93 credit. Cb 64.72

#fuzzy new and adjustments/rolls
New XBI 80/97 2020 Leap and 14 DTE on the 97 for cost of 19.56
LNG 50/66.5 2020 LEAP and 14 DTE on the 66.5 for 19.25

XBI 87/95 and 95/95 2019 LEAPs rolled out to 21 DTE for 0.75 credits. Cost basis now 5.68 on the 87 and 2.2 on the 95. Getting close to a free trade on these.

Hope everyone in the path of the storm is safe and dry!

I now have about 4-6 weeks on the #fuzzy in the small accounts and have to say anything below 10k this is the way to go, even better than #pietrades. Over that you can do about the same with #fuzzy or #pietrades.

Going forward I will still be experimenting with the 45 DTE open 21 DTE close pie ladders (new hashtag maybe if it works) and will report as they roll/unwind. The TT segment that @thomberg1201 posted the other day added more evidence that may be the best way to income trade.

Hope everyone has a good weekend 🙂


#LongCalls #LEAPS – Could be a fake out today so starting gradually with about one third position and non-hedged.

Bought WDC JAN 17 2020 57.5 Calls @ 8.80
Sold WDC SEP 21 2018 58.0 Calls @ 1.01



Rolled 10 DTE #fuzzy to 23 DTE for 0.23 credit. Cost basis now 9.70.

At least WDC rebounding a little.

WDC #fuzzy it won’t stop…

WDC #fuzzy it won’t stop going down so rolled the 10 DTE 60 down and out to 57 strike 24 DTE for 0.83 credit.

Cost basis now 15.94 and still have 493 days to manage it.

Probably do the same with the MU #fuzzy later in the week, still has some decent time value left on the short calls.


#LongCalls #LEAPS – Exited this one back on Aug 23rd on the bounce up to the 200ma. Using the drop for a starter in a new one (4th time this year…LOL). It could go lower so starting with 40 percent size (2/5).

Bought BABA JAN 17 2020 160.0 Calls @ 27.20

Sold BABA SEP 14 2018 162.5 Calls @ 2.45