SPX 1-dte roll

#SPX1dte What a face ripper!

Sold the condor below for 1.30 with 48 minutes before close when SPX was at 2440.
The call side hit my stop 20 minutes later (expected move breached short strike) with SPX going past 2475.
Stopped call side, BTC for 2.65.
Sold new call side: $SPX Dec 28th 2565/2585 for .75.

Then rolled put side after the bell: Closed 2340/2320 for .10.
Sold 2400/2380 for .60.

So best I can do tomorrow is small loss, near breakeven. Bonkers market… gotta wait until last 10 minutes on this trade to be safe.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX 2320/2340-2520/2540 condors for 1.30. Shorts are 180 apart.

BA put spread

Down today but seems like it’s stabilizing after the last couple of days.
Sold $BA Jan 18 290/280 BuPS @ 2.20. Delta of short strike 29.

more UVXY

#LongPuts #LEAPS – Just to take all risk off for tomorrow on this fairly aggressive position…

Bought to Close UVXY DEC 28 2018 81.0 Puts @ .20 (sold for 3.10 total after multiple roll ups)


#LongPuts #LEAPS – Tomorrow’s look pretty safe so adding a starter a couple weeks out to give Mr. Market something to think about…

Sold UVXY JAN 11 2019 75.0 Puts @ 2.00


#LongPuts #LEAPS – A small roll up for next week…

Rolled UVXY JAN 4 2019 70.0 Puts to JAN 4 2019 75.0 Puts @ .75 credit


BTC 65 calls @.05

STO January 18, 2019 bear call spread 40/45 @.45 cents. It looks like I will have to roll these for the next 2 years in hope of breaking even. This was  a very dumb trade.