#spx 12/17 IC/IF Risk $50 for $100

IV is up with the Fed meeting on Wed.
Next Expiration ES Vertical/Binary Signals
Sell ES Closest Expiration 2485×2475 Put Spread/Binary
Sell ES Closest Expiration 2630×2640 Call Spread/Binary
Price: 1.90+ combined credit, 2.00+ is preferred
Exit Stop Limit Loss GTC Resting Order: 3x credit per side
ie, 1.00 for spread, the stop is 3.00
Next Expiration SPX Iron Butterfly Signals
Sell SPX Closest Expiration 2460x2560x2660 Iron Butterfly
Price: Max Credit Possible for Iron Fly
Exit Stop Limit Loss GTC Resting Order: Credit for Iron Fly x1.5
ie, if the iron fly credit is 30, the GTS stop limit debit would be 45 points.