Lots of adjusting but not…

Lots of adjusting but not making anything, just staying flat. Brutal market, I am officially only 2 k above where I was Feb 2018 after the SVXY losses. Obviously need to change what I am doing, need more directional trading as income investing cannot keep up with 10-20% moves. 2018 is going down as a worse year than 2015. Hope everyone else is doing better than surviving. Even the increased volatility is making it hard to roll.

SQ STO the 56.5 8 DTE put for 1.11. CB 55.38 if assigned but I am most likely going to roll it. Actually it is now down 3+ and will roll it now. Moved to 55.5 15 DTE for 0.22 credit. Break even now 52.52.
LNG 61 cc rolled out to 15 DTE for 0.61 credit. Cb 58.10
TQQQ lot 1 60 cc rolled down to 50 cc 43 DTE for 0.80 credit. Cb 58.10
TQQQ lot 2 60 cc rolled down to 50 cc and 43 DTE for 0.70 credit cb 57.60
LNG lot 2 15 DTE 61 cc cb 59.27

EXPE 125/126 rolled 43 DTE for 0.55 credit. cb now 12.23
EOG 110/110 rolled out 43 DTE for 0.4 credit. cb 11.44
GILD 67.5/69 rolled out 43 dTE for 0.69 credit cb now 8.90

May plan going forward. The now deep ITM #fuzzy will roll the short options out to 43 dte then reset after every 3 weeks. Hope to keep chipping away and if the delta/gamma becomes too large to roll for credits will either close or roll up/down. As long as I can gain 0.4 every 3 weeks will run them to expiration. Still have 108 weeks on most.

For the #pietrades that are below cost basis will aggressively roll up at any sign of rebound to avoid being run over and locking in a loss.

As cash builds from the rolls may either sit on it or add to weekly #pietrades depending on what the market is doing. However I think getting short here is stupid. Any progress on a trade deal with China and I think we rebound big time. Not to get political, but I think the GOP is starting to see how bad tariffs are (layoffs, increased costs, and now crashing market) and to keep their jobs will pressure to get a deal done.

Trade smart or sitting on the sidelines for a while is also a viable option. Wish I had just kept my hedges on, I would be pulling out huge amounts of cash now. Another expensive lesson learned.