#LongCalls #LEAPS – Filled on a batch of the over sales. Looking to sell ’em again tomorrow either for the double dip next week or the week after…

Bought to Close WYNN DEC 21 2018 120.0 Calls @ .05 (sold for 1.16)

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Expiring: $SPX Dec 17th 2500/2520-2665/2685 condors. Sold Friday for 1.05.

Also, stopped $SPX Jan 17th 2420/2400 put spreads for 3.65, since expected move breached my short puts. These were sold as a roll from a stopped #SPX1dte spread (sold condor for 3.00 on Nov 20). With one roll down of the call side, I’m getting out of this with only a .20 profit (or basically breakeven after commissions). Will look to roll into a new condor later this week.

Double down

Bought more $SPX Dec 28th long 2700/2720 call spreads for .85 (first batch bought this morning for 1.80). With a double position it is easier to sell half at a decent profit and let the other half ride as long as I can. After today’s action the only thing I can be playing for is a rally after we get the Fed meeting out of the way. And by rally, I don’t mean much higher than 2700 before we probably resume the downtrend.

New UVXY high

#VXXGame We just exceeded the 10/29 high of this correction on $UVXY.
The $VIX is still 3 points below its correction high set on 10/11.

We are setting up today to hit our 7th downside warning in this correction.

BOIL closed

#ContangoETFs Closed the last of my $BOIL Jan 45 calls for 3.30. I’m underwater despite a few rolls, but this is closest to the money that I had. I want to be ready should we get another winter push higher.

Covered Calls closed

#LongLEAPs #SyntheticCoveredCalls
BTC $TQQQ Dec 21st 49 calls for .10. Sold for .90 on Thursday.
BTC $SQ Dec 21st 66 calls for .10. Sold for .84 on Thursday

#spx 12/17 IC/IF Risk $50 for $100

IV is up with the Fed meeting on Wed.
Next Expiration ES Vertical/Binary Signals
Sell ES Closest Expiration 2485×2475 Put Spread/Binary
Sell ES Closest Expiration 2630×2640 Call Spread/Binary
Price: 1.90+ combined credit, 2.00+ is preferred
Exit Stop Limit Loss GTC Resting Order: 3x credit per side
ie, 1.00 for spread, the stop is 3.00
Next Expiration SPX Iron Butterfly Signals
Sell SPX Closest Expiration 2460x2560x2660 Iron Butterfly
Price: Max Credit Possible for Iron Fly
Exit Stop Limit Loss GTC Resting Order: Credit for Iron Fly x1.5
ie, if the iron fly credit is 30, the GTS stop limit debit would be 45 points.